Mark Tulmar Tulmar
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Past Hauntings

Never in a million years did I expect for things to end the way they have. Granted I'm not in terrible shape, I have a nice house and a good paying job but I can't help wonder what could have been. I look around the furnished study I use for business and sigh. I lean my head back against the chair and close my eyes. Has it really been as long as it has? All those years surrounded by my own darkness, my soul tainted forever by what I did. Yet I'm still standing and in good health even if my past seems to be coming for me.

As if on cue a low chuckle sounds comes from one of the corners of the study and the man known as Zach Walker emerges from the shadows. He smirks at Mark's annoyance and raises a hand in greeting.

Hello again Mark, I trust things are well?

Not that it really matters you're going to ruin whatever day I was going to have...what do you want Zach? Come to kill me this time? If so just get it over with I'm not going to sit here and wait for you to strike.

Zach smiles under a deep hood and shakes his head.

Honestly Mark you should know that's not how I work. If I wanted to kill you I'd do it while you were sleeping or sick, much easier that way. No...I came to help you reconnect with a lost loved one. I figure it's the least I can do.

With a wave of his hand another cloaked figure steps from the same corner and draws back the hood. Underneath is an elderly man who shows no delight in seeing Mark.

Hello Mark...long time no see.

Mark narrows his eyes and reaches for anything that could serve as a weapon.

Father...last time I checked you were dead.

the elderly man laughs lightly before taking a seat at the large desk.

Dead? Hardly, death would be better than what I am. I'm not upset about it though eternal damnation is still better than being hunted by your own son, at least this way I know you can't touch me.

Mark snarls in anger and swings a trophy like a club. It's caught however by Zach's gloved hand and Mark is tossed back easily.

No no no Mark I'm afraid I can't let you do that. You see, I wanted you and your father to chat and clear the air. What happened between you was unfortunate and he wishes to make it up to you.

Mark stops dumbstruck as he lets the trophy fall to the floor.

Make it up to me? The man is single handedly responsible for the deaths of his daughter in law and grandchild! There is NOTHING you can to do "make it up to me."

Yes I know this Mark and I wanted to say's all your fault and not mine. I came to you for help and you turned your back on me. Had you have just done what I asked all of this could be avoided.

Mark jumps to his feet and slams his fists down onto the desk he has a wild look of anger and something much darker on his face which causes his father to glance uneasily at his protector.

MY FAULT? MY FAULT!?! I did EVERYTHING for you father. I bailed you out of more gambling debts than I can count. I bailed you out JAIL more times than I can count. Personally I would have let you ROT but she wouldn't let me. She would always tell me that you're family and we have to look after family. Guess you weren't raised that way were you? You piece of SHIT!

The man flushes bright red and opens his mouth to respond when Zach's gloved hand comes down on his shoulder.

I see this is a bad time for the father son bonding. So we'll be back Mark...We'll be back very soon.

with a flash of his unholy eyes the two of them seemingly disappear into thin air. Mark stares at the chair before reaching into a desk drawer and drawing out a bottle of Gin. He unscrews the top and begins to drink it in large gulps as everything fades to black.

Return of the King

A camera comes to life inside the personal gym of former World Champion Mark Tulmar. The man himself can be seen doing squats in one of the corners of the room, as he finishes his set he catches the cameraman in the mirror and begins to talk setting the bar back into it's holsters.

Let's get right into it shall we? Smithy you're a damn fool. I was intent on watching your promo dissecting every single word but you have got to be the most boring person to hear talk ever. How many times did you repeat yourself? I lost track somewhere in the middle and just fast forwarded to the end. But what I did catch is that you have no idea who I am. I'm an easy opponent? How in the hell did that cross your feeble pea sized mind? I've lost a grand total of 5 matches, three to the same damn person and two because I was stuck with dead weight as a tag team partner. Oh and another correction genius I held the title a month which may seem weak but it's sure as hell alot longer than you're ever going to hold it. The only reason I lost and I mean this is that Salazar had a whole month to recuperate and plan while I was defending my title every single week. So keep thinking I'm a weak opponent kid because when I'm done with you Friday there's not going to be enough of you for them to scrape off the mat.

He crosses the room and picks up a set of dumbbells which he begins to curl as he continues his rant.

True I have been gone for awhile, I underestimated the damage that match could do to your body. While I hate to admit this good job Salazar, you are the only person to ever knock me down for 10 seconds and you went through hell yourself to do it. But don't think the two of us are done.*He chuckles* No, far from it my old nemesis see by my count we're 3 and 3 and there has to be a tie breaker somewhere down the road. Of course you already knew this which is why I assume you ran off to Havok, the thought of round seven was just too much for you. but that's ok Friday I'll take back what I should never have lost and I'll be back on the throne where I belong.

Smithy I hope you realize the situation you're in. I'm not some scrub that signs a contract and never shows his face. I am a former tag team and world champion, I am possibly one of the most dangerous men on the roster and you've signed your fate away. What I did to you last week is a mere sampling of the carnage I am capable of. You claim that Remington and Jones are the ones to be afraid of but haven't seen anything yet.

He places the dumbbells back in the rack and stretches in front of the mirror, the camera catches in the reflection a large nasty looking scar across his back. Becoming suddenly aware of this Mark absently reaches for the scar and smirks.

A memento from the most brutal match I've ever been in. I could have methods used to make it less glaring but I want people to see it, I want them to realize that even a match that brutal is not enough to take me down completely. Salazar stabbed me with a broken piece of table and I'm still standing. He is the one man that could ever beat me and now what chances to the roster have? Who will they turn to once I restart my reign of brutality? Tommy Glass? The washed up has been that has had his ass kicked so many times that I doubt he knows what year it is? Or perhaps Nova Huntley? Oh, that's right Alex ended his career..Pity really is too bad he got to Nova before I could. I wanted to be the one to finish what Salazar never could. But I digress, Smithy tomorrow night is going to end very badly for you. I was merely going to beat you before but now? Now, I'm going to make an example out of you.

With a casual flick of his wrist Mark dismisses the camera crew and lays down on a bench continuing his work out.

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