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Dotson Family EMAILS

The following emails among John, Juanita, Donald and myself in the year 2002. Please remember that none of the information below has actually been proven to be true and correct. It is correspondence trying to put the Dotson/Dodson family together. It is the start of a long process to document the Dotson/Dodson family. If you believe you are from any part of this family, or if you feel you have information that would help, please find my email link at the bottom of this page and send me an email.

Subj:    Jennie Dotson  Date:  5/28/2002 3:11:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time  From: John  To:    Juanita

 My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was John Dempsey(Demps) Dotson, he lived in   Dickson county, Tennessee. He had a daughter named Jennie. This might be the   same. My Grandfather said she Married a Fletcher and later moved to Texas.    Please write back.              

John Dotson Kotila

Dear John, What a wonderful message.  I have looked and looked for a Dotson connection to our  Mary Virginia [Jennie] Dotson who married Benjamin Patton Fletcher in Dickson County in 1872.  They must have set up housekeeping in Humphreys County, TN, because their first child was born there in 1873.  They did go to Texas about 1881, because my grandfather was born in Ellis County, TX in 1882, while the older children were born in TN. Not much is known about either Jennie Dotson Fletcher or her husband because Benjamin died in 1890, and Jennie died a year later.  They are buried in unmarked graves in Kaufman County, Texas.  They left 6 young children as orphans. I would sure like to know more about your Dotson family and if you have any information on John Dempsey (Demps) Dotson.  Perhaps this is Jennie Dotson's father.  Thanks for getting in touch.  I really do appreciate it. I'm sending this message to my cousin in Missouri who has done so much research on the Fletcher side of the family. 

Her name is Pattie and her email address is:  I know she will be excited to have a possible lead on our lost Dotsons.  Thanks again.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Juanita Thinnes

From: John To: Pattie Subject: John Dempsey Dotson Date: Friday, May 31, 2002 8:04 AM

Hi, Pattie, My Great-Great Grandfather was Montezuma Dotson, he was born: Feb.12, 1860 He was married to Elvira Priscilla Hooper. They married on Dec.23, 1881. They are both buried in the Dotson Cemetary, located in the Ruskin community. I visted there one time . John Dempsey Dotson, also called "Demps" was a saddler. He married Susie Willey, I was recently told on Aug. 3, 1850, in Dickson County. Their children were: Henry Allen (married Mary Brown 1872) 2nd marriage: Parmelia Burgess 1876 Montezuma (married Elvira Priscilla Hooper 1881) ; Lula (married a Burgess) ; Laura (married a baker) ; Jennie (married a Fletcher, moved to Texas) ; My Grandfather who grew up in Humphreys County, told me this info, except for the dates. He was told this info many ,many years ago. He is 82 now. On the 1860 Census J.D (maybe John Dempsey) S. (maybe Susie) H.A. (maybe Henry Allen) M.V. (maybe Mary Virginia) A. (unknown?) M. (maybe Montezuma) Lula or Laura may have been born later, one of them maybe the initial "A", because the names my Grandfather was told were the names they commonly known as Maybe Lula or Lula was a middlename or nickname as is the case for Mary Virginia "Jennie" If you find any more info please write back. The Dickson County TnGen website has a section entitled Dickson county Guerrilla and Federal Military encounters. This mentions the execution of Demps Dotson, shot as a guerrilla

John dotson kotila

From: John To: Pattie Subject: John Dempsey Dotson Date: Friday, May 31, 2002 12:31 PM

Pattie, I don't believe there are any wills or probate records. There were many soldiers in Tennessee who were named John Dotson on both Confederate and Union sides. I was told he never enlisted into any regiment. His wifes father I believe was William D. Willey. He was at Ft. Donelson, but eluded capture with N.B. Forrests' cavalry. And was discharged at the age of 65. William D. Willey came home to Dickson county, passing through Federal lines without them knowng. He was known to harass the Yankees. Riding a black horse and waving his cavalry hat. It is said a song arose down in Dickson County, about him. He was captured by Federals and shot as a guerrilla. He was thought to have killed a Federal sympathizer named John Lindsey, in Dickson county. Later Demps was captured and shot as a guerrilla. In his hand was a piece of paper. Upon it was written "Shot in retaliation for the killing of John Lindsey". This account is found in the Dickson County TnGen website under "Dickson county Guerrilla and Federal military encounters. Please write back with any info you may have found at the library.

John Dotson Kotila

From: John To: Pattie Subject: John Dempsey Dotson Date: Monday, June 03, 2002 10:42 AM

Pattie, I checked Ancestry World Tree. It shows William Beverly Dotson of Dickson and George C. Dotson of Dickson, but could'nt locate anything on the other William Dodson.

George C. Dotson had a son named "John W." born 1839. If you compare the 1860 census of J.D. Dodson and the marriage record of 1859. John would have been 17 years old when he got married. That would make his birth year around 1833. In my research I found a George (T?) Dotson who married Martha Martin, they had a daughter named Eudorah Elizabeth. she married Enoch A. Brown, Aug 21,1851 in Dickson County. My Grandfather told me Demps' had a sister named "Liza" who married a Brown. This might be his sister. But more research is needed. I also found a L.E. Dotson (female) who married W.T. Baker, May 23, 1878 in Humphreys County My Grandfather told me Demps' had a daughter named "Laura" who married a Baker. This might be "Jennie's" sister. Looking at Demps' photograph, I would say he was in his late 20's -early 30's in the early 1860's.

John Dotson Kotila

From: John To: Pattie Subject: Re: Photograph of John Dempsey Dotson Date: Monday, June 03, 2002 12:41 PM

Pattie, A couple of years ago I was in Kentucky with my Grandfather. We were visiting his cousin James Otis Dotson, also a Grandson of Montezuma Dotson. His niece came over. She is Cheryl Adams, owner of the Dickson County TnGen website She gave my grandfather a copy of a photograph of Demps and Susie. She was visiting a Dotson relative near Nashville. They had a large photograph of them . But the day she visited they were moving. She did'nt have much time to make a copy, so she photographed it from the wall. Making quite a few copies. But all had a glare from the glass frame. The owner would'nt allow it to be removed from the frame. I made an enlargement of only Demps, because Susies side had a glare that would'nt scan good. I have a copy of the enlargement of Demps only, unfortunately after I made the copy, my Grandfather misplaced the original copy. Cheryl said she would send me another copy. As soon as she gets back from her summer vacation. My scanner is broken right now. so I can't E-mail you a copy. But when I get another copy I will E-Mail it to you. In the photograph he is sitting to the rightside with what looks like a bible, wearing a black coat, fancy vest, and a white shirt, Susie is wearing a fancy dress, with lace gloves. Get back to you soon. I will try to get my scanner working.

John Dotson Kotila

From: John To: Pattie Subject: John Dempsey Dotson Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 5:03 PM

Pattie, You said you found a book that made reference to Demps' execution in 1865 Can you tell me what the book had to say about it. I was told he was buried along side the road. My Uncle Montazuma, who lives in McEwen, Humphreys County, said he was shown the place where Demps was buried. He took my Grandfather and I to a hill along a road near Charlotte. But he was not sure if it was the right place. As he said he was only a boy when he was shown the area. My Grandfather is Lonnie G. Dotson, his father was Barney McCoy Dotson , son of Montezuma Dotson. I've visited the old Dotson Cemetary located in the Ruskin Community. Montezuma and his wife Elvira P. Hooper are buried there. Most graves are of Dotson's who died after Montezuma's death, but there are a couple rows of fieldstones. The cemetary is on a small hill. My Great Grandfather believed it was on an indian burial site.

John Dotson Kotila

From: John To: Pattie Subject: Dotson family info Date: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 7:41 AM

Pattie, came across a Wlliam B. Dodson (page6, line27) on the 1820 Dickson Co. Federal Census. Free white males 26-44: 1 Free white Females 0-9: 2 Free white Females 26-44: 1 Works agriculture: 2 Slaves: 1

In the 1860 census there are two other Dodson families lining in close proximity to J.D. Dodson. J.D's dwelling being #1255 and the other two #1248 and #1259. I'am going to search the 1820 and 1840 Humphreys county census, I believe I remem- ber seeing a couple John Dodson/Dotson's listed there. I'll be writing back soon. Saturday I will try and have my scanner fixed or replaced.

John Dotson Kotila

From: Juanita To: Pattie; John Subject: Re: John Dempsey DodsonDate: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 8:32 AM

Pattie and John, I'm forwarding email from my Dotson contact. He also sent two files, which I am going to download and read before I send on to you. Will try to get them to you before the day is over, and before Pattie heads out to face the St. Louis traffic tomorrow.

Later, Juanita

Subj: John Dempsey Dodson Date: 6/4/2002 4:41:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time To: Juanita File: JDemps.ZIP (15908 bytes) DL Time (115200 bps): < 1 minute

Juanita,After you contacted me, I did a little digging myself. I was able to link JD and family into my tree through marriage. I am beginning to believe that my line intersects with John Dempsey as well. I am attaching a couple of files for you. One is what I have on John Dempsey and family, the other is my line beginning with Richard Dotson. Interestingly, Richard and Henry A. are living close to each other in the 1880 census of Humphreys County. Also Henry's son Leander E. was bondsman for Richard's son Plummer. Keep me posted and I will do the same.

Donald Dotson


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