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The Warrior profession is the brute force of the group. An excellent tank and combined with different professions allows him to fulfill slightly different roles. Adding in healing, additional damage, buffs, or debuffs is merely a matter of choosing a Secondary profession to fulfill the needed role. See the other Professions in this section to get a better idea of what capabilities they all have.

The Warrior is definitely the easiest profession to combine with others. This, however, will most likely not remove you from the tank category. You will find the Warrior most at home with one weapon or another in their hand. Their abilities are strongly geared towards melee.

In addition, the Warrior may also need to use adrenaline to active some skills. Adrenaline is gained by dealing damage to creatures. The more damage you deal, the faster your adrenalin increases. Once you have broken combat for more than 20 seconds, your adrenaline will wear off.



The Warrior profession focuses its abilities into 5 Attributes. These are:

Strength (Primary Only) – Placing points in this attribute will increase all of your linked skills as well as add an additional %2 armor penetration bonus per rank.

Axe Mastery – This ability increases the effectiveness of Warrior skills which use the Axe.

Hammer Mastery – This ability increases the effectiveness of Warrior skills which use the Hammer.

Swordsmanship – This ability increases the effectiveness of Warrior skills which use the Sword.

Tactics – Placing points into the Tactics attribute increases the effectiveness of your Tactics Skills . These skills include shields and other temporary buffs as well as offensive attacks and defensive stances…


Starting Armor and Skills

All beginning Warriors start with armor which gives a total of 150 armor. This armor is weak against lightening however..

Choosing Warrior as your primary profession will give you access to the following skills:

  • Frenzy

  • Counter Blow

  • Hammer Bash

  • Healing Signet

  • Sprint

As a secondary Warrior, you will only receive Frenzy and Spirit.


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