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Curtis Knight

Curtis Knight (born Curtis McNear) knew Jimi before he became famous and performed in his band Curtis Knight and the Squires.

Hundreds of albums containing doctored versions of some live and studio recordings of Jimi with the Squires have been released.  The producer for the studio recordings was Ed Chalpin.

All the studio songs were recorded at Studio 76 Inc. (also called Dimensional Studio), 1650 Broadway, New York City.  They were recorded between October 1965 and December 1965, and late July 1967.

The live material was recorded during two live concerts: on Christmas Eve 1965 at George's Club 20, Hackensack, New Jersey, and at another unknown location (New York or New Jersey) perhaps early 1966.  All the live recordings were orignally recorded in mono.

The releases often have overdubs performed by musicians other than Jimi.  The tracks will be edited, and parts of the song duplicated to make it longer.  For an example of the sort of things that go on with these recordings, look at The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings.

Here's a run down of songs known to be recorded with Jimi and Curtis Knight:

October - December 1965, Studio 76, 1650 Broadway, New York
With Curtis Knight and the Squires
Hornet's Nest
Knock Yourself Out
You Don't Want Me
Gotta Have A New Dress
Don't Accuse Me
Fool For You Baby
Simon Says
Last Night
No Such Animal (Part I)
No Such Animal (Part II)

26 December 1965, George's Club 20, Hackensack, New Jersey
With Curtis Knight and the Squires
I Got You (I Feel Good)
One Night With You
Come On (Part One)
Hang On Sloopy
Bo Diddley
Drivin' South
Mannish Boy
Killin' Floor
Travelin' To California
Ain't That Peculiar
What'd I Say
Bright Lights, Big City
Get Out Of My Life Woman
I'll Be Doggone
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
Land Of A Thousand Dances
You Got Me Running
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
You Got What It Takes
Sweet Little Angel
Wooly Bully
Bleeding Heart
Have Mercy Baby
Something You've Got
Just A Little Bit
Stand By Me
Hold (On To) What You've Got
Day Tripper

17 July 1967, Studio 76, 1650 Broadway, New York
With Curtis Knight and others
No Business
Day Tripper
Future Trip
Odd Ball
Get That Feeling

8 August 1967, Studio 76, 1650 Broadway, New York
With Curtis Knight and others
Gloomy Monday I, II, III
Ballad Of Jimi
Happy Birthday
Love Love (later to be "Little Miss Lover")
Hush Now (later to be "The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice")
Strange Things

Source: Plug Your Ears by Kees De Lange & Ben Valkhoff, Up From The Skies Unlimited, 1993

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