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OCTOBER 24,2008

I am sorry there has been any updates lately but will be working now again. I suffered two strokes and a heart attack but am now back up on my feet after a few other set backs. I hope to get some new info pages on auto immune health up on my new site listed below and start makeing some new graphics along the way. It has been rough for awhile and getting ready for another surgery but still hanging in. THANK YOU ALL for visiting and continue to do so please.


NEW SITE STARTED!!!! Welcome and would love for you to visit my new site to. It is underway and started. I have put in a few sets to start and working hard on it. I hope you enjoy all that is here. I have several for you to choose from on this site and will beadding more and more to the new one. Here is a button to take you to new site! ENJOY!!!

I have had to slow down for awhile because of health but dont worry I am still here. I also am thinking about doing a new site on lupus info and other related diseases and will update you. Had to have surgery and now starting new doctors so things will be slow for a little while but if there is anything I can help you with remember to email me have link below.


HI! I am so glad you stopped by. Welcome to my site. I have been spending some time working on some great graphics. I am a Paint Shop Pro 6 junkie! LOL I also suffer from a disease called Lupus. So when I am not feeling good or just not able to get up much graphics is something that I can do and enjoy.


1. You must link back to me. The complete sets have a logo to link back and the incomplete sets and backgrounds I have provided a logo page to choose from or what ever other way you want.

2. These graphics are free for personal websites only! If you have a commercial site please email me below and I will send you info on my graphics and so on.

3. Do not alter these images in any way. Alot of these images are from artists and when used I have provided a link and logo to them.

4. Do not link directly to these images. Download them to your own files or if useing web tv I have provided a link on my links page to the transloader.

If you need any help let me know, email me. On the triple backgrounds If you need the table email me also and I can send it to you with instructions. Some of the image I do not have a link to the applets are on also if not email me and will send them to you.

As time goes on I will be adding more and more graphics. I also will be adding pages about Lupus and me. I have also linked my old sites on here at the bottom of the page. You will find some graphics I started with on there with PSP 5 and also my old site on Lupus and other related diseases. So Sit back and enjoy!

I have put in a page of poems and inspirational stories. I will add more to this periodically. Please check them out!

I have put in a link for my story of living with Lupus also you will find a link to my old site on Lupus. On there I have pages on what is Lupus, related diseseases and what they are. I have alot of great info and even a card site on there to send cards. Please check it out and learn more about this disease. I will be adding more here to in future.

Check out the background sets in the holiday sets. I have made alot of new ones for all sorts of holidays. If you are going to make a holiday page or if a holiday is upon us there are alot to choose from.

I have also added a site that offers a different desktop wall paper every week free. They have some real kewl ones so come back and check them out often. You will find the link at the bottom of the page and a pic of the wall paper for the week. I hope you enjoy them!!!

I would love to hear from you. Please, while you are here sign my guestbook or email me. If you would like info on help with web pages or help building web site or even info on Lupus or other related diseases.

I have put in a page for new additions. You will see the new button below and will update wtih new sets as I add them in. I try to do two a week sometimes more so please come back and see.

Click on pic of Dale Earnhardt to see images and poems dedicated to him and his family.

Click for this week's free wallpaper

Click HERE to give away free wallpaper on YOUR site!

The logo button below will take you to my other graphics page. These graphics page was made with psp 6 and the previous with 5. ENJOY!

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