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Federal Reserve System

The inflation cycle meandering Federal Reserve System could easily lead itself towards a path larger than any previous natural or economic disasters with their mechanical printing press. Many changes ought to be implanted towards the secret society of the monetary gods, if not abolishment.

[Exterior of the D.C. Fed Building and Bernaki Dollar]

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 [Boyer, Oxford Guide: United States History, 2001, New York, Pages 260-261] enabled the eventual steps towards broken government. These unconstitutionally misguided steps eventually led the privately owned Fed away from the Gold Standard [Boyer, Oxford Guide: United States History, 2001, New York, Page 313] to the more impractical, yet more convenient method of creating money out of the thin air [aka;fiat money]. The problem with the later Federal Macroeconomics policy is many fold worse. First of all, by not having a valuable commodity to back up the every downward spiralling buck, the government becomes larger because bullion forces the administrators of beaurocracy to be converted into more minimum authority. Additionally, the more money that is printed the higher prices increases. This is known to the common folk as inflation. To take things a step further, people familiar with Austrian Economics understand the theory of a "Boom/Bust Cycle"

[The gold standard for a sounder economy.]

Another problem with the Federal Reserve Act is that in reality, it is a private bank even though the Constitution states "To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin... [CATO, The Declaration Of Independence And The Constitution, 2002, Washington, DC, Page 23]. Private banks should not administer monetary policy due to both transparency and sovereignty issues. Do you beleive me if this is a private institution? Check out "FederaL Reserve Bank" in your phone book under businesses because this media controlled society is not in the government pages.

So what is the best way to wean this Constitutional Republic off this group of private bankers meeting the Federal government? Think abolishment.

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