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Jean's Dark Shadows Website

The 2001 Dark Shadows Halloween Party

Thanks to Ed Lambese, Rick, Tony and a host of others and our Dark Shadows stars who come each year without fail and to all of you fans who traveled from abroad. Let us not forget those who traveled from afar after the events of September 11th, 2001, it was not easy for any of you and yet you came to be amongst the company of our dark Shadow stars. I would like to say to Charles, are dear friend from Manhattan New York, that we missed you and get well soon.

David Selby, thank you for the lovely photographs you were so generous to give us fans in your absence.

Thanks Nancy, for coming to Tarrytown although it was a stressful drive from the city for you. I love you sis.

Thanks Tim, my dear friend and confidante for all you do and who without fail is always willing to lend a hand.

Thanks it was great and the best Halloween weekend yet!

Love, Jean LaMantia

Page Twenty One

A nice young lady that Nancy and I met at the Dark Shadows Halloween party and the photograph was taken in the lobby of The Hilton Hotel midday.

A woman closely resembling Lara Parker. As she and her friend are both looking over the grave of Jeremiah Collins via the I-Ching room downstairs at the Hilton Hotel.

A woman who closely resembles Lara Parker in a big way.

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