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The Family of

Lucien Beauregard Fletcher

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The above photo is of
Lucien Beauregard Fletcher
Taken before 1949

Lucien Beauregard Fletcher was born 17 May 1873
in McEwen, Humphrey's County, Tennessee. He died
23 January 1949 in Rosser, Kaufman County, Texas. He is
buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery. He married 22 February
1899 in Scurry, Kaufman County, Texas, Susan Ann Smith.
Both Lucien and Susie were members of the Church of Christ.

Susan Ann 'Susie' Smith was born 03 January 1875 in
Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. She died 21 May 1946 in
Rosser, Kaufman County, Texas. She is buried in the
Cottonwood Cemetery. Her mother is Mary Ann Phillips Smith.
Susie was blinded, at what age is not known.

The children of Lucien and Susan Fletcher

Mollie Jewel Fletcher was born 27 July 1911 in Rosser,
Kaufman County, Texas. She died 18 December 1999 in Scurry,
Kaufman County, Texas. She is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery
there in Scurry. She married 28 November 1928 in Cottonwood,
Kaufman County, Texas, Bishop Mallielou Clayton.

Bishop Mallielou Clayton was born 25 March 1904 in
Saltillo, Hardin County, Tennessee. He died 01 May 1965 in
Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. He is buried in Mt. Olive
Cemetery in Scurry, Kaufman County, Texas. He is the son
of Jasper Henry Clayton and Irena Jenora Presley.

The children of Bishop and Mollie Clayton:

Living Male Clayton

Living Male Clayton

Virginia Irene Clayton was born 22 April 1939 in Rosser,
Kaufman County, Texas. She died 29 May 1999 in Dallas,
Dallas County, Texas. She is buried in Myrtle Cemetery in
Ennis, Ellis County, Texas. She married #1 Brewer and
#2 Dobecka.

More information on Bishop Mallielou Clayton can be found
on World Family Trees.

Lucien Beauregard Fletcher Family Documentation

Marriage Record

Kaufman County, Texas Vol. 15 Page 241 #481

Fletcher, Lucien and Susie A. Smith 22 February 1899
Prect. No 5 K Co Texas by J. A. Massey J. P.
Marriage License Issued 21 February 1899,
Returned 27 February 1899 and Recorded 9 March 1899


1880 5th Civil District, Humphrey's County Tennessee
ED 99 Sheet 23 A Line 7-13 census page 112
Fletcher, Ben m 30 VA - VA - VA
Fletcher, Mary V. f 28 TN - TN - TN
Fletcher, Loution B. m 7 TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Ida J. f 5 TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Chas P. m 3 TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Ben F. m 1 TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Geo A. m 3/12 TN - VA - TN

1900 Justice Precinct No. 5, Kaufman County, Texas
ED 79 Sheet 6 B Line 85 HH# 115-117
Fletcher, Lucien m May 1873 23 m-1yr TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Susie wife f Jan 1873 23 m-1yr 0-0 MO - MO - VA

1910 Justice Precinct 5 [part of], Kaufman County, Texas
[Voting Box No 30 Rosser]
ED 37 Sheet 11 A Line 3-4 HH# 209-211
Fletcher, Lucien m 32 m-11yrs TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Susie A. f 32 m-11yrs MO - MO - MO
Enum With Lucien are two [2] boarders
Brynes, Condy O. and Geo. J.

1920 Kaufman Co, TX census (under Lucion)
HH# 27-28
Lucion, Fletcher Head mw 46 TN Farmer - Home Farm
Fletcher , Susie Wife fw 38 MO
Fletcher , Jewel Dau fw 8 TX

1930 Kaufman County, TX Census
Precinct 5 Roll: 2366; Page: 14B; Enumeration District: 17
HH#294-294: Fletcher, Lucian Head 56 1873 TN
Fletcher, Susie A Wife 53 1876 MO
HH# 295-295: Clayton, Bishop M Head 26 1904 TN
Clayton, Molly J. Wife 18 1911 TX

Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery
Location: Twelve miles southwest of Kaufman,
near the town of Rosser

Fletcher Lucian 5-17-1873 ~ 1-23-1949
Fletcher Susie Ann
1-3-1875 ~ 5-21-1946

The poem below was written by Lucien Fletcher himself,
just a few months before his death. It had no title, so cousin
[Juanita Thinnes] who sent it to me gave this poem it's title.

Lucien's Lament

"I have lived the best I could this life
that God has granted me.
And I know that to me God will be
good when the end of my life has
come to me.
Hold no blame to God or man for my
condition on this earth today.
For I know my suffering I must endure
to prove I am loyal in every way.

If I could only stand and walk as once
I did for hours each day.
It would bring great pleasure to my
aching heart to be engaged in
either work or play.
Bent like a criminal of the vilest type
I am confined as if behind steel bars.
And denied the sweetness of the bright
sunshine and the beauty of countless
twinkling stars.

My plight is awful to endure; to wile these
lonesome hours away-
but fate has willed and Iam sure God will
rescue me someday.
My advice to all on earth would be:
live loyal to [the] God of Right
And you will always have peace of mind
regardless of what may be your plight.

To my loyal friends I offer you the
appreciation of my lonely heart
and may God bless you all.
is my fervent prayer else from the earth
and friends you must depart.
The God of right in his merciful great will,
guide some friend to my lonely heart
to give me cheer in these lonesome
hours else from this life I must depart.

Written by Lucien Beauregard Fletcher
dated 16 October 1948
of Rosser, Kaufman Co., Texas

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If anyone from Lucien's family finds this website.
Please contact me at the above email addres. I am very
interested in trying to find out more information about
Lucien's life and his families lives. I do not have many
photo's of Lucien's family, but I do have a few. Need help
in identifying some of the people in photographs taken at
Lucien's home between 1925 and 1930. Also in search of
a photo of Mollie and Bishop Clayton.

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