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My Foley Ancestors

Henry Foley was born about November 1817 in Kentucky.

(According to the 1900 census.) He died before 1909 in Lampasas,

Lampasas County, Texas. His gravesite has not been located,

nor has a death record been found. (Information comes from

Family Forelore from my grandmother, Mattie Muriel Fletcher Tucker.)

*Notes on Henry: Mattie tells that appromiately one year after the

death of Henry, his wife, Sarah Jane Clifton Foley was moved to

Oklahoma by her son Jobe Clifton Foley. She also tells that they came

by the Fletcher home to say goodbye once they had her all loaded up

and ready for traveling. Henry's parents has not been determined as of yet.

Still working in this area. Please refer to Documentation Pages for further

notes on Henry and his Descendants.

The Marriage of Henry Foley:

Henry Foley married Sarah Jane Clifton 23 August 1860 in Lavaca County, Texas.

Henry Foley's Family:

Sarah Jane Clifton was born 20 October 1840 in Lee County, Iowa.

She died 03 November 1911 in Reed, Greer County, Oklahoma,

where she is buried.

She is the daughter of Josiah Clifton and Sarah Jane French

*Notes on Sarah: The only known photo of Sarah Jane Clifton Foley

was sent to me snail mail from a cousin Patsy Cooley. Photo also

includes her son Jobe Clifton and daughter in law Nancy Foley.

It is a photocopy and does not scan well. Best possible image has

been scanned for your viewing.

Ellen America Foley born 05 September 1861 in Lavaca County,

Texas. She died 21 October 1921 in Blanchard, McClain County,

Oklahoma. She is buried in the Blanchard Cemetery. She married

02 November 1879, probably in Coryell County, Texas, Lemuel

Whaley Hash. (My grandmothers favorite Aunt and Uncle)

Margaret E. Foley born c. 1862 in Lavaca County, Texas. She died

before the 1880 census was taken.

Jobe Clifton Foley born 24 October 1863 in Lavaca County, Texas.

He died 03 December 1939 in Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma.

He is buried there in Reed, Greer County, Oklahoma near his mother

Sarah Jane Clifton Foley and wife Nancy Foley. He married

09 September 1886 in Copperas Cove, Coryell County, Texas,

Nancy Elizabeth Jackson.

Louisa Foley born c. 1865 in Lavaca County, Texas. She died before

the 1880 census was taken.

Sarah Foley was born c. 1868 in Lavaca County, Texas. No further

information on Sarah has been located as of yet.

Mary L. Foley born Jan. 1870 in Lavaca County, Texas. No further

information on Mary has not been located as of yet.

Henry T. 'Bud' Foley born 15 January 1871 in Lavaca County, Texas.

Henry never married within his life time. He died in December 1950 in

Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas. He was buried 15 December

1950 in Belton, Bell County, Texas in the North Belton Cemetery.

William J. Foley born c. 1872 in Lavaca County, Texas. No further

information on William has been located as of yet.

Lindsey George Foley born November 1876 in Texas. (He could of

possibly been born in Coryell County) He died in Belton, Bell County, Texas.

The date has not been taken out of records yet. But it is there listed in

Bell County, He married 09 October 1905 in Bell County, Texas,

Donia Isabel Skaggs.

Alzada 'Allie' Foley 06 April 1881 in San Saba, San Saba County,

Texas. She died 04 June 1959 in Citrus Heights, Sacaramento County,

California. She was buried next to her husband in Melrose, Curry

County, New Mexico in the Melrose Cemetery. She marrried

08 November 1899 in Lampasas, Lampasas County, Texas,

Benjamin Franklin Fletcher.

By clicking on the underlined bold names of Henry Foley and his

Descendants you will find additional pages of those family members.

Or go to links below where there will be a list of all pages within the

Foley Family Website.

Last Updated 13 January 2007

Seeking additional information of my Foley lineage. If you are related

to any of the persons listed within my site, please send me an email.

Even if you do not have further information to contribute to the search

and documentation of the Foley Family. What I am also looking for

is Family Photos, Family Stories and Forelores, and filling in all the

blanks of additional family members. No living person will be posted

with personal information within my website. Other than my

grandmother, unless otherwise permission has been granted to me.

I would like to atleast list names with male or female.

for children within my Foley Family. Any item given to me for posting

on my site will be given all the proper credits of where it came from.

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