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All Kajirae need to be kept under perfect discipline. Kajirae quickly become rebellious if they suspect that their Master is not capable of punishing them.

In essence a slave girl can be punished at any time her Master desires to punish her whether her behaviour warrants it or not. She will certainly be punished if her behaviour is displeasing even in the slightest manner. In Mercenaries of Gor Feiqa is whipped because she has drunk from the wrong bowl of the fountain.

"This morning," I said, "you erred. It was a rather serious mistake. You were intending to drink from the upper bowl of the fountain, that reserved for free persons."
"Please do not punish me, Master," she begged. "I do not want to be whipped! let me go this time!"
"Just this time" I looked at her.
"I will not do it again!" she wept.
"I am sure you will not," I said. "Take off your clothes."

p283 Mercenaries of Gor

In the above quote it is clear that Feiqa has made a genuine error and her behaviour is not calculated to be displeasing. Nonetheless despite her pleas for mercy she is whipped for it. If Tarl had not beaten her for this there would always be a chance that she would begin to feel her master was weak.

In the Gorean books the whip of choice for the disciplining of female slaves is the five bladed slave whip. This has advantages in that the blades are flat and thus unlikely to cause peramanent scarring. They are much better in that the slave can be punished harshly without the fear of permanent scars caused by cutting.

There are many ways to whip a girl who has not been pleasing. If you are new to whipping slaves then you will probably not know how hard or how much to hit her to truly punish her. The best guide in this matter is the marks it raises on the body. Slaves will beg for mercy quite quickly if they are whipped, but if it is given too soon will probably feel that they can get away with disobedience as their punishment will not be too severe. If you look at the marks on her body, you will gain a more accurate report on the effectiveness of her punishmen If one desires to make a girl feel especially helpless she can be tied down for her whipping.

This has the added advantage that she will be unable to move for the duration of the whipping and so the Master can decide where each blow should fall. She can also be ordered to assume the whipping position without being tied in it and threatened with extra strokes if she breaks position. In giving the actual whipping itself the Master can make it more intense by varying the timing and position of each stroke if he wishes. This tends to make the girl feel much more helpless. You can also make the slave count out the strokes she is receiving. In any whipping the slave should always be given an extra blow after the counted strokes to remind her that she is a slave. This should be the hardest of her beating.

There are other forms of punishment that you can use. Kajirae can be kept in 'close chains' for example. This involves chaining the girl's hands and feet closely together. After a couple of hours chained like this a considerable amount of body pain will build up. This has the advantage that it is very little work for the Master to do. All you need do is chain the girl up and leave her. If you don't want to hear her scream or beg for mercy you can simply gag her. It will take a while for this punishment to take effect though. As a guide she will probably not be truly sorry until after about two or three hours. You can also use other forms of restraint in punishment. If you have a cage you could lock the girl in that for punishment. This will be especially effective if the cages dimensions are small and do not allow the girl to fully stretch herself.

Other forms of punishment include depriving the girl of something. You could deprive her of food for a specific amount of time. This can either be complete or partial. You can deny her all food for a day quite safely. This generally has quite a profound effect on a slave girl. You can also deny her luxury items of food and feed her on scraps for a longer period of time.

A fairly elaborate form of punishment is putting the girl in the slavery of the she-quadruped. This is also sometimes used in training to impress upon the girl that she is a slave. In this the slave is not allowed to rise from the floor at any time. She must crawl if she wants to go from place to place. In this mode of slavery she is not allowed human speech and must signify her needs by whimpers and moans. She would also be fed from the floor. When she is used sexually it will be in a position attainable by the she-quadruped. The slave would have to signify that she wished to speak to be allowed to beg to be released from this form of slavery. If she is not sufficiently pleasing when she begs or if it amuses the Master she can be left in this slavery for as long as is necessary.

Most slave girls are kept in good discipline by small but frequent instances of punishment. The slave, Dina, says of Tup Ladletender:

"Generally he disciplined me with a cuff of the flat of his hand. I respected him. He managed me well."

p 247 Slave Girl of Gor

This is meant as a mild form of discipline and it could be seen as akin to clipping someone across the ear. Other methods of keeping a slave in good discipline could include tying her up at night or even during the day when her services are not required. These things help girls keep in mind that they are slaves and prevent the need for further and more severe discipline.

When a slave is trained there should be little need for her to be punished.

"I do not think you have beaten her much lately," said Boabissia.
"No," I said.
"Why not?" asked Boabissia.
"She is now pretty well trained," I said.
"Trained'," said Boabissia.
"Yes," I said, "ideally, once a girl is trained, suitably trained, of course, there is not likely to be much call for beating her. She may also, of course," I said, "be beaten at the master's pleasure, for any reason or for no reason."

p233 Mercenaries of Gor

As Feiqa later finds out in this book, the smallest hint of disobedience or failure to please will earn the slave girl a beating.

Also, it is occasionally seen as useful to give a slave girl a whipping to remind her of her place. An iniatory whipping is often given also when a Master introduces a new slave into his house.

"Of course, my Master," she cried suddenly, delightedly. "I have been carried across the threshold. And now I have been put in whipping position! I am being introduced into a a house, in which I am to be a slave."

p 200 Guardsman of Gor

Outlined above are some methods of punishing slaves. You can doubtless invent others that would be appropriate for particular situations. The most important thing to remember is that the punishment should be severe enough for the behaviour that warranted it. Once you have decided to punish your slave then you should go through with it. Slaves will commonly beg for mercy if they know they're going to be punished, but they don't necessarily want it. Giving in to a slave pleas like this will usually make them resentful and more likely to be rebellious. In particular slave girls who offer to do anything for you if you don't punish them should be punished more severely, if anything. They should do anything anyway and the fact that they are trying to bargain is a cause for discipline in itself.