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Ulysses Club Hawkes Bay Branch-Welcome

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Last update 16.9.2017

Jeff McPhun #6670

Secretary,Ulysses Club H.B.Branch

Ph. 06 8447836



Sunday 17th. Pongaroa, or for those that want a shorter ride stop at

Matamau for lunch.

Caltex Omahu Road at 9.30am.approx 400 km.

RIC-Graeme Walker


Weekend Timetable

No Diet Club rides planned until daylight saving starts again.

Some of us still meet for dinner at 6.30pm at the Bayview or the RSA Taradale.


Every Wednesday Summer Whine Ride, meet at Angkor Wat Bakery at the Park Mega Centre,

Karamu Road, Hastings at 10.30am.

Decide on the day where to ride to.

Will continue through the winter,come in the car if weather too bad !

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