Dillard Mill


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Dillard Mill History

The origional mill, called the Wisdom's Mill burned down in 1895. Emil Mischke and his sister originally from Poland, bought the mill property on December of 1900. Four years later, he began rebuilding the mill using some of the materials from the origional mill. He built the 30' x 40' structure. Mischke installed steel roller mills instead of the buhr stones for grinding the wheat into flour. He also installed a turbine to power the mill. The mill was completed in 1908. Mischke owned and ran the mill till 1930 when his wife asked him to sell it and move to California. Lester Klemme became the new owner that year. Besides milling, Klemme also opened up the Old Mill Lodge. For seven dollars a day, a guest could fish or swim in the pond, and eat at the Klemme table. Klemme closed the mill in 1956 but kept the lodge open till the 1960s and continued to live on the property till 1974. He then sold the mill and property to the non profit L-A-D Foundation of St.Louis. The foundation leased the property to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as the state historical site on December of 1975.


Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Topaz Mill

Topaz Mill Information

Built on the upper north fork of the White River in 1895, the Topaz Mill was the center of the village known as Topaz. Today the mill is privately owned and very well preserved with the origional machinery still inside.

Rockbridge Mill

Rockbridge Mill Information

Built in 1868, the Rockbridge Mill as well as the village grew and prospered just off of Spring Creek. In 1888, B.V. Morris bought out his partner and enlarged the mill to what you see today. In 1894, a two story general store was built and in 1903, a bank was added to the village. Rockbridge as well as the mill was the meeting place of the area till the 1940's when the use of the mill was no longer needed. In 1954, the area recieved a revitalization with a trout hatchery and a family resort. Burned to the ground in 1986, the general store was rebuilt to resemble the original. Today, tourists can fish for trout, dine out in the mill, take a swim in the creek, or rent a room and stay for the weekend.

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