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Welcome to the world of ED!

Ed is the original practical production produced by the guys at Shortstraw, starring Shortstraws own David Otridge playing lovable rougue Ed. Ed is unfortunately Homeless (or how he likes to call it Houseless) but seems to stay unbelievably optimistic about life and all the crap it has to throw at him. Making you laugh while dealing with serious issues puts this show in a special place within our heart.

Shortstraw Productions.

Fictional Realism?

Although the series 'Ed' is technically a Fictional film, the guys at shortstraw believe that due to the amount of research they put in, that the series raises issues that face the homeless through out everyday life. When Shortstraw were asked about there controverial decision to have Ed played by an actor they responded with, "Dave Otridge? An actor!!" after a laugh at Dave's expense they seriously answered the question again, "uhhh, there were two main reasons for this, one, we didn't want to put someone less fortunate under the spotlight... as it were. Secondly, we wanted to be able to entertain aswell as educate."

The abilty to entertain? When dealing with such serious issues making an entertaining piece adds abit of controversy to it, however the guys responded by saying, "We're not fools, we are aware of what the public wants. If we entertain then there is a higher probability that we'll create some kind of mass cult following, and with the millions of minions under our control we could rid the world of homelessness!" Translated into the words of a sane person the guys at Shortstraw believe that more people would be interested if the film does both educate and entertain, and hopefully they'll be more chance of a veiwer standing up to help.

The great guys at Shortstraw hope that you'll enjoy the film and although you may want to smile at first, they hope you would take time to think of the serious issues surrounding it and do something about it!

(Click image to see a special pilot clip)