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Summer Horse Tours by Moe Wilson

Gold Lake Mountain Resort & Spa
3371 Gold Lake Rd., Ward, CO, 80481
1-800-450-3544 x17, or 303-459-3544 x17 (May-Sept.)

All Ages Welcome for Scenic Mountain Riding!
Open 7 days a week, rain or shine!

$30.00 per hour per person or
$45.00 for 2 hours
$38.00 for hour and a half

Try a Sunset or Full Moon ride!

Add a picnic lunch ride to any ride for $12 per person.
For the more adventurous; a 3 hour trail ride including lunch with your wrangler at our favorite meadow overlooking the Continental Divide for $70 per person.

Large group discounts for children and non profit orginizations!

Girls Raised in the Saddle, Inc.

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