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Rosalyn, Lolly, Loki &
Sally...waiting at the bridge

Bonnie Bias


Sally's Story

Sally was left in a crate on some church steps in Massachusetts in late February 2000, with a can of dog food and a note, "Please give me a home." Dr. Stanley Sohn collected her just days before leaving for the MAP Specialty, did some rapid vetting and brought her to Lori Bovee. Between Lori's home and Towal Jacobsen's, they nursed Sally through removal of all of her teeth, a diagnosis of congestive heart failure and lots of confusion and unhappiness. They made her as well as they could and half-heartedly put her on the web page thinking no one would seriously commit to a sweet but very old girl with health problems and perhaps not much time left.

I fell in love with Sally's picture and her story the moment they appeared on the Rescue Page. Sally's bio indicated that she needed to be placed with an older person with perhaps one other dog. I'm a senior citizen and so is Rosalyn, my Sheltie who was 10 at the time. I felt we were made for Sally. Eventually, Lori agreed and let me have her even though she was reluctant to let her go so far away. Lori took her to the Nationals in Knoxville and June Peterson brought her to Texas to me.

Houston is a great place to be if you have a heart problem, hooman or canine. Sally not only had her own vet, she has a canine cardiologist! Sally added so much to our family. Rosaly, the Sheltie, and I both loved her dearly. Due to her heart problems and week trachea, I was back and forth with her to the vet about every 2-3 weeks, but I wouldn't trade her for the healthiest puppy around. When Sally first came to me, she would stay close but she did not want to be held and loved. I felt that our greatest accomplishment was that in time, she always wanted to be held and loved and even tolerated my kisses although she didn't kiss back. She was such a quiet little lady when she arrived but in time, she barked when she wanted to be picked up!

I can hardly remember what life was like before Sally. Everything now revolved around her, her special needs, her wonderful personality, sweetness, stubborness, I could go on and on. Rosalyn was 11 in March, 2001, and Sally about 15. She was as much Rosalyn's dog as mine, or rather Rosalyn and I belonged to her. I had been a workaholic, one of those people who work 26 hours a day 8 days a week. All of my friends never thought that I could slow down when I retired. Sally, the Papillon changed everything!

Sally and Rosalyn communicated on some level way beyond me. Sally was on lasix and had to go potty more often than Rosaly. Rosalyn starting barking when Sally needed to go out, and then just watched most of the time. Then one night Sally came running into the den (where I was on the 'puter) dancing a jig. I expected she wanted out even though Ros had not barked. Surprise! It was Ros that wanted out, and Sally just sat on the step and watched.

I had a Sheltie that barked when the Pap needed to go out, and a Pap that danced when the Sheltie wanted out! Totally confusing. I never knew who wanted out, but I was trained. I opened the door whenever!!!

Sadly, Sally crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 23rd, 2001. Sally touched many people in her short time in Rescue. Lori Bovee wrote, "Sally attended the recent National in Houston and was the hit of the weekend. Many people remembered her from Knoxville. She was definitely the highlight of the Rescue Parade. I had tears in my eyes as this sweet little black and white ball of fluff made her dignified way around the ring, to everyone's applause."

Rest well, sweet Sally


Lolly's Story

Lolly was surrendered by her owner, along with her son, Rally, who was 5 years old, and Rally's father, Magic. She was born on December 22nd, 1992, so was a lovely Christmas present. Rally and Magic went to forever homes rather quickly, but Lolly has an enlarged heart and remained in Rescue for some time. Although there were propective parents interested, once they discussed her heart problems with their vets, they backed off. In the meantime, Lolly spent time in both Lori's and Towal's homes. Where as I knew immediately that we were meant to be Sally's forever home, Lolly was creeping into my affections more every time I looked at her picture. I was dealing with one heart problem, right? So what was one more? I asked Lori if she would trust Lolly to us. At the time, there appeared to be prospective parents, but once again, they backed off due to the heart condition on the advice of their vet and Lolly was ours! I flew to Washington National and drove to Virginia to pick her up at Towal's just before Christmas (2000) so she was my Christmas present also!

Unfortunately, Lolly did not want to be our Christmas present. After being put in a pet carrier, flying from Washington DC to Houston, busing from the terminal to the parking lot and driving to my house, she was not a happy camper on our arrival. One of my grandchildren had stayed with my girls and all were excited to see her when we arrived. Rosalyn and Sally tried to be friendly, but Lolly growled and ran. She found Sally's crate and retreated from us all. It took several weeks for her to begin to make friends. About the time that she began to get friendly, we moved to a patio/courtyard home. Lolly seemed to know that she was the new girl on the block when she arrived in Houston. But, when we moved, Lolly decided that all bets were off and it was every furkid for herself! Lolly declared herself the boss lady in charge, or bitch (Babe In Total Control of House) and that's the way it is, and rarely does either of the girls (Rosalyn or Sally) challenge her. When she gets in a bitchy mood, they just ignore her!

Lolly had to be coaxed to get on my bed. I had a furry ring thing purchased for Sallly that she did not like. Lolly claimed it as her own the second day with us. In order to get Lolly on the bed, I would put the furry ring on it. Only then would she sleep with us, always curled up in a little ball. Now she sleeps all sprawled out. I hope that's an indication of trust with us all. She came to us as Lolly, but I call her Lolly-Love.

I really found out about our success at the Nationals in Houston. Lolly spotted Towal's John across the lobby even before I did. She was so happy to see him. We went back to the hotel room and surprised Towal and Lolly was equally glad to see her, but continued to give John lots of attention and adoration. I confess I began to feel a little jealous. I was leaving to get something from the car, and when I got to the door, she left John and came to me! No way was her Mom going anywhere without her. She wasn't about to be left behind. That's when I knew just how wonderful our success story really is!!!

And then came
Loki's Foster Moms are helping me write his success story, when they get their part done, I will add my part.
In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of my sweet little boy!!!

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