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Shall I call this the Series of Unfortunate Events… by Candy?
Just a few things to clear up.. for those of you who are morbid enough to have any interest in this WHATSOEVER lol

I realize a lot of you think I went to Cowboys just to start shit.. that’s soooo not the case! When I got kicked out that night.. I merely went to Becky to get the words from HER mouth instead of listening to all the shit bein spread by everyone else.. (Im just like that, Id rather get my info from the horses mouth, than listen to the shit from the horses asses).. so I walked up to Becky asked her what was up.. she started yellin something about Kevin, Jason and Rick.. I stood there thinking to myself “wtf is she talking about.. I have no idea who Rick is!” lol honest to goodness!! Next thing I know, Im outside LOL.. seriously, that’s how quick it happened. Whatever is between Kevin and Jason is just that.. between them. When Kevin got into Jasons face.. I did the only thing I could do to keep the shit from goin any further.. that was to keep Kevin movin along! (Lord help me if that was wrong!) If I really wanted to keep the shit going, Id have stood back and let it fly… did I do that?! Nooooo I did not.

For those of you who think I was playing the 2 against eachother.. OooooooooK! Kevin knew before going to Cowboys that him and I were not, nor ever going to be.. an ‘item’. I had no idea he was telling everyone that we were. (again, not my fault) As far as Jason goes.. I had just met him the day before the party, when we went shopping. He was aware of all the shit Kevin was doing. Jason and I got along just fine.. up until the shit about Rodeo. I had asked Jason on TUESDAY if he wanted to go to Rodeo on Thursday, March 3rd. I guess he had called Jenn and invited her.. which is all good! Hell, the more the merrier!.. All of this had gotten back to Kevin.. who had assumed that Jason first asked Jenn, then asked me. I merely cleared it up to Kevin that he was wrong.. Jason never asked me, I, in fact, asked him a few days prior. Kevin was trying to make Jason look like a player.. and all I did was clear it up for Kevin that Jason is in NO WAY a player. 1&2 (Forgive me if THAT was wrong!) .. again, it was twisted when repeated to Jason.. so I get a call from Jason.. hes pissed cause I guess I was talking shit on him!?!?! (Im still confused on that part!! How is defending his intentions talking shit on him??).. ANYWAY.. at Rodeo.. Hey, what do you know?! There’s Jason! No biggie.. I do my dancing, do my drinking, and leave. Not even 30 seconds down Glenstone.. I get a call from Kevin.. who continues to tell me who I was hangin all over at Rodeo! Um, its ME who keeps the shit goin?.. While Im on the phone with Kevin.. my call waiting beeps.. who of all people?? JASON!.. Ok, so it wasn’t really Jason, it was Jenn.. sayin she didn’t see me there. I told her, oh yea.. Jason saw me.. hes already been on the phone with Kevin, informing him who Ive been hanging with.. lmao!!!!!!! Anymore.. its WHATEVER! That should give a clue as to who cant let what go…

Ok, so then Saturday night in chat.. Im willing to take whatever anyone has to dish out to me.. afterall, they have yet to hear MY side of the story.. so its all good!!! I had previously made comments in the room about not answering my phone anymore.. WHY?! Greg knows why.. cause Kevin wouldn’t quit freakin callin me!!! It finally got to the point, that Id flip my phone open, yell “STOP CALLING” and hang up.. when that didn’t work.. I simply forwarded him to my loverly voicemail. Problem solved…. OR SO I THOUGHT.. I got up from the computer.. went and cleaned the family room.. when I come back, do a little scrolling.. Its being ‘suggested’.. that Im calling Jason and hanging up?! WTF?! … umm, perhaps it’s the same one who kept calling me?! Or, maybe, just maybe!! It’s the one yall were in contact with on Thursday, after I left Rodeo?!? Oh wait!!!!!!!!!! ONE IN THE SAME!!!!!!!!

For the record.. I HAVE never and WILL never say one bad thing about Jason.. he did nothing wrong in this entire situation…(at least in my eyes) Kevin, on the other hand.. I have a few opinions about.. from what I have in my archives.. my opinions of him don’t vary much from most everyone elses, tho. Honest to goodness.. I wanted all this over with.. obviously, the only way to end it.. is to just walk away .. NO PROBLEM! I must say.. I had a blast at Cowboys.. hell, I go there EVERY weekend.. and it takes a chat party to get me kicked out for the first time.. ROCK ON! LOL yall are a HOOT! And those of you who I met.. you are FANTABULOUS! I hope yall have a groovy time at Columbia.. as well as that nifty campin trip Jac is organizing.. should be a blast for all involved…. KEEP ON A ROCKIN!

2 IN A BUCKET!!!!!!!!!!