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Family Reunion

What makes a person evil? Is it a series of events that slowly make them change? Or is it simply one event in their lives? Is it because of the way they were raised? Or was it the choices they made in life that have caused them to be the way they are?

It was late, and in the hospital the only sound that can be heard is the labored breathing of the patients and the soft footfalls of the night nurse. Nurse Gillian McPhearson enjoyed her job immensely it was a simple job to be honest. All her job consisted of was working the late shift and checking in on the few patients on this level a few times a night to make sure they were okay. For the most part she cared little for the people laying in the beds except for one. Mr. Walker was a man she found extremely interesting, a kind old man Frank Walker would tell her stories of some of his more famous cases he had in his days as a lawyer. Despite his cheerful front Gillian had heard him some nights sobbing pitifully. She had learned from the doctors that he was plauged by a great sadness, but neither the doctors or Mr. Walker would ever talk about it.
She was thinking this when she turns a corner and slams into a tall cloaked man. Looking up she immediately realizes that its not the attractive blond man from earlier nor the moody man with long brown hair that occasionally visits this time of night. Taking an involuntary step back she notices the man gazing at her coldly, a gaze that chills her blood.

--Gillian-- I'm terribly sorry

<<>>Darkside<<>> That you should girl. However, I will overlook it if you can answer a simple question for me. I am looking for a man, perhaps you can tell me where I can find Mr. Frank Walker?

--Gillian-- Ummm, I'm sorry but visiting hours are over at 7pm. If you'd like to visit Mr. Walker you can always come back at-

<<>>Darkside<<>> I am fully aware of the visiting hours ms. Mcphearson. As I am also aware that you have allowed people to visit patients after hours. Tell me what would Dr. Micheals think of that?

--Gillian-- Oh please no! Don't tell him what I've been doing! He'll fire me for sure! I need this job I have a kid to take care of please!

<<>>Darkside<<>> Then it would be in your best interest to forget you saw me. Now, last time which room is he in? Tell

--Gillian-- Second room on the left! Just don't tell anyone!

<<>>Darkside<<>> Your secret is safe with me child.

Gillian stares at him a moment longer and then turns back to her desk. Darkside turns her back around and with a small gesture of his hand the girl slumps forward unconcious. He picks her up and places her on the floor behind the desk.

<<>>Darkside<<>> Sorry child, I don't want any interruption. Its been ages since Father and I have talked.

Darkside walks down the directed hallway and comes to the appropriate room. Pushing the door open he chuckles. The room is dimly lit by the moonlight streaming through the room's one window. Scanning the room he finds it barely furnished with a simple chair sitting in a dark corner. Perfect for his tastes, he closes the door behind him and sits in the designated corner and turns his attention to the bed. The bed itself has seen better days. Evidence of termites cover the beds legs and the sheets look like they hadn't been washed in at least a week. On the bed lay what once had been a proud man. Now, Frank Walker is but a shell of what he once was. Lean from not eating well his skin seems to hang off his bones. He sleeps fitfully, tossing and turning often and moaning pitifully.

Darkside smirks as he watches his father suffer in self inflicted torment. Suddenly the man wails horridly and sits bolt upright in the bed. He scans the room warily and his eyes settle on the dark form in the corner.

/--Frank Walker--/ Who's there? I can see you in that corner! Come out of there before I call for the nurse!

<<>>Darkside<<>> Your bravado is amusing old man. But save your breath, the nurse will not be coming to help you anytime soon.

/--Mr. Walker--/ Who are you? What do you want?

<<>>>Darkside<<>> In time. I must admit, it certainly took some time to find you old man. If I hadn't had Brian followed I might never have looked for you in a hospital.

/--Mr. Walker--/ Brian? You know my son? Is he here?

<<>>Darkside<<>> Again in time. Worry not about him old man, you should be more concerned with yourself.

Darkside steps from the shadows into the moonlight and draws back his hood. He turns slightly to let the light fall on his face, he grimaces slightly in pain but remains in the light. Mr. Walker frowns in rememberance as he tries to put a name to the face.

/--Mr. Walker--/ I...remember you now...You're Ryan Blade right? You just teamed with Brian last week! What are you doing here? Visiting hours have been over for hours! Get out before I call the nurse!

<<>>Darkside<<>> Go ahead old man, call for the nurse I am sure you will find your efforts are for naught.

Mr. Walker pushes his bedside button and waits with a smug look on his face. Moments pass, he pushes the button again and theres no response. His smug look immediately gone he screams for the nurse. Still no footsteps can be heard outside the room. Undaunted he continues to call for the nurse stopping only when laughter drowns out his screams and echoes down the halls.

<<>>Darkside<<>> No..Please continue I find it amusing. I already told you theres no nurse, theres no one coming to interrupt us its just me and you.

/--Mr. Walker--/ What are you here for? To torment me? If so, leave me alone I think I suffer enough.

<<>>Darkside<<>> Suffered enough? No, I do not think so I came to discuss some things with you. And you will answer them.

/--Mr. Walker--/ You have nothing I want to hear! Either tell me why you are really here or get the hell out!

<<>>Darkside<<>> What? Can't a man come visit his father that he hasn't seen in years and

/--Mr. Walker--/ Father? But that would mean... NO!! I hoped you had died! Why are you here! Never mind it doesn't matter! Get out of my room you sick bastard!

Darkside chuckles and resumes his seat in the corner.

<<>>Darkside<<>> Amazing that in that babbling you did hit a mark of truth. For all purposes Zack Walker is dead. I am called Darkside now, the true Lord of Darkness. I am the essence of evil father! I am strengthened by every dark thought, every unsavory desire. I have become the darkness that hangs heavily in men's hearts. Even now your hatred for me only causes me to grow even stronger. I have laid waste to countless organizations. I no longer feel pity for those weaker than me, those who cannot or refuse to defend themselves. I command an army of pure evil, I have become what I always desired to be.

Mr. Walker lies there in silence for a moment letting what Darkside said sink in. He then smiles and begins to laugh, his body convulsing with the deep harmful laughter. He laughs for long moments while Darkside watches from his corner eyes narrowed in displeasure. Finally Mr. Walker stops laughing and wipes tears away from his eyes. Breathing heavily he turns his attention back to the form in the corner

/--Mr. Walker--/ You...can' Zack. I mean listen to yourself! Claiming to be the "Lord of Darkness" and rambling about being the essence of evil. You really have gone insane, I will admit you were weird for a kid but this? I never thought you were this bad. We thought it was just a phase you would grow out of. The all black clothing, the locking yourself in your room all day long never going outside to play. We never thought you were imbalanced, until you slaughtered your poor mother.

<<>>Darkside<<>> I am not joking father. This is all very real and you are lucky you have information I wish to obtain, or else I would have ripped your heart out for mocking me. As it stands my purpose here is two fold and once I get what I desire your usefulness will end.

/--Mr. Walker--/ Then what hmmm? You'll kill me like you killed your mother? I'm sure I will be a challenge as sick as I am. But then you always were a coward Zack, the only thing you can harm are defenseless women and broken old men! Do your worst to me monster I'll tell you nothing.

<<>>Darkside<<>> You try my patience old man. Do not mistake my temporary mercy as weakness. That fragment of humanity I have left called your son begs for your life as we speak. I indulge his request for the moment, however do not push me.

/--Mr. Walker--/ Heh, you're pathetic all talk. I don't think you'll do anything.

With a snarl Darkside emerges from the corner and rips the old man out of the hospital bed. Shaking him viciously he brings him eye level.

<<>>Darkside<<>> Oh, you'll tell me everything you know old man and then some. I said I will not kill you for the time being but my patience grows thin. I've heard Adam has been by here what did you tell him?

/--Mr. Walker--/ You think I'd tell you? Even if I knew anything I wouldn't relay to you what I said! What I do know is what you are doing to Brian! How could you do that to your own brother? Haven't you done enough?

<<>>Darkside<<>> Yes, lets talk about that. Have you told my brother about your part in his incarceration?

/--Mr. Walker--/ He knows enough! I explained why I didn't defend him at his trial. He doesn't need to know the rest!

<<>>Darkside<<>> I find it amusing that you refrained from telling him the whole truth. You should have told him that it was your doing that caused him to spend most of his time in solitary confinement. What I did was indeed terrible but you are no better.

/--Mr. Walker--/ Maybe so, what happened to you Zack? you were such a good kid back then where did we go wrong?

<<>>Darkside<<>> Your pathetic parenting not withstanding, you should take comfort in knowing it was not your doing. I chose to become this way.

/--Mr. Walker--/ What happened then? What caused you to turn out like this! Why did you kill your mother?

<<>>Darkside<<>> You father, like so many others have no idea what it takes to achieve true power. Long nights I studied in my room, locked away from the world. No one understood me, no one understood the burning desire I had. Always looking for a way to obtain the power I longed for.

<<>>Darkside<<>>But Mother discovered my little secret. I found the power to control people, make them bend to your will! But Mother refused to obey. She always was a stubborn one, she was the first and you will certainly not be the last.

/--Mr. Walker--/ Then end it! I will finally be with the one I love away from you! The longer I look at you my disgust grows. I realize now that my son is truly dead. In truth he was your first victim!

<<>>Darkside<<>> Oh don't be so dramatic. I said before he exsists. However, with your removal from this world I hope to eradicate that exsistance.

/--Mr. Walker--/ I've nothing more to say to you monster! I will be just another innocent victim to add to your list!

, Darkside smiles slowly

<<>>Darkside<<>> True, I have killed many people. More than I can remember to be honest with you, but no one is innocent not even you.

/--Mr. Walker--/ What I did was a mistake, one I have had to live with every day.