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06 RULZ!!!!!! -JUINOR-at-¤NMCC¤-Single- !¡!*11†h¤Grader*!¡! hey this is jessie i'm 17 y/o i drive a red 1999 ford ranger. I just wanted to do a few shoutouts to all my friends Becca, Ashley, P-Dizzle, DeeAnna, Liza, Alisha, Hannah, Audra, Heather, Morgan, Nicole, Courtney, Roo, Dustin, Jeffrey, Whitney, Matt, Brooke, Jodi, Clint, Chrysta, Jake, Hannah, Natalie, Justin, Witner, Luke, Chris, Kevin, Mallory, Micah, Lauren, Betsy, Jessica, Jamie, Allison, Autumn, Sarah
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