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PapAdopters is an email list for people who have given a rescued Papillon a permanent home; whether thru PCA or another source. It provides post adoption support and friendship for those who have taken second chance butterflies into their hearts and homes.

Below you will find a partial listing of the current membership of PapAdopters, click on a button to view pictures and read the stories of their "Second Chance Butterflies". Come back often, we will be updating frequently!!!

ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS: If you would like to be included on our webpage, please click on the mailbox to send me info! Thanks!

Interested in becoming a member of PapAdopters? If so, please click on the mailbox and tell us about you and your Rescued Papillon!


PapAdopters Rainbow Bridge Tribute!
It's been awhile coming, but FINALLY the PapAdopters Rainbow Bridge page is up and ready for viewing. Please take a minute to go see these precious "Second Chance Butterflies". We no longer have them with us but they remain in our hearts forever.

Click here for the Rainbow Bridge Tribute

PapAdopters Member's Pages
(Click on Butterfly to view each member's page)

Lisa Bakalars Brigette Barker Bonnie Bias Dee Boedeker Laurie Diehl
Virginia Foster Pat Gordon Diana Hamilton Ann Hashimoto Judy Hill
Kelly Howard Lorna King Connie Myers Denise Muto James & Kay Shotwell
Jill Schuch Pat Smith Barton Tammy Tackett Di Thompson Judy Young

Missouri Kansas Papiplay Day - July 27, 2002

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