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(for dummies)


Morrowind For Dummies Forum
Click da birdie.
(Tips taken from Gametalk's Morrowind Forum for safekeeping)

Morrowind Summit Forums
These forums can answer almost any questions.
Seasoned Morrowind Players and PC experts for tech tips.

Morrowind Online Map.
You can use this map online, or download a copy to your computer.
Handy for those hard-to-find places; you simply type in the name 
of the place you're trying to find and hit 'search'. 
Then zoom in for perfect directions.
If I'm giving perfect directions, then it's because I have a copy of this map.

Hannah's Whereizit Morrowind Guide.
Looking for a unique artefact?  A quest item? 
Something good you've heard about?  Hannah has most of 'em listed.
Comes with directions and screenshots.

GameFAQ' ElderScrolls.
Walkthroughs to almost everything you can imagine in Morrowind. 
Hints, tips and advice about all aspects of the game.

UHS: The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Hints.
Here they give ideas and hints, rather than tell all and
spoil it for you.  If you need something to do, this is where to look.
The official site.  The maker's place.  The guys who did all the work.
Need I say more?

You know what you want, but you'll be damned if you're gonna
run from one end of Vvardenfell to the other looking for it?
Run no more.  Here 'tis.


     Christian Lightfinger.