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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

The History of Alpha Phi Alpha In 1906, at Cornell University, seven black students saw the need for a tool of leadership among blacks. The heart and strength of these seven dynamic men turned this organization into one of the most important and influential in history. Considering the time and place one can see that these seven men: Henry A. Callis, Charles H. Chapman, Eugene K. Jones, George B. Kelly, Nathaniel A. Murray, Robert H. Ogle, and Vertner W. Tandy, known as The 7 Jewels, had to possess a unique quality that was uncommon at that time. Scholarship, leadership, and the love of all mankind, these are the ideals upon which they have founded Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. These ideals are instilled in the hearts of Alphas today. There are Alphas throughout the world meeting the challenge of leadership. The list is long and distinguished. These men have been in the circle of Alpha brotherhood. Though many try to duplicate our bond, it is essential that a concept, noble in spirit, cannot be copied. Our motto: "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All" is the basis of the goals and ideals being exhibited by Alphas today. From each local chapter to chapters worldwide, we look back on our beginning, and the teachings of our seven Jewels, as we continue to strive for excellence. A-Phi-A.................The School for the Better Making of Men!

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