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When Daisy-Dots was about 4 months old she was dumped at our local shelter with her brother a fawn boxer. Her brother could hear and was adopted relatively soon but no one wanted to deal with a deaf dog. I had met her and she was a handful. Unfortunately, at that time I didn't think I had the time to train her. Another family adopted her.

Well, I got a call from the shelter because Daisy had been returned after being at the home for 3 months. The new family felt that she was very unhappy in their home. She didn't do anything but lay around and look sad. We kind of thought that she might have been abused because every time someone goes to pet her she ducks away and flinches. Then a friend of mine who has had a deaf dog for some time said that Tuff used to do this too. She had read some information and found that many deaf dogs do this if you go to pet them head on because you block their sight which is more important to them since they cannot hear. Its amazing how sometimes we overlook the obvious. I have started petting her from behind or from her side and life is OK. This girl is so smart sometimes I am sure she is smarter than me.

How could anyone not love this face????

Despite all, Daisy-Dots is a happy dog. The shelter named her Daisy but I call her Daisy-Dots because she is white with dots of black and fawn spread out over her skin.

Look I have a big backyard to play in now and 3 other dogs to run after! Boy, do I keep them on the run.

I graduated from school the week after I had my one year old birthday party! Yep me! Mom says she is specially proud of me cause the other dogs could hear. I have no idea what that means but I am happy if she is happy. My teacher told me I should go from this first class straight to 'vanced class. I don't really think I need to go to more school. Its kind a boring. Every so often I get bored and quit doing stuff. Then Mom takes me around and runs with me in the other parts of the store and then we would come back into class and I would do what I was s'pposed too. Mom and teacher says since I can't hear (that word again) I concentrate so hard on what Mom is telling me with her hands and I don't have any other d-stractions like the other dogs I need the breaks.
Aren't I pretty???? Well, I think I am!
Geez, now we are wearing Halloween outfits. Who ever heard of such silliness?

I decided I wasn't sittin around for any more pictures with these stoopid horns and scarf on!

Mom doesn't feed me enough, so when she isn't around I try to find all the food I can. This dumb bag was empty! My search goes on!

This hunting for food all day is very tiring. I just have to take a nap then the search will go on.

I want ya all to know that I am Queen around here. I don't even have to prove it too much. Everyone just knows cause I say so.

It is hard being a ruler. It just tuckers you out some days.

Mom made a quilt to raffle for the rescue she works with, Impact For Animals, and, of course, I had to help. I made sure that it was comfy and you could sleep on it good.

My favorite toy in the world is paper to chew up. I don't know why Mom wastes her money on all the chewy, ringin, stuffed stuff when all we need is paper. I got a great piece her and man, I'm not sharin with anybody!!!! Its mine and all mine. Well, at least until Mom comes and takes it cause she doesn't want it torn up everywhere. She's kind of a fuddy duddy that way.

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