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The Necromancer profession is unholy damage dealer for Guild Wars. The Necromancer specializes is draining the life and energy from others or sacrificing corpses and health to inflict massive amounts of damage. You’ll also find the Necromancer quite at home raising the dead from their slumber to keep a few minions around.

Necromancers, much like the other classes, are well balanced to combine with all other classes. Choose a class like Monk to pair with and you’ll find yourself healing your own health while siphoning it off to dish out additional damage. Join with a class like Warrior and you’ll be able to maintain your own health levels by stealing your opponents.



The Necromancer profession focuses its abilities into 4 Attributes. These are:

Soul Reaping (Primary Only) – Placing points in this attribute will increase the amount of health a Necromancer receives when any creature falls in combat.

Curses – Placing points into the Curse attribute increases the effectiveness of your Curse Skills. These skills allow the Necromancer to lay curses on others or even himself... This, of course, comes at some sacrifice or another…

Death Magic – Placing points into Death Magic attribute increases the effectiveness of your Death Magic Skills. These skills focus on direct damage from the Necromancer but still mix in a few enchantments as well.

Blood Magic – Placing points into the Blood Magic attribute increases the effectiveness of your Blood Magic Skills. Blood Magic focuses on hexes and enchantments; once again sacrificing health, minions, and/or corpses.


Starting Armor and Skills

All beginning Necromancers start with basic armor which gives a total of +10 to max energy supply and +2 to energy regeneration.

Choosing Necromancer as your primary profession will give you access to the following skills:

  • Deathly Swarm

  • Life Siphon

  • Vampiric Touch

  • Animate Bone Horror

  • Blood of the Master

As a secondary Necromancer, you will only receive Life Siphon and Vampiric Touch.


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