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A.                                      B.                                     C.                                   D.
Pricings:     Complete Jig 5/16 oz $1.50 (A.)
Available in Brown (with purple/green flash upon request) and Black/Blue

Plain Jig 5/16 oz (no paint, no skirt) $0.90 (B.)

Painted Jig (Black or Brown) (no skirt) $1.00 (B.)

Plain Jighead 5/16 oz (no paint) $0.40 (C.)

Painted Jighead 5/16 oz (Black or Brown) $.50 (C.)

Plain Football Heads 3/4 oz.: (D.)
With wire weed guards ( painted $0.60 ) ( plain $0.50)

With fiber weed guards ( painted $1.10 ) ( plain $1.00)

       All Jigs are made with Mustad Nickle Plated 3/0 Hooks
              "Minimum Orders of Ten Items"
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