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The Athame is a double edged dagger, usually dull because it is not meant for physical cutting and with a black handle. This tool is meant for directing your energy through the tip of the dagger, either during ritual or to cast a circle. The Athame is not always needed however, you can always just use your index finger to do it's work. The Athame is corrosponded with fire, and is Masculine.

The Chalice

The Chalice is used for carrying water or libations. Salt can be put into the water to make holy water for cleansings of ritual space or other ritual items. It can also be used for Scrying which I'll get more into detail later. It is corresponded with water and is Feminine.


The Boline is used as a carving tool, to carve symbols and words into candles, wood, etc. It is not normally used in Ritual but is used to direct your energy and intent into objects as you use it to carve the needed symbols before ritual. It is usually white handled with either a straight or curved blade. Some find the curved blade more managable when carving.


Your wand. Once again something that is not always needed and can be replaced with your hand but it depends on the person. It also helps direct energy in ritual. The wand is usually made from a specefic wood, which ever you chose has the desired properties. Topped with either a metal globe or a crystal, wrapped in metal wire or engraved with runes, symbols whatever to your liking. It may also be replaced with a staff, which is adorned in a similar way only much longer and a little more awkward. The Wand is usually no more than the length from elbow to middle finger. It's correspondence is different depending on the belief, to some it represents fire, and to others Air.


Candles are needed also to help channel energy. Some use small candles to mark the directional points in their circle. Also candles are used on the alter to symbolize polarites or the Goddess and God, Silver, green, or white for the Goddess, Gold, Red or Yellow for the God. Candles of course..correspond with fire.


The Besom is used in sweeping away negativity in a ritual space. This can be done before purifying with holy water if you wish. The besom symbolizes both male and female polarities, the handle being male and the bristles being female. I will have besom making tips put up here eventually.


A cauldron has many uses, from burning things, to cooking herbal brews, to scrying. It's Polarities are feminine like the chalice. Your Cauldron doesn't have to be a large one, only sizable enough to get the job done.


This is usually on the alter to hold anything from salt for purification, dirt for grounding, or food for offerings and eating. It is usually good to have one handy for your alter. It may also double as a censor dish for buring incense as long as it is heat proof. It's correspondense falls around whatever you put in it..incense it is air, salt, dirt, or food it is earth.

Other Items:
Alter: Your alter of course..the one thing you must have! Weither it be nothing more than a piece of board that you carry with you for a portable alter, or an elagant wooden table. This aids in focusing your energy toward your goals. The alter is usually placed in the North for wisdom and grounding but it may be placed in any direction you wish to work with, whatever aids the effect you want. It may be of wood or stone, but I would discourage against metal, I believe sometimes it doesn't give the effect it should. Alter Cloth: Your Alter Cloth is usually seasonal and/or to add to the effect of your workings.
The Color Correspondences go as follows:

Clothing: Your Clothing can be whatever you wish it to be. It only helps put you into the state of mind you need to be for the ritual. Many prefer to be skyclad (naked), feeling that clothing puts a barrier infront of the energy you are releasing..I however do not feel this way. Some prefer robes of different colors. The robes can be any style you wish and have any design you think is appropriate for you, be sure that the sleeves are not too wide as you may catch them on fire when they are waved over candles and they can have a habit of knocking things over which could really ruin the mood. The Color Correspondences are about the same as the alter cloth with a few differences.

Statues: These are by no means neccessary, but to some they can be helpful. You may pick any God or Goddess you think may be helpful with your working but to make one thing straight this is NOT idoltry, nor do I condone anything of the sort. The statues only help set yourself in calling on a diety, and help with concentration..they are not their to worship.