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Welcome to the Bigger Issue!

Welcome to The Bigger Issue, the only website brought to you by Shortstraw Production and thus the only Shortstraw website on the net! As with all Shortstraw projects before (such as the popular Ed series) we deal with Homelessness in Bristol with pages on the issues surrounding the subject and offering ways for you to help, or ways in which you can help yourself. Scattered accross the website you'll encounter pictures you can en-large, you should also roll your mouse over the picture to reveal another side to the image! We hope you enjoy the website.

Shortstraw Productions.

14th March 2004 - Anti-begger ads banned

Bristol City Council's Broadmead anti-beggar adverts got taken to the Advertising Standards Agency who were critical of the campaign. The adverts showed a person giving a coin to a beggar and contained the words "Most beggars in Bristol are heroin addicts. Heroin kills. This could be the pound that kills him. Donít kill with kindness. The ASA criticised the ads because there wasnít absolute proof of a direct link between begging by addicts and drug related deaths. (for more info click here)

5th March 2004 - The Big Issue is over the Moon

EastEnders star Shane Richie has sold the rights to his 40th birthday party to The Big Issue for just £1.10p. Richie, who plays loveable landlord Alfie Moon, was offered more than £150,000 by a glossy magazine for exclusive coverage. But he has turned down the glossy in favour of the magazine sold on the streets in aid of the homeless. (for more on this story click here Picture courtesy of the BBC)

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