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My Hash Family


1900 Bell County, Texas Census ED 36 Sheet 4A Line 10

1910 Reed, Greer County, Oklahoma School Records

John Hash age 17

May Hash age 14

Ray Hash age 14

1910 Palo Pinto County, Texas Census ED 193 Sheet 234 Line14

1912 Greer County, Oklahoma Tax Records

1913 Greer County, Oklahoma Tax Records

(1913 Tax Record states that L. W. Hash left the County)

Hash, J. P. ; Hash, H. T. ; Hash, L. W.

1920 Grady County,Oklahoma Census ED 194 Sheet 5A Line 36


Greer County, Oklahoma Marriages

12 Sep 1912 Jobe Phillip Hash and Tennie Viola Ritter Bk 6B Pg 294

10 Mar 1920 Henry Thomas Hash and Adelia McDuff Bk 8 Pg 393

Birth Records from Bell County, Texas

Henry Thomas Hash Vol. 21 Pg. 475

(with letter written 22 May 1946 Mangum, OK: H. T. Hash)

Mary Elizabeth Hash Vol. 20 Pg. 575

Ruby L. Hash Vol. 20 Pg. 557

Maggie L. Hash Vol. 21 Pg. 16


Percy Powers

County Judge

Greer County

Mangum, Oklahoma

22 May 1946

County Judge of Bell County

Belton, Texas

Dear Sir:

In re: Birth registration for Henry Thomas Hash

P. O. Box 494, Mangum, Oklahoma


An Application will be presented to you to approve a

birth registration for the above gentleman born in your county

August 15, 1890, but a resident of this county ever since 1902.

I have known him ever since 1902 and knew both his parents before him,

though both are now deceased.

It is signed by E. W. Reeves, 76 years of age - long a

jailor and deputy sheriff here, a resident of this city since 1888 and

one of these kind of men who gets acquainted with every man, woman and

child that has ever lived in the county any length of time. L. W. Hash

during his life time was a peace officer with Reeves, and Reeves knows

registrant and his parents well.

I understand that Frank Hash, a resident of your county

is an uncle of the registrant and lives at Kellene.

It is corroborated by J. M. Caddell, 84 years of age

Justice of the Peace here, born in Denton County, but a residnet

of this city about 50 years.

I have known all parties many years, and can assure you

all are credible; that the statements in this application are the

truth; that with my knowledge of the registrant and the two witnesses

if presented to me, and it were proper for me to do so, I would

approve it. I also trust you can approve.

A P O Money Order for $1.50 payable to your clerk

will be enclosed, and if approved by you will you please have your

mail Mr Hash an official birth certificate in the

addressed, stamped envelope enclosed.

Yours Very Truly,

County Judge of Greer County, Oklahoma


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