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Candle Magick

Black: Corresponds to binding, repelling negativity, shapeshifting, protection, Crone Magick, meditation, mourning, loss, discord, abstinence, Saturn energy and the Goddess

Silver: The Goddess, dreams, telepathy, female energy, moon energy, clairvoyance, intuition, removing negativity, psychic protection, encourage stability, and helps psychic abilities

Gray: Neutral, cancellation, stalemate, helpful when pondering complex issues during meditation, negates negativity, triggers confusion in magick

White: Substitue for all other colors, spiritual enlightenment, purification, protection, cleansing, protection, lunar energy, truth seeking, clairvoyance, The Goddess, Purity, The Higher Self, virginity, peace, meditation, healing, happiness, divination, spiritual strength, and sincerity

Bright Green: Confidence, Prosperity, Travel, Growth

Green: Element of Earth, prosperity, Finance, fertility, healing, nature, luck, money, abundance, rejuvenation Beauty, Employment, Success, "The Green Man"

Dark Green: Counteracts feelings of Jealousy and green in ritual

Turquoise: Healing, Prosperity, Peace, Growth

Light Blue: Spiritual, Aquarius energy, brings peace to the home, inspiriational meditation

Blue: Wisdom, primary spiritual color, Element of water, harmony, truth and guidance, peace, sleep, Prophetic Dreams, friendship, physical protection, hope, honor, loyalty

Dark Blue: laughter, loyalty, Jupiter energy, increased influence, Impulsiveness, changeability, depression

Indigo: Stops situations or people, deep meditation, Saturn energy

Purple: Ambition, psychic manifestations, healing, business success, power, household protection, Psychic Ability, Wisdom, Spirituality, Independence, Spiritual Growth, Goddess, making contact with spirit world, Neptune energy, Third Eye, Hidden Knowledge

Orchid: Physical Energy, Happiness, Power, Healing

Violet: Spirituality, Friendship, Relaxation, Peace

Pink: Romance, Affection, love, frienship, femininity, honor, service, morality, fidelity

Peach: Strength, Protection, Communication, Confidence

Rose: Maintaining Health, Patience, Passion, and Peace

Red: Health, passion, love, fertility, strength, will power, magnetism, courage, Aries and Scorpio Energy, sexual love, lust, vitality, energy, Blood of the Moon, Element of Fire

Orange: Justice, adaptability, attraction, encouragement, Creativity, Stimulate Energy, Legal Matters, Success, New Home, Intellect, combine with other colors to stimulate their actions, Mercury energy

Gold: understanding, cosmic forces, fast money, The God, solar energy, happiness, power of the male

Yellow: Attraction, charm, Creativity, Element of Air, compelling, unity, aids concentration and imagination, another's confidence, persuasion, solar energy, Intelligence, Memory, Logical Imagination, Accelerate Learning, break mental blocks, Wisdom, Visions, Psychic Powers, Mental Powers, New Home

Copper: Professional Growth, Business Fertility, Career Maneuvers, Passion, Money Goals

Brown: Earthly, animal magick, material increase, protect companion animals, stops indecisiveness, improves concentration, study, telepathy, financial success, helps locate objects that have been lost