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Spring Break 2004
Panama City Beach, FL
"Doin' It Duga Style"

T-Mac's Spring Break Pictures

Photos from Jeff's cameras

D. Money feeding the hoosiers
Nothing like Mahf bonging a beer in the kitchen
Dave with a box of Moooo Bars (the resemblence is uncanny!)
Nick & Adam put on their poker faces
Streetball, Dave-O, me, Weez, Mahfro and D.Money get serious about drinkin'
Tim readies the beer bong while Dave takes a huge puff off his ham & turkey spliff
Streetball makes a phone call
Dave finishes off his beer as we make our way down the hall
This is further explanation needed
Me looking confused while Adam S. finds something amusing
Adam, me & Mahf doin' what we do
Striebal & Tim
Streetball with Mahf, Weezy and Tim in the background
Striebal feeding the hoosiers (No that's not bird crap on his head, it's toothpaste with a pretzel chunk in the middle)
Me and Adam S. feeding the hoosiers
Mahf & me with the dude that sold us sunglasses last year and his friend
Me w/ the trumpet player from The Wailers
Weez-ass, me and T-Mac with some random girls we met in the cafe before The Wailers concert
The Wailers
The Wailers again
Dave passed out behind a chair
Dave and Weezy (I think) in a conference
Mahf w/ the "Da Shocker" guy...what a douchebag
Peyton, me and Piper sprawled about
Weez-ass wearing a lovely hat w/ Piper
Nick and I are serious when the sign says "No Whining"
Me, Nick, Peyton and Tim in a group hug
Mahf insists you can eat Pringles and drink beer at the same time!
Weezy & I being happy with Mahfro and Tim in the background
Mahf and Tim are all business when it comes to bonging beers
The King Of Crunk doing what he does best...gettin' crunk!
Adam W. & Dave wearing their drunk smiles
The cleaning lady cleaning
Me, the cleaning lady and Streetball
The view from our balcony
Random pic of Tim & Dave-O
Adam hapily passed out on the balcony
Dave, me & The King Of Crunk drunk in the backseat of Tim's car on the journey to Toucan's
The fetus
The kiler sunset from Wednesday or Thursday evening
Weez at his finest
Me enjoying a tall, cool Busch
A very drunk Tim and I puff on some Black & Milds
Piper & Tim at the table at Peyton's place
Tim tries to drink 4 unopened Keystone Lights at once
Emily & Piper smile for the camera
Emily & Nick in a massive bear hug

I don't remember taking half of these!