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Welcome To Our Neck Of The Woods

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"This is a field close to where we hunt."

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"Hello and thanks for dropping in to view our website. We hope you enjoy what you see here and that you'll return again. We have property located in Southeast Missouri close to the Mississippi River. We also lease hunting and fishing rights to the adjacent property. The family and alot of friends have enjoyed this territory for close to 40 years now. That means ALOT of hunting has gone on! And...alot of wonderful good times!"

"We'd like to share some of those great years with you..."


"Click on the deer image above to open our photo album,
then we each have a page that you can visit below."

Butch & Phyllis, John, Sherry
Linda & Gene, Jimmy & Lisa, Kim & Aaron
Dave & Becky, Michael
Special Memories Of Jay
Darrell & Leslie, Stephen, Lauren
All The Great Grandkids Page

More Bucks and Does!
Turkey's Too!

Our Wonderful "Mom"

"A Special Tribute To The Man Who Made This All Possible"
In Memory Of "Dad"

"Check Out These Links"

Free Online Games
ODACS Corporate Medical Services in Cape Girardeau
Welcome To My Stuff

Dave's Paint Ball and Family Page
Welcome To The "Old Rebel's" Page

"Check Out Our Favorite Midis"

"This is at the same field."

"We all live within 10 miles from each other, so it's not hard to get all the family together. Many special occasions take place at "the woods." Besides hunting, other activities that we enjoy are 4-wheeling, hiking, fishing, or just sitting around the campfire. It's great to have a special place to run to when the ratrace of everyday life gets to you."

    Most Recent Update: 08/20/03
"The website is almost complete. There's still a couple of pages that needs more pictures added. I've had alot of good compliments about our site. What a wonderful family we have, good friends, and a great place we can escape to. It should be shared with the world."

"Darrell and Leslie have recently bought some property in the country and have moved there. There's still alot of landscaping to be done, but they have a wonderful time doing it. It is such a lovely, comfortable location...This has been their dream for so long and it has finally come true."



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