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The Family of

Winnie Lee Fletcher

The above photo of Winnie Lee Fletcher
was taken before 1949.

Winnie Lee Fletcher was born April 1890 in Crandall,
Kaufman County, Texas.
She married 3 times during her life.

#1 William Henry 'Harry' Self

They married between 1900 and 1908
Winnie's marriage to Harry Self ended in Divorce

The Children of William and Winnie Self

William Henry Self born about 1908 in Oklahoma. He married
Ruth Williams 02 September 1925 in Bryan Co., Oklahoma.

Grace Pauline Self born 09 September 1909 in Oklahoma.
She died 02 March 1978 in Contra Costa, California.
Married Edgar Williamson about 1928 in Oklahoma.

Blanchie A. Self born about 1912 in Oklahoma

#2 Dr. James Henry Buff born 09 November 1857
in Missouri. He died 18 January 1935 in Daisy, Atoka
County, Oklahoma and is buried in Mountain Home
Cemetery. He married Winnie between 1912 and 1914.

The children of James and Winnie Buff

Woodrow Bryon Buff born 16 February 1914 and he
died 06 August 1914 in Daisy, Atoka County, Oklahoma.
He is buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

James B. Buff born 1916 in Oklahoma

Dortha L. Buff born 1920 in Atoka County, Oklahoma.
Dortha died in childhood at a very young age.

#3 J. W. Lambert married Mrs. Winnie Buff in
Latimer County, Oklahoma 26 March 1948.

Documentation of Winnie's Family


1900 Kaufman County, Texas Census
ED 82 Sheet 16B Line 64 - 71

Klutts, John H. b. Jan 1869 age 31 m. 10 yrs ILL/ILL/ILL
Klutts, Ida b. Mar 1875 age 25 m. 10 yrs TN/ VA/ TN
Klutts, Maude b. June 1892 age 8 TX/ILL/TN
Klutts, Preston b. Aug 1894 age 5 TX/ILL/TN
Klutts, Bryon b. Apr 1897 age 3 TX/ILL/TN
Klutts, Gertie b. June 1899 age 11/12 TX/ILL/TN
Fletcher, Lydia b. Mar 1885 age 15 TX/VA/TN
Fletcher, Winnie b. Apr 1890 age 10 TX/VA/TN

1920 Caney, Atoka County, Oklahoma Census
HH # 39 - 42

Buff, James H. age 62 bp MO
Buff, Winnie L. age 34 bp TX
Buff, James B. age 4 bp OK
Buff Dortha L. age 7/12 bp OK
Clutch, Born O. age 22 bp TX
Self, William H. age 12 bp OK
Self, Gracie P. age 10 bp OK
Self, Blanchie A. age 6 bp OK

1930 Stringtown, Atoka County, Oklahoma Census
ED 52 HH # 88 - 104 Page 35 Lines 14-17

Buff, James H. age 72 m. 18 yrs bp MO
Buff,Winnie L. age 42 m. 18 yrs bp TX
Buff, James B. age 14 bp OK

1930 Albany, Bryan County, Oklahoma Census
Page 2A ED 4 HH# 24-25

Self, Henry age 23 - m - OK TN TX married age 18
Self, Ruth age 19 - F - AR AR AR married age 14
Self, William H. age 3 9/12 - M - OK OK AR
Self, Winnie F. age 2 1/2 - F - OK OK AR
Self. Dorthey L. age 9/12 - F OK OK AR

1930 Stringtown, Atoka County, Oklahoma Census
ED 15 HH# 87 Sheet 4B

Williamson, Edgar age 21
Williamson, Grace age 20
Williamson, Clyde age 1

Marriage Records

Latimer County, Oklahoma Marriage Applications
1928 - 1950, Index K - Z

Lambert, J. W. married
Buff, Mrs. Winnie 26 March 1948
Book 24 Page 1372 License # 2114395

Death Records

California Death Index [Online at]
Williamson, Grace Pauline born 9/9/1909 in Oklahoma
died 3/2/1978 in Contra Costa County, California.

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Additional Information on James Henry Buff

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