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Passed away to heart and lung failure due to heart disease.
This candle burns for you my Precious Angel.Rest In Peace.

WebSite:~In Memory of Jacob~

Passed away of heart attack due to heart disease.
You were my first born and ment the world to me
I shall aways hold you close to my heart.
This candle burns for you my Precious Angel.
Rest In Peace. .

WebSite:~In Memory of Zac~

You were a wonderful Man whom touched the lives of many.
We Love and miss you. Rest In Peace.

WebSite:~In Memory of John~

Passed of Drowning.
Skip you were a wonderful brother,friend,son and uncle.
You are greatly missed and we shall always hold you
close to our hearts.Rest In Peace.

WebSite:~In Memory of Skip~

Dear Mom & Dad: I miss you both so very much.
My love and my heart are forever with you.
You will always shine in my life. "Til we meet again".
Love: Marlene Fay Porter

Dear Grandpa & Grandma: Although I never got to meet you,
I know I would have loved you as much as my Mom does.
I love you. Love: William Matthew Porter

Tommy was killed by a friend
whom was drinking and driving, the driver lived.
Tommy was a wonderful young man and is greatly missed.
This Candle burns for you.

Passed away during a heart operation .
This candle burns for you Angel Caleb may you rest in Peace.

WebSite:~In Memory of Caleb~

you will always be in our hearts and as your 2nd birthday
comes upon us you are still very much thought of each and every day
until will meet again my angel Love alwayz Mommy, Daddy, and big sister Nikki

WebSite:~In Memory of Taylor Brook Meigges~

I miss you babe.
I love you with all my heart. Linda

WebSite:~Michael Fisher ~

He was killed in a motorcycle accident
Someone pulled out in front of him...
Rest in Peace honey we will always love you!

Melissa died during an asthma attack at age 16

Please Dear Lord watch over her
Wrap Your arms around her soul,
Until the day you call me Home
Only then... will I be whole.

Forever loved...Your devoted Gram


Josh passed away of a heat stroke.
This candle burns for you.
Forever loved and Missed.

To my Precious Ashton who died of leukemia on December 23, 2001.
I know that you are singing and dancing with the angels.
Gammy loves you Precious.

WebSite:~In Loving Memory of Ashton~

We love and miss you every day, Mommy and Daddy

WebSite:~Our Quads~

No sooner did we know you were and you had to leave us. You will always be loved, Mommy and Daddy


Killed in a car accident along with her paternal grandmother and aunt
I have a candle burning in my heart for you Lauren
I love you and miss you more than words can say
Soar High Sweet Angel
Love forever, your Nanny

WebSite:~Angels For Lauren~

My beautiful princess,Mary, passed away on February 8,2002.
She was born with Cystic Fibrosis,
a fatal genetic disease for which there is no cure.
She was a brave and loving little girl,
who never gave up,not for a minute.
She was, is and will always be my angel.
We love her and miss her more everday.
Mom and Dad and everyone else who loves you


She developed ARDS after a successful surgery
to repair an undiagnosed heart defect.
My message to her is,
We will love you forever my angel. Mommy


Always Loved Never Forgotten
Missed and Loved By: Daddy, Mommy & Megan

WebSite:~Angel Andrew~


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