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The Ranger profession follows the “walk softly but carry a big stick” philosophy. Agile and quick, good with animals, and extremely accurate with a bow. The Ranger has the ability to charm animals in order to take pets. Pets may even evolved over time to produce a new type of creature with expanded skills and abilities.

In addition to the Ranger’s animal charming skills, the Ranger may also choose to specialize in Marksmanship. There are some very powerful combinations of skills for the bow which can unleash some devastating, attacks at a distance, on your enemies.

The Ranger like all other professions, are excellent when paired with just about any other profession. It’s merely a matter of Spec-ing your character to meet your own personal taste.



The Ranger profession focuses its abilities into 4 Attributes. These are:

Expertise (Primary Only) – Placing points in this attribute will reduce the cost of all Attack skills. This includes Warrior attack skills as well. Points in Expertise will also increase your ability to lay traps and other preparation skills

Beast Mastery – This ability increases the effectiveness of Ranger skills which effect your animal companion.

Marksmanship – Placing points in Marksmanship effects the Ranger’s bow skills. This is generally where your real damage will come from if you are playing a Ranger as your Primary Profession.

Wilderness Survival – Placing points into the Wilderness Survival attribute increases the effectiveness of your Wilderness Survival Skills. These skills include traps, preparation skill, and nature rituals.


Starting Armor and Skills

All beginning Rangers start with basic armor which gives a total of +10 to max energy supply and +2 to energy regeneration.

Choosing Ranger as your primary profession will give you access to the following skills:
  • Dual Shot
  • Ignite Arrows
  • Edge of Extinction
  • Dodge
  • Troll Unguent

As a secondary Ranger, you will only receive Dual Shot and Dodge.

For additional information on the skills a Ranger receives, see the Guild Wars Skills List.
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