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God Must Have Needed Him More ~ Written by: Luke Aguilar 2003

Scene 1
The Get-A-Way

(Thomas, Vance, Alex and Ryan run through the
halls of their high school in the town of San Bay
California into the parking lot and into the
get-a-way car.)

Nun: "Security! After those boys!" she yells pointing at the four guys.

(The two security guards, one tall and skinny, one
short and fat chase the guys into the hot summer heat. They were too slow. The guys had got into the car and drove away leaving behind a trail of dust blinding the security guards. Hooting and hollering, Ryan stands up in the beat up lime green convertable and flicks off the security guards. The car flies out of sight.)

Scene 2
The Freeway

(Thomas driving, Vance in the passenger seat, Alex and Ryan in the back seat. They had taken off their ties and shirts, only in their "wife beaters" and dress slacks.)

Ryan: "Thomas, I'm hungry." he says in a distressed tone.

Thomas: "A little while longer."

Ryan: "We've been driving for 5 fucking hours. I'm hungry!" he yells.

Thomas: "Just wait!" he scolds.


Ryan: "Where we going anyways?" he asks looking at the crystal clear sky.

(Just then Thomas sees a diner on the side of the freeway and pulls off into the parking lot.)

Scene 3

(The four guys walk into the empty diner and stand by the wait to be seated sign. A home waitress who looks about 40 comes to seat the guys.)

Waitress: "Smoking or non?" she asks in a steady tone.

Thomas: "Smoking."

(The four guys follow the waitress to a booth in the corner. She places the menus and walks away. Thomas and Vance sit on one side, while Alex and Ryan sit on the other. Thomas lights a cigarette.)

Vance: "So where are we going?"

Thomas: "How come you didn't come to my house last night when we talked about this?" he askes blowing out a drag of his cigarette.

Vance: "I didn't even know if I was going to come. It's not everyday we pack our clothes in your trunk and leave town."

Thomas: "I don't know why you came anyways. You have it all Vance. You're going to Berkley in the fall, you have a family who loves you and your chick. What do we have? I have an alocoholic father who likes to beat my mom, Alex's grandma treats him like shit just because he's gay and Ryan can't keep his dick in his pants long enough to do his homework. It's time for us to get out of San Bay and move on with our pathetic lives. You can go home anytime you want. No ones stopping you."

(The waitress walks to the table.)

Waitress: "What do you guys want?" she asks pulling the pencle out of the bun in her hair.

Vance: "Just a hamburger."

(Thomas shakes him head no after she wrote the order on a pad of paper. She looks at Ryan and Alex who had their head down on the table appearing to be asleep. She grabs the menus and walks away.)

Vance: "How much money do we have anyways?"

(Thomas takes a drag of his almost finished cigarette and puts the rest in the ashtray.)

Thomas: "Give me the money you brought."

(Vance takes two one hundred dollar bills from his pocket and gives it to Thomas.)

Thomas: "With this we have about five hundred dollars. It's not going to get us far."

Vance: "Do we even have a plan Thomas? I mean, where are we going to stay? What are we going to eat? What's going to happen when Alex's grandma starts to look for him? He's only 17."

Thomas: "Don't be so fucking negative!"

(Vance's mouth drops as he looks out the window.)

Vance: "And what the fuck are we going to drive!"

(The two see their car being towed away.)

Thomas: "Hey!" he yells jumping from the boothe and running out the front door. Vance follows. Alex and Ryan jump in suspense and lead after Vance. The three stand on the curb as Thomas chases the toe truck down the dirt road.)

"Vance: "Handicap Only."

Scene 4
Getting The Car Back

(The four guys stand at the counter in the run down shop. A big, burly man in dirty old overalls is on the other side of the counter.)

Thomas: "How much to get the car?!" he scolds.

Toe Man: "Well son, one hundred and fifty smackeroos." he says in a hillbilly accent.

Thomas: "One hundred and fifty dollars. That's bullshit!" he yells.

Toe Man: "You broke the dang law son. That ain't my fault."

Thomas: "Look, I'm not your son so quit calling me that. And, we'll pay it." he says.

Toe Man: "You're gonna have to. After taxes it'll be one hundered and sixty eight smacker big ones."

Thomas (to guys): "Go wait in the car" he says.

(Thomas gives Vance direct eye contact. Vance returns the glance. The guys leave the building. Thomas waits until the guys are in the car before he begins to pull out the money. Staring at the ground, Thomas reaches for the keys and grabs them from the toe mans hand and jets out the door.)

Toe Man: "Hey! Get back here you little bastard!" he yells.

(The fat toe man tries to run for the guys but it is to late. Thomas jumps into the drivers seat and starts the engine and takes off. The toe man runs outside behind him but it is too late. The car trails off onto the dirt road.)

Alex: "What the fuck did you do!?" he yells.

Thomas: "Got the car back." he says nonchalently.

"I wonder about you sometimes." Vance says sitting next to him.

(Vance smiles. Thomas returns a smile back.)

Scene 5
Picking up Ian

(The guys have been driving for hours on a deserted highway. They pass a young shirtless
guy in only a pair of faded jeans carrying a toatbag walking on the side of the road.)

Alex: "Hey! Lets pick him up!" he yells looking back at the guy.

Thomas: "You're stupid!"

(Thomas keeps driving.)

Alex: "Please, lets just take him where he has to go. That's all. Please Thomas." he begs.

Thomas: "Are you fucking crazy?! What if he tries to kill us?!"

(Ryan laughs)

Alex: "C'mon Thomas. He might know of a place where we can stay. Vance tell him yes." he pleads.

Vance: "I don't care. He might have some money. We could jack him."

(Thomas pulls the car over.)

Vance: "Thomas I was playing." he laughs.

Thomas: "He can ride with us until we get where were going. That's it Alex." he says.

Alex: "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

(The guy walks up along side the car.)

Thomas: "Where you going?"

Guy: "Anywhere."

Thomas; "You wanna ride to 'anywhere'?"

Guy: "Sure."

(Thomas gets out of the car to open the trunk. The guy throws his bag in and Thomas closes the trunk.)

Thomas: "Whats your name?"

Guy: "Ian. Ian Lewison."

(Thomas gets in the car. Ian gets in the back next to Alex putting him between Ian and Ryan. Thomas drives off.)

Scene 6
The Dream

(It was night and Thomas pulled into a gas station to get gas. Alex is asleep on Ryan's shoulder while Vance and Ian go inside to use the restroom. Thomas begins to pump the gas. Inside the store, Vance goes to the restoom while Ian browses the empty store. The only one inside is the clerk whom is on the phone. A secretive Ian fills his pockets with items. The clerk watchs Ian shoplift.)

Clerk: "You gonna pay for that stuff?"

(Ian pulls out a gun from the back of his jeans. Vance in the restroom, hears the comotion.)

Ian: "Put your fuck'n hands up!" he yells.

Vance (from restroom): "Shit!" he says zipping his pants and fleeing the restroom.

Vance: "What the fuck are you doing!"

(Ian goes behind the counter and forces the clerk on the ground. He opens the regester and takes the money. Vance stares in shock. Thomas looks at the robbery while pumping gas.)

Thomas (from outside): "What the fuck!?"

(Ian takes the cash and runs from the station. Vance follows. The clerk stand and goes for the phone to call the cops.)

Thomas: "What the fuck was that!?!"

(Gas begins overflowing from the tank onto the ground. Thomas hangs up the gas pump.)

Ian: "Get in the car!" he yells.

(Ian, Thomas and Vance get in the car waking Alex and Ryan up.)

Alex: "What's going on?"

(Ian pushes in the lighter. Thomas starts the car and beings to drive away. Ian grabs the lit lighter and throws it towards the puddle of gasoline that had leaked from the car. The guys drive off as the gas station explodes.)

[Dream sequence over]

(Startled, Ian wakes up. Thomas is driving while Vance is alseep in the passenger seat. Alex on Ryan's shoulder is asleep also. The sky is dark.)

Ian: "Where are we?"

Thomas: "San Diego. I'm looking for a motel."

Ian: "Thanks for letting me ride with you. You can drop me off anywhere."

Thomas: "No, it's cool. You can stay with us if you don't have anywhere to go."

Ian: "Thanks man."

Scene 7

(The 5 guys walk through the door of a cheap motel room. They stare at the room in a daze. Alex walks to one of the beds.)

Alex: "This is sick." he says sarcasticlly.

Thomas: "It's all we can afford. A hundred buck a week isn't bad."

Ryan: "So what's the plan Thomas? We have a room for a week but what about when this week is over? What are we gonna do?"

(The guys scatter around the room taking seats anywhere.)

Thomas: "We're gonna find jobs. Save some money and find a place. Probably without Vance cause his ass is going to Berkley."

Vance: "Yeah, i'm finishing school. Like what ya'll asses need to do."

Ryan: "Whatever. Let's just think about where we're going to sleep tonight."

Vance: "I get this bed." he says pointing to a bed.

Thomas: "I'm with you."

Ian: "I'll crash on the floor. You two take that bed." he directs to Alex and Ryan.

Scene 8
The Almost Kiss

(The motel room is dark. Only the light from the moon shown in from the window. Everyone appears to be alseep.)

Alex: "Ryan, you asleep?" he whispers.

Ryan: "No. Whats wrong?" he whispers back.

Alex: "I was thinking. My mom lives here in San Diego. That's what my grandma told me."

Ryan: "I hope you don't think of going to see her. After what she did. Running off and getting married and leaving you after your dad died."

Alex: "I know. But maybe she's different now and wants me apart of her life."

Ryan: "I don't know. I just think it's pretty fucked up what she did."

Alex: "I want to meet her Ryan."

Ryan: "Well go meet her, and tell me what she says. Tell me her excuse of why she left her son when he was nine all alone."

Alex: "It's not gonna be like that. I'm her son. She has to love me."

(Ryan turns to look at Alex. He stares at him in his eyes.)

Ryan: "What makes you gay?"


Alex: "What makes you gay? I don't know. It's just the way you feel. Why?"

Ryan: "You're my best friend since like 3rd grade. I trust you."

Alex: "I trust you too. What's up Ryan?"

Ryan: "I think..."


Ryan: "I think I might be."


Alex: "Gay?"

Ryan: "You can't tell anybody Alex. I trust you."

Alex: "I won't." he says shocked.

Ryan: "How does it feel to be with another guy?"

Alex: It. It feels. It feels good."

(Ryan brushes Alex's cheek with his finger.)

Ryan: "Show me." he whispers.

(Both guys look each other in the eyes with passion. Alex touches Ryan's bare chest. Alex slowly kisses Ryan's neck and feels his body slowly. Ryan closes his eyes to enjoy the sensation. Alex kisses Ryan down his stomach and then back up again leading to his lips. Before Alex could kiss Ryan, Ryan opens his eyes.)

Ryan: "Stop!" he says.

Alex: "Why?! What's wrong?" he asks.

Ryan: "I can't do this yet. I'm sorry."

(Ryan covers up and turns over. Alex lays back down.)

Alex: "Ok." he whispers.

Scene 9

(The five guys sit in a crowded resturaunt the next morning eating.)

Thomas: "I was thinking. Let's hit the clubs tonight. Maybe was can find some hot chicks. Or dudes." he says looking at Alex with a smile.

Alex: "Shut the fuck up."

Thomas: "Hey, just trying to help your ass out. Why you in a bad moon?"

Alex: "Um, I wanna go see my mom today. I found her address in the phone book this morning. I want you to take me." he says.

Ryan: "I told him it was a bad idea. She don't want to see you."

Thomas: "She left you when you were nine. When you needed her the most. For God sake, your dad had just been killed by a train. She was fucked up for that." he says.

Alex: "Well if she doesn't want to see, let her tell me that. I don't even remember asking you for your input anyways. I just asked you for a ride."

Vance: "Yeah, we'll take you Alex. Thomas is just being a jerk as usual." he says looking at Thomas.

Alex: "Thank you."

Ian: "I gotta piss."

(Ian stands up leaving the table. The other guys watch him leave.)

Vance: "Ok, like why is he still with is? I thought we we're going to drop him off somewhere?"

Thomas: "I said he could stay. He might have money."

Vance: "Then he can pay for his own breakfast." he says in sarcasm.

Thomas: "Don't be a bitch Vance. Listen, if he doesn't come through soon then we'll dump him but he can stay with us for now."

Vance: "Whatever."

(Ian walks out of the restroom and on his way back to the table. He bumps into a hot young waitress causing her to drop the stack of cups she was carrying.)

Ian: "Oh I'm so sorry." he says kneeling down with her to pick them up.

Waitress: "It's ok." she smiles.

(The two obtain eye contact. They both smile at each other.)

Ian: "What's you name?" he asks bluntly.

Waitress: "Christina."

Ian: "Ian."

(They both stand to their feet.)

Christina: "Nice to meet you Ian."

Ian: "You to."

(They both stand for a second in silence.)

Christina: "Well, I have to get back to work. Bye."
she says walking off.

(Ian walks back to the table where the guys witnessed the whole introduction. Ian has a smile on his face.)

Thomas: "Your dumb ass didn't even get her number."

Scene 10
Meeting Mom

(The guys pull up infront of a huge house in a secluded neighborhood.)

Alex: "This is it. This is her house." he says looking at the place.

Thomas: "When do you want us to pick you up?"

Alex: "I'll call the motel when i'm ready." he says stepping out of the car.

(Alex shuts the door. The guys watch him walk to the porch.)

Ryan: "Good luck." he whispers to himself.

(Alex rings the doorbell and waits for an answer. He clears his throat. Suddenly the door swings open and a hispanic man, about 40 stands to greet him.)

Albert: "Can I help you?"

Alex: "Um, is Claire here?" he nervously says.

Albert: "Honey, some kids here to see you! I thought you paid to paper boy!?" he yells walking into another room.

(Alex stands there waiting for his mother to come to the door. Finally she does.)

Claire: "Didn't I pay last week?" she asks.

Alex: I'm not the paper boy." he nervously replys.

Claire: "I'm sorry. Who are you?" she laughs.

Alex: "It's me mama. Alex." he says.

(Claire's smile fades away fast.)

Alex: "I came to see you."

(Claire stands in shock without expression.)

Claire: "Um, come in Alex." she says making way.

(Alexs walks into the house. Claire shuts the door behind him. They walk into the sitting area.)

Claire: "Have a seat."

(Alex sits down on the sofa. He looks at the pictures of two small little girls framed on the wall.)

Alex: "Are those my sisters?" he asks.

Claire: "Alex, what are you doing here?" she interrupts.

Alex: "I wanted to see you mama. I missed you."

Claire: "Don't call me mama, I only have two kids. Not three."

(A look of pain fell in Alex's teary eyes.)

Alex: "How can you say that? I'm your son, you had me." he cried.

Claire: "Your father forced me to have you. I tried to have an abortion but he wouldn't let me. It was a relief to give you up. A burdon off my shoulders."

(Suddenly it began to thunder outside.)

Alex: "My father loved you. He wanted us to be a family. It's not his fault he died." he snapped.

Claire: "Alex, if things we're up to me back then, I would have aborded you. My life is good right now. I don't need the past that took me so long to bury, to come back up. Let me walk you to the door."

(Alex, in disbelief, is guided to the door and let out in the rain. Claire slams the door behind him. Alex stand in the soaking rain for a minute before beginning down the street.)

Scene 11
Ryan & Alex

(Ryan, alone in the motel room, hears a knock at the door. He jumps up from the bed in a "wifebeater" and boxer briefs and opens it to find a soaked Alex.)

Ryan: "Oh my God. What happened?"

(Alex walks into the room and sits on the bed still in his wet clothes. Alex didn't answer. Ryan sits next to him.)

Ryan: "Alex, what happened. Tell me."

Alex (crying): "She, she, she said she." he crys.

Ryan: "What did she say?"

Alex (crying): "She says she wishes she never had me."

(Alex falls into Ryans arms. Ryan holds him tight.)

Alex (crying): "She said I was a mistake." he crys.

Ryan: "It's ok. It's ok. Calm down."

(Ryan rocks Alex in his arms. Alex was sobbing.)

Ryan: "Lets get you out of these wet clothes."

(The two stand up. Ryan lifts the wet shirt from over Alex's head. Ryan stares Alex in the eyes and then gently wiped the tears away with his finger. The two stand in silence looking at each other. No words are exchanged. Ryan grabs with belt buckle and slowly undoes it from around Alex's waist. He pulls the belt from the loops and tosses it to the ground. He unzips Alex's pants and lets them fall to his knees. Suddenly, without notice Ryan kisses Alex passionatly. Alex lifts Ryan's shirt from over his head revealing his dry body. Alex's is still damp from the rain. Ryan falls on Alex onto the bed as the two continue to make out heavily. Ryan kisses Alex's neck sending chills through Alex's body. Alex removes Ryan's boxer briefs from under the sheets. The two appear to have sex...)

Scene 12
Finding Christina

(Thomas, Vance and Ian walk out of the club into the night.)

Vance: "The club was bunk." he says they walk down the street back to the hotel.

(The three head towards an alley when they see a man single backhand a young woman and watch her fall to the ground. She screams in pain. The three guys run to the scene.)

Ian: "Get off her!" he yells pushing the guy to the ground.

(Vance helps the woman up. She is crying.)

Guy: "Stay away from her. She's evil." he says.

(The guys eyes are red like he is stoned. He gets into a car and drive away. Ian looks at the woman.)

Ian: "Christina?" he says.

Christina: "Yeah, your Ian right?"

Ian: "Yeah. What the fuck was that about?" Ian asks.

Christina: "He's just my ex boyfriend Jeff. He thinks I was cheating on him." she cries.

Ian: "He a real prick."

Christina: "I know. He kicked me out."

Thomas: "You don't have anywhere to go?"

Christina: "Yeah, I have cabin on the lake that I own. I'll probably just go there for the night and go stay with my mom in Crestwood tomarrow."

(Thomas looks like an idea came to him.)

Thomas: "You have a cabin?"

Christina: "Yeah, my grandfather gave it to me before he died. Why?"

Thomas: "Oh, I was just asking. Do you think it's safe for you to be alone in a cabin?"

Christina: "I don't know. I'd probably be safer with some hot guys keeping an eye on me." she giggles.

(The four begin to walk down the sidewalk past the club.)

Ian: "We'll stay with you. If it's ok?" he says.

Christina: "Sure. What about your other two friends that we're with you this morning?"

Thomas: "There at the motel."


Christina: "Well lets go." she says pressing the unlock button on her remote.

(The four pile into her car and drive off.)

Scene 13
The Cabin

(The four pull up in the driveway of her cabin on the lake. The step out of the car into the night air. The rain had subsided.)

Christina: "This is it." she says.

Vance: "It's awesome."

(They walk to the porch and Christina unlocks the door. The four step inside.)

Christina: "It's not much. But it's something." she says turning on the lights.

(The guys stare at the well decorated cabin.)

Christina: "It even has a hot tub in the back. Anyone wanna take a dip with me?"

Ian: "There kind of beat. But i'm up for it."

(Ian gives Thomas and Vance a look.)

Vance: "Uh, yeah. We're gonna crash. Right Thomas?"

Thomas: "Uh, yeah."

Christina: "Well ok. There 5 extra rooms. Pick anyone."

Scene 14
The Hot Tub

(Christina and Ian sit in the hot tub under the stary sky.)

Ian: "So, whats with you and your ex?"

Christina: "Oh Jeff. Yeah, we we're together for 2 years and he just lost his trust in me. I loved him until he because, you know, abusive."

Ian: "No man has a right to hit a woman. No matter what."

Christina: "I know, that's why we can't be together but I don't wanna talk about it."

Ian: "Ok, whatever you say. I just can't get over this cabin. It's amazing."

Christina: "Yeah, my grandpa gave it to me. Left it for me in his will with some money but I can't touch it till i'm 21."

Ian: "Damn, he must have been loaded."

Christina (laughs): "You can say he was. I guess. What about you. What's up with you and your friends?"

Ian: "Well, to be honest, I don't know them that well. We actually just met."

Christina: "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Ian (laughs): "No. Not right now."

Chrisitna: "Ah come on. A hot guy like you doesn't have a woman tracking his every move?"

Ian: "Hot? Me hot? Come on."

Christina: "Oh please. You know your hot. (laughs) Especially those lips." she says.


(Ian moves in and kisses Christina. She climbs on his lap in the hot tub. Their tounges fondle each others as Ian's hands grasps her back and begins to untie her swimsuit. Her top falls into the water as she presses her chest against his. Suddenly, they were interrupted.)

Vance: "Hey, I think your out of hot water. Oh shit." he says realizing what he walked in on.

(Christina grabs a towel and wraps herself up stepping from the hot tub.)

Christina: "Ok, thanks for telling me." she says hurrying into the cabin.

Vance: "Dude, im so sorry." he laughs.

(Ian sits there in the hot tub breathing heavy.)

Scene 15
The Next Morning

(Shirtless, Alex lays on Ryan's bare chest asleep. The phone rang.)

Ryan: "Hello?" he says graugy.

Vance (on the other end): "Hey it's me."

Ryan: "Where the fuck are you?"

Vance: "Dude, we met this really fine chick and we're at her cabin on the ocean. She said we all can live with her until we find a place. We're gonna pick you and Alex up in a while. By the way, how did the meeting with his mom go?"

Ryan: "Not good." he says looking down at a sleepng Alex.

Vance: "That sucks. Anyways, be ready in about and hour. Gotta go."

(The phone went dead. Alex begins to walk up.)

Alex: "Who was that?"

Ryan: "Vance. He said that they met some girl who's gonna let us stay with her."

(Nude, Ryan get out of bed and walk to the restroom and shuts the door. Alex lays in bed under the sheets. A while later, he hears the shower running. In his briefs, he gets up and walks to the restroom. He goes inside.)

Alex: "Ryan, about last night. I hope I didn't make you do anything you didn't want to."

(Alex sits on the toilet in the steamy room.)

Ryan: "You didn't Alex. But what happened stays between us."

Alex: "I know that. What makes you think I would tell anybody?"

Ryan: "I know you won't."

Alex: "So, what does this mean for us. For our friendship?" he asks.

Ryan: "It doesn't change anything. Your my best friend. I'm glad it happened with a best friend than a stranger."

(Alex stands up and lets his briefs fall the the floor. He opens the shower curtain and steps inside.)

Alex: "Well, can it happen again." he says seductivly.

Ryan: "I don't see why not."

(Ryan presses Alex against the wall and kisses him hard.)

Scene 16
Vance Leaves

(Back at the cabin they all sit outside in the back yard. Christins sits on Ian's lap. Vance stands down at the shore alone. Thomas walks up to him.)

Thomas: "What's wrong?"

Vance: "I was thinking. And I know that i'm always suppose to be here for you guys, but..."

Thomas: "You have to go back home."

(Vance shakes his head.)

Thomas: "Don't even worry about it. You have to do what you have to do. I always said you didn't belong here with us."

(Vance hugs Thomas.)

Vance: "I'm only a phone call away. Call me for any reason and I will come back."

Thomas: "Do me a favor Vance. Don't tell anyone, not anyone where we are."


Vance: "I promise."

(Vance walks to the porch and into the cabin. Thomas follows.)

Alex: "What wrong with him?"

Thomas: "He's going home."

(Everyone stares in shock.)

Ryan: "Why?!"

Thomas: "Because Vance is a somebody. Vance has a life. That's what we're out here trying to find."

(Thomas walks inside. Alex and Ryan follow.)

Ian: "I guess i'll go with them."

Christina: "When you come back, i'll have a surprise for you." she says seductivly.

Ian: "Wow. What is it?" he asks with a grin.

Christina: "We'll see. I got the other guys tickets a movie. It'll just be me and you." she says.

(She kisses him once and then gets up and walks inside. Ian sits there with a big smile on his face.)