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Jade Soldier

            Welcome to clan jade Soldier site created and published by Moali. We have everything that you need to know to became a master in Guild Wars. To became a clan soldier you have to finish the game, get all the attribute points, and acquire all the Elite Skills. We have 2 guild hall. Rain Of Fire and Jade Soldier. we practice our skill by playing guild versus guild in Rain Of fire Guild. We do help take new comers in our guild. However we do not make them a clan soldier until the meet the requirement. New comers are welcome to join the guild in Rain Of Fire. However we do not help any New comers until they Stay in the guild for more then 2 week. If a person lives our guild that person will never be able to join the clan. However, he or she may join the guild but not the clan. We do keep a list of people who leaves our guild. you have 24 hour to see if you like our guild. if you leave before 24 hour you name will not go in the list. I think I have covered the important thing that you need to know our clan. welcome to our site and enjoy.                               

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