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Mullen Family and Descendants


Mullen Family Tree

Welcome to the Mullen Family Tree. This is what all I have compiled over the past 21 years, with the help of numerous family members. Please feel free to send me any and all corrections and updates as I will continuosly need them. The search for and compilation of family trees never ends. Keep the information coming in. Happy hunting and hope you enjoy what you find. Li Sullins



Yes, while once again posting another MULLEN inquiry to the Ireland section of I reworded the subject line asking "MULLEN--isn't anyone out there missing us? blah, blah, blah...and this wonderful woman from Chicago went to a site, looked up old Lawrence's death cert and lo and behold, there they were...they names I had presumed to attach to our ancestors parents. Lawrence and Ellen Mullen. The names were listed as:

Lawrence Mullen, b. Ireland

Ellen Teerin/Feerin, b. Co., Galway, Ireland


Lawrence Mullen

b. Ireland

Ellen Ferrin

b. Co. Galway, Ireland

Now, understand, the last name of "Teerin" is a real typo...the name WILL be Feerin/Ferrin and most likely "Fearon", in Ireland. I've been surfing like mad to find this name and there is a 'Fearon' genforum. So, I posted there to see what I can find. But, how ironic, using old Irish naming traditions, that *I* deduced what Lawrence's name would be AND Ellen's. I mean, after all, what are the odd's of that? So, we do have the parents of our Ireland ancestors, after my 22 yrs of research,, just to keep on digging and see if we can actually pinpoint a village/townland for them all now.

Babies of 2011...

Joseph William Lee Grant Gentry; b. Sept 16, 2011, Independence, MO, to Heath Joseph and Jami Rae (Sullins) Gentry. Their first child together. Together they are the parents of :Sha'Quala Jones-Gentry, Olivia Gentry and Jason Baird. Maternal grandparents LiRae "Lisa" (Mullen) and Marshall "Marty" Sullins. Paternal grandparents William Gentry and LaJoyce and Russell (?). Great-grandparents Charles Mullen, Sr. and Marva Lee (Farr) Mullen. Gr-gr-grandparents the late Patrick and Laveta (Burdett) Mullen.
We also have babies due in: Oct: Danielle Ishmael-Smith and Cody Smith's new daughter Everly Frost; Corey and Chelsea Bunetic's son Jude Audry Blake; Nov: Joshua Ayres and Amy Penniston(?) dau Riley Taylor; Jon and Donelle Mullen's son. Whew!!! We're a busy bunch this year. HA!

****NEWS?????**** DEATHS, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES??? Imagine my surprise checking the Missouri Social Security Death Index to see so many of our family listed there and NO ONE bothering to write (snail mail nor email) to me and inform me of these folks passing. Is there anything else that anyone would like to PLEASE share with me to put in the family tree book so I may update it? Perhaps other deaths I am not aware of from around the country? How about marriages, births or even divorces. We are also VERY interested in who enlisted in the military, graduated from college, owns their own business, has or is playing a professional sport...anything. A wonderful story that came to mind, that was handed down and you remembered it. These things ARE news to all of us and we would love to update the Mullen family descendants information for the book. Please remember to make sure that you keep the information and any and all photos (photo copies or attachments are just fine) are most welcome and make the Mullen book that keeps growing even more interesting for all of us.


Did you know that....

  • To date (that I know of), there are 17 sets of twins within the three old Mullen boys families and only one of those sets are step-children?
  • That at one time the Mullen family boasted part of the bachelors and spinsters amongst the top, in Crawford Co., MO?
  • Did you know what a history of longevity our family line has? According to birth and death years, the son of Dennis and Bridge Mullen, Lawrence lived to be 102. We average an age of 70-100 years of age. Bet you didn't know that!
  • Did you know, surprisingly enough, "Michael" is THE number one male name used in our family? It's a fact!! Michael has been used over 70 times, as of the late 1980's. Amazing. William and Edward are second and third out of the top ten. The first name of "PATRICK" IS not AMONG the top ten. It comes in at about 12 or 13. Out of the top ten female names, the first three are: Ann/Anne, Mary {Marilynne, Marilyn, Maria, Marie} and Catherine {Katherine, Kathryn, Kathleen, Caitlin, Katlyn, Kaitlyn}, in that order. How about that?
  • Did you know the ex-Mrs. Thomas "Finley" Mullen (Ruby Byron (Hargrove) Mullen/Fry) purchased the honorary headstone that is in the Mullen Farm Cemetery, Lick Creek/Cuba, Crawford Co., MO, with the names of Thomas Mullen, his wife Olivia (Pounds) and their son Finley? Ruby did this Jan. 7, 1992. Finley is buried in Texas and Thomas and Olivia are buried with her family, way in the back of the Steelville Cemetery, Steelville, MO. FACT!
  • Did you know that some of us are double cousins? Mary Ann (Mullen) Davis was one of Patrick Mullen's oldest daughters by his first wife Bridget Cummings. Mary Ann married her step-mother's (Catherine Davis) brother, Lemon Davis. Two of Mary Ann and Lemon's daughter married 1st. cousins ofs Mary Ann's. Nora Bridget Davis married a son of Mary Ann's uncle Lawrence Mullen, William John Mullen and Susan "Susie" Davis married the youngest son of Mary Ann's uncle Dennis Mullen, Joseph Mullen. So, if you are a descendent of Mary Ann (Mullen) Davis' daughters Nora and Susie, you are double related to all three brother's from Ireland. Howdy cousins! ;-)
  • Did you know that Virginia "Virgie" Rowden (daughter of Bridget Mullen and Charles Forrester--granddaughter of Patrick Mullen and Catherine Davis) owned the property Patrick's old log home stood on? That she and her husband moved the old log home up to where her home stands to this day and they then built their big farm house on and around it? Patrick's well stands on the property, where they moved the log home from. People do some amazing things in this family, don't they!!!
  • Did you or do you know that several Mullen men folk followed in the old Mullen boys foot steps and worked for the railroad, from the office out of Newburg, MO? FACT!!! My cousin Jon Mullen, (son of Rodney and Esther (Farr) Mullen) is working for the RR at this very moment in time!
  • Do you know that the Mullen/Lick Creek Ranch owned by Delbert and JoAnne Mullen, on Lick Creek, was once the land/farm owned by Lawrence and Lucinda (Rhea) Mullen? This is the very land the old Mullen Farm Cemetery is on and the only people buried there are old Lawrence and part of his family, one of Dennis' older children, a O'Fallon bachelor and their sister Hannah (Mullen) Hart. AND on this land IS the old log home that Henry "Hank" Mullen built when he and Florence (Walden) first married.
  • Did you know that Patrick and Nancy Mullen own the property where once stood the old log home of Lawrence Louis "Gaffer" and Emma Evelyn (Campbell) Mullen? The old homestead finally collapsed years and years ago. Patrick took the giant "stone step" and is now using it as a step upon to his lovely wrap around 'deck'. He has lovingly built a wonderful, old-timey looking cabin beside where the old cabin stood. There IS a depression in the ground to this day, where Gaffer and Emma's old home once stood!
  • Did you know that Lawrence Louis Mullen was called "Gaffer", because of his gift with being able to train horses? A horse whisperer, if you will, in his own time. A joke I've heard off and on is: "Gaffer went to West Plains, MO to trade horses and came back with a bride...probably traded horses for her". Funny, if you think about it.
  • Did you know that Emma Evelyn (Campbell) Mullen, when she was a young girl, got to spend her summers in TN at the grand home of her aunt Susan (Campbell) and uncle Eason C. Howell...a Civil War era home, "with people to take care of the house and lawns and serve and wait on you; and do your hair and your clothes"...then she grew up and married Gaffer and became a farmer's wife. Far cry from that fancy life a girl can only dream about having, in that day and age!!

    Oh, there is more trivial Mullen family trivia. I just have to take the time to gather it all up and post it here on this page. HA!

    Irish Folk Wisdom

    by Mairtin O'Griofa copyright 1993 Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

    I found some delightful Irish Folk Wisdom in this book. I hope you enjoy some of the exerts that I have borrowed from it.


    A bad woman knows a foolish man's faults.

    There is nothing more wicked than a woman of evil temper.

    The mother's failings will naturally be seen in the daughter.

    Three things you can't comprehend: the mind of a woman, the workings of the bees, and the ebb and flow of the tide.

    There is nothing sharper than a woman's tongue.

    A woman can beat the devil.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~


    Love is blind to blemishes and fault.

    What is nearest the heart is nearest the lips.

    She who fills the heart fills the eye.

    Love conceals ugliness, and hate sees many faults.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~


    There is no cure for love but marriage.

    Woe to him who does not heed a good wife's counsel.

    Many an Irish property was increased by the lace of a daughter's petticoat.

    Marriages are all happy; it's having breakfast together that causes all the problems.

    Never make a toil of pleasure, as the man said when he dug his wife's grave only three feet deep.

    There's only one thing on earth better than a good wife, and that's no wife.

    The blanket is the warmer for being doubled.

    There's no feast until a roast and no torment until a marriage.

    It's a lonesome washing without a man's shirt in it.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~


    Praise the child and it will progress.

    A wise son makes a father glad, but a foolish son is a mother's sorrow.

    What the child sees is what the child does.

    If you love the mother, you love her brood.

    Every finger has not the same length, nor every son the same disposition.

    No man ever wore a tie as nice as his child's arm around his neck.

    There's no love until there's a family.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~


    There's no hearth like your own hearth.

    Wide is the door of the little cottage.

    The eye should be blind in the house of another.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~

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