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 Those that claim dominion over the Earth, the Heavens, the Water and the Flames, Elementalists are the masters of here for more info Elementalists are capable not only of dealing massive damage to a single target, but they can also spread their damage out to several foes, making them not only deadly, but versatile as well.

    However, don't let promises of great power delude you into rushing into the battle to command the skies to part and smite all that would dare oppose you - Elementalists are perhaps one of the weakest classes defensively. What this means is those that would seek to play the class must learn to be savvy in their approach; to strike when it is most beneficial to do so, to attack without making yourself an obvious target. Wily Elementalists will find that they can turn the tides of a battle, without ever putting themselves in harm's way.

    Elementalists are also more than just straight up damage. They are also possessed of some excellent utility skills, as well as the ability to inflict several negative statuses open their foes - often times as the combined result of one of their attacks. Because of this, the Elementalist can easily be shaped to play in a manner that you find most enjoyable or effective, whether that be the traditional spell slinger, a close range bomb, or even a defensive melee fighter.


The Elementalist's armor starts off at a lowly 5 AL, but eventually will reach a total of 60 AL. Elementalist armor is somewhat unique in the fact that most of its sets will convey a defensive bonus against one element, and have a weakness to the diametrically opposed element. Examples of this being Fire and Water, and Air and Earth. Because of this, it is helpful for the Elementalist to consider the situations they will be facing, and wear armor that reflects that. If you know that many enemies will be using Fire magic, then consider bringing Pyromancer's armor, and so forth. Most of the Elementalist's armor is easy to obtain because of their common components, so having more than one set to switch out when necessary is a good idea. However, Elementalist's armor is still not very durable against melee attacks so standing toe to toe with Warriors is not advisable. It is worth noting, however, that female Elementalists have arguably the most unique armor in game.



Elementalists have five attributes. Their Primary is Energy Storage, with the remaining attributes covering the domain of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water magics.

Energy Storage
    An important attribute for all Elementalists, and often the reason why many people choose to make an Elementalist Primary (and secondary class the other profession they wanted to play.) Every point invested into Energy Storage increases the maximum amount of Energy the character has. Since all casters, especially Elementalists who often have very costly spells, rely so heavily on Energy, it is worth it to put as many points as can be spared into this attribute. Energy Storage also contains the Elementalist's self healing spell, so not only will you be able to cast more, you'll be able to keep yourself alive longer while doing so.

Air Magic
    The domain of Air focuses most heavily on powerful single target attacks. Lightning also conveys the added bonus of a percentage of armor penetration factored into its damage, making it more effective against heavily armored foes - particularly Warriors, which this line is most suited for dealing with. This is especially true when one considers how easily one can blind their foes with Air magic - a condition that is devastating to classes that rely on melee attacks to deal their damage.

Earth Magic
    The domain of Earth deals primarily with strengthening the defenses of the Elementalist. These defenses may be spells that only target the Elementalist casting them, or they may be Wards - an Area of Effect spell that is beneficial to all of your allies. In the middle of a heated fight, having the right Ward on your side can quickly turn the tides of battle in your favor. Earth magic also contains a few odds and ends for offensive magics, including projectiles and AoE spells, though not enough in and of themselves to make an offensive Earth Elementalist as viable as an Air or Fire would be. As such, Earth is recommended to be used as a 'support' attribute.

Fire Magic
    The domain of Fire is where most of the Elementalist's AoE offense resides. Fire magic is capable of striking multiple foes around your target, it can be used to damage anyone who enters a targetted area, or it can be used for single target strikes.  Most offensive Elementalists are of the Fire element because of the good damage and diversity that the skills represent. They can also easily set foes on fire - a condition which is useful, since it ignores any type of armor or resistance in dealing its damage. While Fire contains some of the most powerful skills in game, these skills are often accompanied by a hefy Energy cost, so good energy management is a must.

Water Magic
    The domain of Water is the Elementalist's 'utility' line. There is a large variety of benefits that can be reaped from this line, including defensive self buffs, wards, hexes, and perhaps most importantly - snares. A 'snare' is an attack that stops or hinders an enemy's ability to move, and the uses of this can be two fold: either to keep fleeing enemies from retreating, or to keep attacking enemies from approaching. Since most Elementalists rely on being at a distance to attack, having a means to keep your foes from closing in on you can be exceedingly useful. While not as strong as a focused Air or Fire Elementalist would be, a primary Water Elementalist is still a viable choice, due to the usefulness of many of their skills.

Building an Elementalist

When creating an Elementalist, it's important to decide what role you want to play, and then to select the accompanying attribute(s) that best fit what you have in mind. For those that wish to focus purely on damage dealing, then the biggest choice is between Air, or Fire. Air magic is capable of doing more damage to single targets, and at a faster rate than Fire magic, as cast times are typically shorter. This makes Air a good choice for Elementalists that want to go after single, powerful targets, such as Warriors, whom they can inflict with both blindness and weakness through their attacks. Fire, on the other hand, spreads out powerful damage often in an area - which can be useful not just for its offensive means, but for crowd control. If you notice the enemy remaining in tight clusters, then an AoE will probably break them up - and enemies that are retreating are enemies that aren't attacking. Both styles of offense play very differently, so it is recommended that players try out both and experiment with them, to see which best suits their play style or personal preference.

    Those who wish to play a more utility or support oriented Elementalist will favor the Earth and Water lines, though these are both less straightforward then the offensive attribute lines. Elementalists in this role need to be very familiar with their skills - how long it takes to cast them, when it is best to do so, as well as an awareness of the battlefield. It isn't beneficial to anyone to cast a Ward when your companions are chasing down a foe, when you could have used a snare instead. Because of this, support Elementalists require one to be more engaged not only with the battle, but the battlefield. For those that are interested in bolstering their own support as well as that of their allies, then Earth is perhaps the best choice. Those more interested in hindering their enemies and helping their team might find Water more suited to their needs.
    For either role, it is important to be familiar with your skills - Elementalists rely heavily on casting to perform all of their functions, and there are a lot of ways enemies have to stop you from doing this. Rangers can interrupt and daze, as can Warriors, and most Mesmers seem to have nothing better to do than to make life miserable for Elementalits. Perhaps it is because they're jealous of their more daring fashion sense, perhaps not. Either way - that familiarity with your own capabilities and limitations is perhaps the most important aspect of your 'build', and is not something that can be taught through an overview, but something that must be learned from experience. However, it's not a chore - Elementalists are one of the most enjoyable classes to play in this writer's opinion - just don't let the feeling of superiority you have in torching the masses go to your head!


    Being a secondary Mesmer can allow you to use the Elementalist's superior Energy capacity to toss about dominating spells and interrupts even more freely, but perhaps one of the most imporant things that the Mesmer an offer to an Elementalist is their ability to steal mana. By stealing energy from their foes, the Elementalist can sustain their offense in a fight longer, and use costly spells a little more freely, while hindering foes at the same time.

    One of the most common class combinations seen in game, the Elementalist/Monk is almost the 'default' healer. While not as strong in their heals as a Monk primary would be, the Elementalist's superior Energy reserves allow them to sling out more spells over a sustained period of time, making them useful for longer engagements. The Monk subclass also gives the Elementalist a greater capacity to heal themselves effectively, something they lack otherwise.

    The Necromancer presents some interesting subclass possibilities for the Elementalist, such as going the route of Curses, and impeding on your enemies ability to harm you, while hammering them with your spells - or perhaps going the route of Death magic to bring along minions which can divert the attention away from the Elementalist.

    By choosing a secondary of Ranger, the Elementalist could choose to go the route of Beastmastery, gaining a persistant pet companion - useful for keeping the heat off of the physically frail Elementalist. The Wilderness Survival line could also enable the Elementalist to bring along traps - useful to set down, and to damage and impair anyone that would seek to damage your character.

    By taking Warrior as a subclass, the Elementalist gains access to proficiency with melee weaponry. While this might normally seem like an odd combination, the Elementalist can combine this with their defensive self buffs / wards found in the Earth / Water magic lines, creating a versatile fighter. An Elementalist could also choose to use their Conjure [Element] spells, to further augment the power of their melee attacks.




  • Define your role and create your build to fit that role
  • Pick complementary skills and Secondary Professions
  • Keep Energy management in mind when selecting skills
  • Know your enemies; learn their skills and which skills can counter them
  • Conversely, know what your enemies can do to counter you and how to adjust
  • Donít overextend yourself during battle, remember to stay with your team and in healing range
  • When in PvE missions, don't forget your res signet/spell!

Elementalist Specific

  • Unless you're focusing on PBAoE, try and stay out of melee range. Elementalists aren't often seen as 'priority' targets, so if you don't make yourself an easy and obvious kill, you'll be able to better fulfill your role.
  • Know your opponents, and know what they're weak against. Hitting a Ranger in Drakescale with a Fireball isn't a good idea, but hitting a Warrior with Enervating Charge is.
  • Be very familiar with your cast times - getting interrupted and losing the mana for a costly spell can be devastating.
  • Know when to run! Most Elementalists aren't tanks, and if something is after you, it's a good idea to try and shake the aggro.
  • Keep an eye on your energy, and let your team know, too. You shouldn't rush forward if you don't have the Energy to attack, and neither should they.
  • Lastly, just experiment and have fun with it!
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