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f.u.n.n.y. s.h.i.t. b.i.t.c.h.e.s.

OUR dating tips. --NEVER date a guy who.. 1. wears a lion belt and has his nose peierced 2. don't date ne 1 you can't see in the dark with their mouth closed 3. take you for a ride in the woods the first day u meet them and tell you that they are going to tie you up to a tree with ducktape and rape you 4. wonder why u won't have sex with them after he calls you a selfish bitch 5. wear pooka shell ankle bracelets, cross their legs,wear their non-clog-shoes like clogs, and who wear pink shirts all at the same time. mr. nova (while drunk): NANCE! THE CAT FELL OUT THE FRIGGIN' WINDOW! mrs. nova: NO IT DIDNT! YOU PUSHED IT OUT! NOVA: you think he'd wanna sit in the front after that whole stink about the bus! JO: haha YOU went to church!? is it still standing!?? YOGURT EATERS. enough said.