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Wicca is a form of Pagan Religion based around Nature
and the Self, with a belief system consisting of both
a God and a Goddess.

The God and The Goddess are not lesser or greater than
the other but equals, symbolizing the Polarities
between the masculine and the feminine, light and
dark, active and reactive. They are usually lovers, or
mother and son, both filled with love for each other,
being each a part of each other and unable to be
without the other.

The Creation story usually falls around an Entity
known as "The One" or "The Primordial".
"The One" starts out as being both male and
female, holding every seed of life within it. It
begins to wonder what it is like to feel and to
experience things. So It reaches deep within itself
and seperates the feminine from the masculine, thus
creating the God and he "falls into Matter". She
watches him live out his life but she as the Goddess
can still not feel as he does and she becomes jealous
and needy, and pursues him to consume him. The God
eludes her pursuit until she herself, decides to fall
into matter. As she does this everything that was
within her also falls into matter and becomes human,
animal kind and everything we know around us,our souls
coming from her, thus us being a part of her in essence.
She seduces the God and they become lovers,
being filled with passion.
The seasons usually fall in around this and their time
afterwards, when the God dies (Autumn) (either
literally or symbolically) and the Goddess grieves the
loss of him (Winter) until his eventual resurrection
(either being reborn from the Goddess or returning
from the Underworld). (Spring). And the happiness and
love afterwards which spring forth the new vegetation
and the new green of the earth (Summer).

Sabbats are Wiccan holidays used as celebration of the
seasons and as worship of their Deities. You can read
more about these in my Book of Shadows Index.

Wicca can contain but DOES NOT pertain to Witchcraft,
The Craft is just another way of raising power and
sending it out to cause effect. The Wiccan Rede has
rules pertaining to this and has sort of a Karmic
effect, The Three-fold Law, speaks of whatever you
send out, weither it be good or bad comes back to you
three-fold, so weither you want to use your energy to
do harm to someone it's your responsibility to take up
the concequences, which are usually worse than what
you sent out in some cases.

Alot of Wiccans choose covens to be apart of,
consisting usually of a High Priest and a High
Prestess and the lesser priests and priestesses.
Others choose solitary pathes, either out lack of
finding a coven or for sheer comfort of not having to
answer to others. Sometimes small circles are formed
just consisting of friends or family members.

Any other information on Wiccan can be found in the
Book of Shadows, including clothing, Sabbats, Deities

I hope this helped you.

Love & Light
Painted Raven