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Masters of death and sacrifice, the Necromancer is one of Guild Wars most versatile classes. Being able to give an offensive boost to allies, hex enemies,leech health off of enemies or raise minions from corpses this class has alot to offer. They are classified as casters, and as such they adhere to some guidelines that all casters should follow. First and foremost unlike warriors and rangers, equipment is not as important. Even though there are some good necromancer armors your primary concern will be your energy pool. Necromancers start with 30 maximum energy and 4 arrows of regeneration(pips).While not outright offensive as some of the other classes, Necromancers are one of the best support characters in the game. With a wide array of skills spread along 3 attribute lines, these guys and gals of the unholy can bring alot to any team.




Soul Reaping.  Only primary Necromancers get access to this little beauty,the answer to your energy problems-Soul Reaping. Unlike every other primary attribute, SR has no linked skills. That doesn't make it a bad attribute though. What it does is for every death whether that be ally or enemy you gain 1 point of energy per point in this attribute. So for example, if one of your allies die and you have a 7 in Soul Reaping, you would get 7 energy back. You dont even have to be in the midst of battle to get the benefit from this primary attribute since the range is quite large.

Blood Magic.  Blood magic has alot of spells that work on sacrificing health. It is also the line that shows off one of the Necromancer's best strengths-support. Blood Magic has skills that heal allies of health and energy, the ability to steal health from targets and some defensive skills to boot. Even though some of the skills in this line cause you to lose health, the benefits usually outweigh the risk. Blood magic combines well with all the other Necromancer attributes perfectly.Some of the best skills in Blood Magic are:

Blood is Power
Demonic Flesh
Unholy Feast
Vampiric Touch
Well of Blood

Curses.  The other major support line of the Necromancer class. Loaded with skills that boost damage output,spells that give you health when someone attacks,and even some skills to just give other classes a headache for trying to attack this is an offensive line that doesnt show off high damage numbers but works indirectly. Your teammates will thank you as this line makes taking out other classes easier. Necromancers specialized in curses make great target callers since they are usually the first ones to debuff an enemy team. Superstar skills of Curse magic include:

Insidious Parasite
Lingering Curse
Mark of Pain
Shadow of Fear

Death Magic.  Instantly recoginable and very popular, this line is where your minions and corpse skills are. Necromancers are known to manipulate the dead and the Death Magic attribute gives you alot of freedom to do so. From teleportation via corpses, making them explode to do damage or raising a personal army of minions this line has some fun toys in it. It also combines well with the other Necromancer lines, but is exceptionally good at taking advantage Soul Reaping. With this in mind your minions are just walking batteries and when they die, you gain energy back and just make more minions. Some deadly skills found in Death Magic:

Anime Bone Minions
Consume Corpse
Death Nova
Putrid Explosion
Verata's Aura

Non-Attribute skills.  Like all classes, the Necromancer class has a few skills that are not linked to any attribute. However, this does not make them less powerful than the ones that are as the few that are here are deadly in the right hands.

Chirons Balance
Necrotic Traversal
Rend Enchantments






Tips and Tactics


-Great Support Class
-Lots of ways to steal health
-DoT spells
-anti warrior/ranger skills are abundant
-armor ignoring damage skills
-many ways to get rid of conditions
-good choice as target callers


-some skills depend on corpses to be good
-runs into energy management issues
-has it harder vs casters than most classes
-Soul reaping is very situational
-too many fast health sacrifices can kill you
-touch range skills are dangerous for this class in some combinations

Builds for the Necromancer class can be found  in the Builds Directory
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