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The Family of

Benjamin Patton Fletcher

Benjamin Patton Fletcher was about 1850 in Virginia. He died
1889 in Rosser, Kaufman County, Texas due to Pneumonia. He
married 27 March 1872 in Dickson County, Tennessee, Mary
Virginia 'Jennie' Dodson.

Mary Virginia 'Jennie' Dodson was born about 1852 in Dickson
County, Tennessee. She died about May 1890 in Rosser,
Kaufman County, Texas. She is the daughter of John Dempsey Dodson
and Susan Willey.

The children of Benjamin and Jennie Fletcher:

Lucien Beauregard Fletcher was born 17 May 1873 in McEwen,
Humphrey's County, Tennessee. He died 23 January 1849 in Rosser,
Kaufman County, Texas. He is buried in Cottonwood Cemetery. He
married 22 February 1899 in Scurry, Kaufman County, Texas,
Susan 'Susie' Ann Smith.

Ida Jane Fletcher was born March 1875 in McEwen, Humphrey's
County, Tennessee. She died 1914 in Jumbo, Pushmataha County,
Oklahoma and is buried in Jumbo Cemetery. She married
01 October 1889 in Kaufman County, Texas, John Henry Klutts.

Charles P. Fletcher was born about 1877 in McEwen, Humphrey's
County, Tennessee. He died July 1883 in Rosser, Kaufman County,
Texas at the age of 9 years. He is buried in the small grave
next to his parents.

Benjamin Franklin Fletcher was born 21 June 1879 in McEwen,
Humphrey's County, Tennessee. He died 01 April 1955 in Melrose,
Curry County, New Mexico and is buried in Melrose Cemetery.
He married 08 November 1899 in Lampasas, Lampasas County,
Texas, Alzada Foley.

George A. Fletcher was born March 1880 in McEwen, Humphrey's
County, Tennessee. He died August 1882 in Ennis, Ellis County,
Texas at the age of 2 years.

Henry Clay Fletcher was born 10 August 1882 in Ennis, Ellis County,
Texas. He died 13 August 1951 in Loma Linda, San Bernardino County,
California and is buried in Montecito Memorial Park Cemetery. He
married 09 October 1904 in Hamilton, Hamilton County, Texas,
Effie Lillian Lawrence.

Lydia Mae Fletcher was born 21 March 1886 in Crandall, Kaufman
County, Texas. She died 10 July 1961 in Clovis, Curry County, New
Mexico and is buried in Floyd Cemetery in Floyd, Rooseverlt County,
New Mexico. She married 14 August 1907 in Gentry's Mill, Hamilton
County, Texas, U. G. Lawrence.

Winnie Lee Fletcher was born April 1890 in Crandall, Kaufman County,
Texas. It is not known to me when she died or where. She married first
#1 William Henry 'Harry' Self #2 Dr. James Henry Buff #3 J. W. Lambert.

Benjamin Franklin Fletcher Documentation

Marriage Record:
Dickson County, Tennessee
Benjamin Fletcher and Mary V. Dodson

1860 Scott Co, VA Estillville P.O. pg 68

Sarah Fletcher 50 f Spinster b. VA
Fletcher, Craig " 15 m Farm Hand b. VA
Fletcher, Patton " 10 m b. VA
Fletcher, Ortha " 6 f b. VA

1870 Scott Co, VA Johnston Township p. 46

Fletcher, Sarah 63 f w Keeping House b. Virginia
Fletcher, Orpha E 15 f w Keeping House "
Fletcher, Benjamine P 19 m w Farm Labor "
Fletcher, Mary F 5 f w At Home "

1880 5th Civil District, Humphreys County, Tennessee
ED 99 Sheet 23 A Line 7 Page 112 HH#180-180
Fletcher, Ben w m 30 Farmer b. VA - VA - VA
Fletcher, Mary V w f 28 wife Keeping house b. TN - TN - TN
Fletcher, Loution B w m 7 son At home TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Ida J w f 5 dau At home TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Chas P w m 3 son At home TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Ben F w m 1 son At home TN - VA - TN
Fletcher, Geo A w m 3 mos son At home TN - VA - TN

Death Records:
Benjamin Patton Fletcher
Died of Pnuemonia 1889 in Rosser, Kaufman County, Texas

Mary Virginia 'Jennie' Dodson Fletcher
Died of Yellow Jaundice May 1890 in Rosser, Kaufman Co, TX

The Story Behind Benjamin Patton Fletcher

My great great grandfather, Benjamin Patton Fletcher, who was
born in the State of Virginia about 1850. We know atleast 1860 to 1870,
he is found in Scott County, Virignia living with a spinster female,
named Sarah Fletcher. It was after 1870 and before 1872 that Benjamin
left Virginia and moved to Tennessee.
He met Mary Virginia 'Jennie' Dodson, fell in love and married her
the 27th day of March, 1872. Jennie was voted the most beautiful woman
in Humphrey's County, Tennessee during her time of living there. She is
the daughter of John Dempsey Dodson and Susan Willey.
Benjamin tried his hands at farming after he married in Tennessee.
According to the 1880 census he was a farmer. To all of us who have
heard the stories told from the children of Benjamin Franklin Fletcher,
he was a railroad worker. Benjamin tried for 10 years to farm the lands
of Tennessee. Farming and increasing his family. The year 1873 brought
Lucien, 1875 brought Ida, 1876 brought Charles, 1879 brought Benjamin F.
and in 1880 comes George. These are the children that Benjamin and
Jennie Fletcher would travel that long dusty trail from Tennessee to Texas
I imagine no cars in the year of 1882, and the Fletcher family would
have to travel by a horse pulled covered wagon, holding 5 children and
what provisions they would need for this long journey from Tennessee
to Texas. Finding room for those items that Jennie could not bare to
leave behind. This journey would take several months to complete.
Arrivng in Texas, around the first days of August 1882. The Fletcher
family paused in Ennis, Ellis County, Texas long enough for Jennie to
give birth to Henry Clay Fletcher on the 10th day. Yet around the same
time of Henry's birth, George A. Fletcher was taken from his family.
Through the joys of birth, came the saddness of burying George in
Ellis County, and immediately having to move on to Kaufman County
where Benjamin would begin working for the railroads.
It is not know how or when he began working for the railroad. We
know that he left Tennessee about 1882 and headed towards Texas. Texas
was building railroads. There was two railroads going up in Texas in the
1880's. It was the Texas Midland Railroad that was being built in the
Kaufman County area in 1882.
Benjamin worked in Texas for the railroad company from 1882, until
his death in 1889. He was a very strong man, and could carry one rail
road tie by himself. Where many of the men had to carry railroad ties
using two men. In the winter months of 1889, Benjamin contracted
pneumonia. The illness he could not overcome, because it took his life.
In July 1883, Charles P. Fletcher was taken from his family. He is the
son buried next to his parents, in the cemetery they were buried in. In the
Kaufman County History Vol 1, from a newspaper clipping, it states " A
small child of Mr. Fletchers died last week" July 1883. Charles would have
been about 9 years old.
In 1885, another child was born to this family, Lydia Mae Fletcher.
She was born in Crandall, Kaufman County, Texas. Also at the time of
Benjamin's death, Jennie was pregnant with what would become their
last child. Winnie Lee Fletcher, was born in April of 1890, according
to the 1900 census. It was 6 months after the death of Benjamin that
Winnie was born, and still yet another tradegy would strike this family,
when Jennie herself contracted Yellow Jaundice after the birth of Winnie,
and died about 2 weeks later.

The Dodson family in Tennessee after recieving word that Benjamin
and Jennie had both died in Texas, leaving 6 children stranded there,
wired money to the children to purchase train tickets. Lucien was the
receiver of that money, being only a young teenager himself, did not
realize the concequences of what he had done before it was probably
to late to take it all back. Lucien had spent all the money, and the
Fletcher children never got their train tickets to go back to Tennssee.
The Dodson family in Tennessee simply could not afford to send any
more money to bring the other Fletcher children to live with them.

In October 1889, John Henry Klutts married the oldest daughter of the
Fletcher children, Ida Jane Fletcher. Together John and Ida Klutts took
into their home the other Fletcher children and raised them to
adulthood, or until they married and began raising their own families.
By 1900 Lucien and Benjamin F. Fletcher had married, and only a few
short years away, Henry Clay Fletcher would marry, followed by
the two youngest girls, Lydia and Winnie by 1910 they also were married.
Ben F., Henry C., and Lydia were in Hamilton County, Texas. It was
Lucien that remained there in Kaufman County for all of his life.
While the other Fletcher children moved on to other states in search of
work to support their families. Henry, Lydia and Benjamins families
ended up in New Mexico and then California. Ida and Winnies families
went to Oklahoma and then some of their children went on to California.
What these Fletcher children endured, only brought strength to each
of them to raise their families doing whatever it took to accomplish
just that. These Fletcher children were hard workers, and raising their
families up in the Word of God. They struggled, but they survived
not just the good times, but they made it through even the vilest
of times. Leaving their memories to be passed down to future

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