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Commonly Asked Questions


(for dummies)

Where is it?  I can't find him? 
Who did it?  What is it?


I am not attempting to be the ultimate guide to anything. 
These are questions I see often, tips I've read and ways 
of doing things that I've learned.
For ultimate guides to Morrowind, check the Links page.

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Who is Mudcrab
Where is Mudcrab
Creative Bartering.
Overflow Loot Bag
Puzzle Box
Twin Lamps
2nd Wraithguard
Ten Pace Boots
Azura's Star
Code Book Quest
Where Is ?
Varvur Sarethi 
Morag Tong
'Uncle Crassius'
Constant Effect



Who is Mudcrab?

Mudcrab is a . . . mudcrab. 
He's also a merchant, the richest merchant
in the game and only one of two who will give you 
full value for your merchandise.
Mudcrab regenerates his 10,000 in gold every 24 hours 
and is a pleasure to do business with. 
(See Creative Bartering
He buys weapons, armour, selected magic items and alcohol only.

Where is Mudcrab?

The simplest of directions are often the best. 
(They're also the easiest to remember)
Vivec.  Gondola to Telvanni Canton.  Leave via the land bridge.
Cross the peninsula eastwards. 
Stop next to Ald Sotha daedric ruin, by the water.
There are three tiny islands.  Get out to the furthest one.
Before you are two largish islands. 
You want to go to the one on the left as you are still looking east.
If Mznach Ruin comes up on the screen, you're in the right place.
Travel down the face of the island, past the ruin to the end. 
(always going east)
At the 'end' of the island is an islet with two tall pillars of stone 
guarding an 'entrance'.  And there's a mudcrab.  Voila!
Don't let anyone tell you that Mudcrab is hard to reach. 
Do it once and you'll wonder what they were on about!


Ole Creeper is the Mudcrab of the suburbs. 
He's a scamp in Ghorak Manor, Caldera. 
You do not need directions to Caldera!
Creeper has 5000 gold and also gives full value for money.
He regenerates every 24 hours and buys weapons, alcohol, 
scrolls, moon sugar and soul gems.

If you have a sword worth 17,000 that you intend to take
to Muddie or Creeper, but it's a bit the 'worse for wear', have it fixed first.
Doesn't cost much to repair and you then get full value 
for it (Yes, 17,000 gold!) from the sale.


Creative Bartering 101

Getting full value for money from either of these dudes requires some 
creative bartering.  This is how it's done, using examples. 

I have 2 glass bracers (4000 each)
3 pr glass boots (8000 each)
2 glass pauldrons (9600 each)
and a glass cuirass worth 28,000 to take to Mudcrab.

Mudcrab has 10,000 on any given day.  How do I get the 28,000?

Sell him everything else, one item at a time if need be, 
sleeping for 24 hours between each sale.
Sleep 24 after the last sale.
Now, buy back the three pairs of glass boots and one glass bracer.
Now Mudcrab has 28,000 gold.  Sell him the cuirass!
Sleep again and repeat the sell back of the small items.
Repeat as needed.

Do not sleep too close to Mudcrab. 
Sometimes you are attacked, by rats or whatever. 
One wrong swing of the sword and you're crab-less.
Sometimes the attackee is only a scrib and you can 
go back to sleep. 
Too many scrib can slow down and eventually
freeze the game. 
Thin them out as needed.


Overflow Loot Bag

Once you have one, you're stuck with it. 
Avoid getting one or move house.
Now, place your items in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
Happy with the display?
Save game.
Exit game via Start Screen.
Restart game and you can leave. 
Repeat every time your house gets 'busy'.


This tip hinges on the assumption that you 
a] know about and have Goldbrand and that 
b] you know about how to and where to and why to 
become a vampire.

Eltonbrand is the new and improved Goldbrand which, in its turn, is 
a daedric shrine quest reward. 
If you have Goldbrand and go become a vampire, you can get it turned
into Eltonbrand via an 'Easter Egg' (nice surprise) that the makers 
have hidden in the game. 

A vampire goes to visit with Silonewe in the Vivec Mages guild and
she overcomes her revulsion for long enough to give him/her two quests.
The 'kill someone' or 'key' quest is the one you need.
Complete the quest and return to Silonewe with an amount of money 
either totalling, or over, 11171 gold in your inventory, as well as 
the sword and the requested key, of course.
Drop 11171 gold in one pile.  Drop any excess in another.
Pick up 11171 gold.
A pop-up appears saying, "Go to Hell, Carolina!"
Goldbrand is now Eltonbrand.



The ordinators in Vivec are trying to kill me!  Help????
The Imperial guards attack me on sight!  Help????

Ordinators can come to hate you for a number of reasons.

a]  If the bounty on your head is so high that 
it has become a death warrant.
Even if you pay up, they are unable to turn off 
the urge to decorate the railings with your entrails, okay?
This applies to Imperial guards and some Redoran guards as well.

b]  If you murder one of them.

c]  If you murder one of them and/or steal 
their sacred armour and wear it.
It does NOT matter what city you are in 
when you wear it; they will know!

There is also an Imperial Quest to escort an accused murderer from Vivec
to Ebonheart during which you might kill one too many ordinators.
Two will attack you, that's okay. 
It is not necessary to kill any more, no matter what your quest giver tells you.

So what do you do?

The good news is that those attacking ordinators/guards are a prime source 
of income without penalty.  Because they attack first, you are free 
to kill them and reap the rewards of their corpses, aka their 
highly saleable armour.

The bad news it that you can't turn them off.
Paying fines will not work over a certain amount. (death warrant)
Joining the Imperials will not work, even if you become their boss.
Nothing works.
Some people to whom this has happened chameleon their way 
around Vivec ever after. 
Others use calm humanoid spells to get past them 
when the slaughter becomes too tedious. 
I myself had this happen to me. 
By accident, I swear it.  And only once!
So I enchanted one exquisite ring with constant effect Sanctuary 
and another with constant effect Resist Magicka.
Then I could walk around Vivec in relative safety.

But it's expensive and it's a pain in the bum.

Try not to antagonize the Ordinators, okay?


What are they for?

There are these little black sticks all over the place, they kind of look 
like burnt matches but if you get close enough, you'll see 
they've got names.
Names like 'Falsmaryon Propylon Index'.
What are they?
If you go travelling about, you'll see lots of ruins, daedric ruins, 
dwarven ruins and the big square ruins with the little buildings on top.
Inside these huts are proplyons. 
They're ancient teleportation devices and, to put it simply, if you 
collect all of the indexes and match the correct 
name to the correct propylon, you can travel about between ruins. 

Puzzle Box

The Puzzle box quest ... umm. . . puzzles a lot of people?
If you've done it, you know what I mean. 
If you haven't and you can't find the puzzle box, 
I have a basic piece of advice for you.
Look up, always.  Look up.
This is a good rule, no matter what ruin or cave you're in. 
Good stuff up high...
There is NO need to go all the way down into that dark, dank ruin.
Once you are in the front door and have encountered the bad guys 
and slain them, stop and look up.
There's another level up there, reached by climbing the broken masonry.
I'll say no more...



Umbra is an Orc-With-No-Name, a dude who wants to die.
So do him a favour if you're strong enough and get a great
soul-trapping sword for your trouble.
It's cast-when-used, but it's still easier than 
messing with spells.
Umbra is over the hill behind Suran.  Go up to the temple
and levitate over the mountain.  You should land almost
directly on top of him.  Good Luck.

Twin Lamps.  Who, What and Where?

The Twin Lamps are abolitionists and although you can't officially
join them, (because they're a secret, illegal operation perhaps?)
if you're that sort of person, you can help them.
Free slaves wherever you find them, whenever you can.
After you've freed a certain number, they will begin to speak
to you of the Twin Lamps and eventually will give you the
password you need.
Vivec, St Delyn's South One is the place to go and the lady to see
for a couple of minor quests involving the Twin Lamps.



This is not a how-to or a where-is post. 
This is a WARNING post.
If you come across this sword during the course of your game, 
GET RID OF IT!  It's cursed! 
(Actually, it's a mistake in the scripting, but 'cursed' sounds better.)
Press 'y' in your inventory to see the damage that Fury does
to your health permanently, but, whatever you do, do not use it!
 Sell Fury to someone you don't like much.

Second Wraithguard

If you somehow manage to screw up the main quest by killing someone 
you shouldn't have (You should get a 'Thread of Prophecy' message as 
a warning to reload, however.) or by losing something vital, there are 
back ways into the main quest.
If it's something minor at the lower levels of the Blades quests, you can go 
on ahead and get the Moon and Star ring, then go on from there as normal. 
Just find yourself a walkthrough from Links and forge on.
However, if you've really stuffed need to kill a God.
Of course it goes without saying that you need to be at a high level, as a God
is a hard kill, but, having done that, take the 'ancient dwemer artifact' from
his body. 
This is Wraithguard, un-activated, and you need Wraithguard if you're 
going to handle Sunder and Keening and complete the main quest. 
Take it to Tel Fyr (I'm assuming that, as a high level character, you
know where I'm referring to) and down to the dwarf in the Coprusarium.
He will ask for two books to fix the artifact, find those, inside the
Ghostfence and return to him. ( At Karegnac's Library and at his Study)
Now, here's the kicker . . . you need your health stat to be well over
the 250 mark or he will not give you the journal update of completion.
That's where most folk get stuck; not realizing that the second Wraithguard 
will give you a permanent 200+ health loss, so that's the tip for this section.


Ten Pace Boots

Nothing here about the where's and why's either.
Yes, they do make your feet disappear.  No, no-one knows why.
Either live with the funny look or sell them on.
(It's probably another script error.) 

Azura's Star

You have a paper map?
Big statue, right-hand side of paper?  Azura.
Shrine beneath.  Talk to statue inside, not outside.
Get quest.
Do not go in the hut, under any circumstances, okay?
The reward is Azura's Star, the only re-usable soul gem in the game
and the only one big enough to hold Vivec's soul, should you be so inclined.

Code Book 
(Fighter's vs Thieves Guild)

Remember the beginning of this site? 
The bit about 'conflict of interest' especially where it relates to 
the Fighter's Guild and the Thieves Guild?
This quest is one of them.
I'm not going to tell you how to get the code book off Soltide,
that's for you to decide. 

If you want to do both Thieves and Fighters guild, 
join both when you're a low level and you can. 
If you leave it too long, or you join one and rise too far in rank there,
the other Guild will not accept you as a member . . . ever. 


Where is ? 
(fill in the blank)

Gentleman Jim Stacey :Dram Bero: 
Silver Staff of Shaming: Rels Tenim etc. etc.

Hannah's Whereizit Morrowind Guide.

Rescue Varvur Sarethi 
(Redoran/Main Quest)

This quest can be tricky and there are lots of way to do it.
If you are chameleon-ed, so is he, for some strange reason.

Where are the Morag Tong?

They are the paid, professional, legal assassins of Morrowind.
Finding them is hard-ish.  Look on Arena Canton, Vivec.
In the Canalworks, behind a Storage Room door. 
There's a locked trapdoor . . . and rats.


Explaining 'Uncle Crassius'.

If you're a Hlaalu or if you're doing the main quest, you are eventually 
going to meet the famous 'Uncle Crassius Curio' who resides 
in Curio Manor, Hlaalu Canton, Vivec. 
He calls you 'sweetie' and 'pumpkin' and he doesn't seem to
notice that you're a guy???????

No. Uncle Crassius is not the first openly gay character in an RPG.
It's another one of those cute little scripting errors.
This game took six years to put together and it's massive!
You can't blame the developers for a few . . . errors.
So, don't get all riled when Uncle Crassius asks you 
for a kiss, or wants you to strip. 
Yes, that's right. Strip. He's actually checking to make sure you're not a spy.
Just remember that, as far as Crassius is concerned, you're a girl!


Constant Effect Items

Working your way up through the learning process, you eventually arrive
at the desire to have constant effect items made to your own specifications.

There are two ways of doing this.  The 'normal' way begins with a. . . 
You have to have a Golden Saint or an Ascended Sleeper trapped in
a Grand Soul Gem to get the 'constant effect' option in an enchanting menu.

The Normal Way.

Buy the spell that you want.  Have an item of sufficient enchant charge 
in your inventory plus the grand soul gem mentioned above 
and, finally, a lot of cash!
Go to an enchanter and click the 'enchant' option.
Fill the boxes with soul and item.
Constant Effect appears as an option once you've filled in the item.
Choose your spell, fill in the details. 
Always save before any enchanting, you can take the item outside and test it first. 
Reload if you don't like what you've done.
Name the item and pay the money.

Exquisite items (rings, amulets) have a high enough enchant charge
to do constant effect, so do Ebony Tower Shields.

The Cheapskate Method

If you've used the method above, you know how much it costs!  Ow!
Here's a cheaper way that works for certain enchantments only.
All you need is, at most, a couple of thousand gold and a high enough
(relevant) magic skill to cast it yourself.

Buy the spell you want. 
Good spells for this method are fortify attribute spells, light, 
reflect, dispel, resist, sanctuary, summon etc.
Buy the soultrap spell.
Go to a spellmaker and make the following spell:
Fortify Speed/On Self/1-50/ Duration 1 second.
Soultrap/On Target/Duration 2 seconds.

Name the spell and pay for it.

Face a wall or look down at the floor.
You must do this, else the game will freeze or crash.

Cast the spell.

If you've summoned a Golden Saint, she's yours forever.
She will fight for you, follow you everywhere and, if you want to kill her
to get her weapons, she will not instantly disappear when dispatched.
Same is true of all summoned creatures using this method.

If you used Light it will remain constant only for the duration of your
game play.  When you start the game again, you will need to re-cast it.
Use Night-Eye instead.  Just as good and it doesn't wear off.

 Do NOT use this spell with Levitate, Chameleon or Invisibility.
(for obvious reasons)

If using this spell to Fortify an attribute, you only need to buy one Fortify spell.
The Feet of Noratago from Imperial Shrine/Wolverine Hall/Sadrith Mora is a good one.
As you'll see when you go to the spellmaker, buying one Fortify Attribute spell 
will bring up the option to fortify ALL attributes.

Don't be greedy when using Fortify, especially with Speed.
It's nice to run faster, but it gets hard to steer when you're
walking at the speed of light!
Set it for 1-50 as I recommend.  If you're not happy with it, you can
always cast it again.


People we try NOT to kill.

If you knock off someone important to the main quest, I've already 
mentioned that you'll see a 'Thread of Prophecy' message 
which gives you a chance to re-load to an earlier save.

But not everyone comes equipped with one of those. 
Characters involved in various quests on your way 
to achieving your goals are quite often accidentally murdered 
and the game stays strangely silent about it...

This is the beginnings of a list of folk who should not be
randomly slaughtered just cause you don't like the way they look, or 
because you do like the way they look but think it would look better on you!

Vendam Dren- Ebonheart.
Orvas Dren- Dren Plantation
This guy is doomed to die, just be wise in choosing your time. 
He's involved in a lot of quests.
Shan- The Orc-Mage in Balmora 
She is a 'Thread' lady; this warning is about being careful around 
her until she's no longer needed.  Not because you kill her, but because 
she often gets 'misplaced'.  Disappears through the roof etc and, on XBox, 
there's no way to get her back.  I equipped Wraithguard in front 
of her once and the magic of it sent her rocketing 
thru the ceiling, never to be seen again!
He's needed early on for a Thieves Guild Quest.  After that, he's all yours.
Actually, you CAN kill him anytime, but I don't like it when Sugar-Lips
chastises me.

More to come . . . 



If you've got a tip about these mistakes; send
a quick email and let the new players in on it.


There's more to come but for now, my fingers are sore.
I hope at least some of this was helpful or will help you in the future.

And just so you don't feel bad about being a 'newbie', here's my 
very own deepest, darkest, most secret confession.....

I played this game for two solid months before I realized that
Rising Force was NOT added strength in a fight......


            Christian Lightfinger.