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The Mouse's Blog
Tuesday, 19/10/2004
Its a blog!
Mood:  rushed
Now Playing: Metallica-Fade To Black
Topic: My english teacher sucks.
MY ENGLISH TEACHER SUCKS, our class has to do our final draft of autobiography by THIS THURSDAY AHHHHH!! and im already slightly stressed from being sick for 3 days... how great is this... anyway yea so today was fine, except for that, it was a really fun day, but i got a horrible head ache after lunch, i dont know why, i think i may be still sick. Its 4:17 right now(amazing no?)
Anyway yea so im probably gonna go now, thanx for viewing my 3rd Aniniblog

Posted by Aninimouse at 3:49 PM MDT
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Monday, 18/10/2004
The Mouse's Blog
Now Playing: Shark Tale(What?! It is!!)
Topic: Uhhh....Ask me later?
-Walks by you and stops- Oh hullo there... did'nt notice you there.

Well this is my 2nd blog entry--hold on im being attacked--Okay im back (A little argument,, got a rock thrown at me) So my 2nd blog entry, i went to school today, ya amazing isnt it? Not really--you should be laughing by now.. BECAUSE IF YOUR NOT!!--its fine. Anyway yea im going for bush on ths election... even tho i cant vote (EXCEPT FOR ONEVOTE W00T) sorry lol--well i got homework and stuff to do amazing no? Okay so c-ya l8r bye luv ya all(Not really)

Posted by Aninimouse at 3:28 PM MDT
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Sunday, 17/10/2004
My first blog entry, im so happy!
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: A movie? I dunno whats playing.. what does this mean?!
Topic: Today's topic: I dunno
Yea, its my first time writing in a blog... woop de doo... -looks around- kinda lonely here, am I talking to myself in this blog? Or are people gonna read exactly what I say, reading my personel stories and dreams.. -panics- OH MY GOSH!! Actually I could care less. So if your reading this, post some comments, read it again, do whatever, mess it up, send me a virus, whatever. Oh and hi my friends that i know who i am giving this link to so they can read my first blog entry(im so excited!!). Ok not really. Lets see today......... I umm......... Today I um... I dont know. I made some.. oh wait I cant tell you -shifty eyes-. You cant handle the truth!! MATRIX RULES. Okay Im done, I've typed enough stuff up there that makes no sense. So Im going to leave you with one peice of advice. Finger traps are like satan reincarnated into a cardboard tube.

Posted by Aninimouse at 7:08 PM MDT
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