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My Dotson/Dodson Family

Descedants of John Dempsey Dotson

John Dempsey Dotson/Dodson was born about 1833 in Tennessee. He died 1864-1865 near Charolette, Dickson County, Tennessee. He married Susan Willey on 03 August 1850 in Dickson County, Tennessee.

Notes for John Dempsey Dotson/Dodson

1850 Humphrey's County, Tennessee census page 116

335 335 Dodson, Thomas 28 m Farmer

Martha 33 f

John 17 m Farmer

Elizabeth 13 f

Hervey 9 m

George 6 m

William 3 m

Nancy 1 f

[Note on the above 1850 census... I do not believe Thomas and Martha to be the parents of John Dodson. But I do believe him to be his older brother. Since Thomas Dodson would of been 11 years old when John Dodson was born. Thomas and Martha were married after 1840 census they do not appear on the 1840 census. Hervey could be youngest brother to Thomas, John and Elizabeth or he can be the first born child to Thomas and Martha Dodson.]

1860 Dickson County, Tennessee census page 290b

4 1255 1255 Dodson J. D. 27 M Saddler 163 TN [John Dempsey]

5 Dodson S. 26 F TN [Susan]

6 Dodson H. A. 9 M TN [Henry Allen]

7 Dodson M. V. 7 F TN [Mary Virginia]

8 Dodson A. 5 F TN [Unknown Female, probably died at a young age]

9 Dodson M. 5/12 M TN [MonteZuma]

From "The Dickson County Tennessee Handbook", Jill Knight Garrett

(The following is a chapter from an unpublished manuscript entitled "Guerrillas and Bushwhackers in Middle Tennessee during the Civil War" and is the chapter labeled "In Dickson County".)

A continuous fight was kept up in the county between the Federals and the guerillas during the war, "and not a few lives were sacrificed as a result."

In 1865 William D. Wiley was captured by Federals, under the command of Lietenant Donnehue, and shot as a guerrilla. The latter, it is supposed killed John Lindsey, a Federal sympathizer, during the same year, and in a short time thereafter Demps Dobson, a guerrilla, was captured by the Federals and taken about a mile north of Charlotte and shot. When friends of Dobson went after the body to give it a decent burial, they found in his hand a scrap of paper on which was written: "Shot in retaliation for the killing of John Lindsey."

Susan Willey born about 1835 in Dickson County, Tennessee.

Notes for Susan Willey Dotson/Dodson

After the death of John Dempsey Dotson/Dodson, Susan and her children has not yet been located in census records of 1870. Her children can be located in 1880 and after, but only after they were married. Still trying to find out what happened to Susan Willey Dodson.

Children of John Dempsey Dotson/Dodson and Susan Willey

Henry Allen Dotson/Dodson born about 1851 in Dickson County, Tennessee. He married [1] Mary M. Brown on 10 April 1872 in Humphrey's County, Tennessee. He also married [2] Parmelia Burgess on 11 April 1876 in Dickson County, Tennessee.

Mary Virginia 'Jennie' Dotson/Dodson born about 1853 in Dickson County, Tennessee. She died about April 1890 in Kaufman County, Texas. She married Benjamin Patton Fletcher on 27 March 1872 in Dickson County, Tennessee.

A. Dotson/Dodson born about 1855 in Dickson County, Tennessee. No further information about A. is known.

Monte Zuma Dotson/Dodson born 12 February 1860 in Dickson County, Tennessee. He married Elvira Priscilla Hooper on 23 December 1881 in Humphrey's County, Tennessee [this information from John Kotila].

Lula Dotson/Dodson born 15 April 1861 in Dickson County, Tennessee. She died 18 April 1944 and is buried at Few's Chappel Cemetery in Dickson County, Tennessee [this information from Donald Dotson]. She married Goochie Burgess.

Laura Dotson/Dodson born between 1861 and 1865 in Dickson County, Tennessee. She married Bill Tom Baker.


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