Mark Tulmar Tulmar
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The Darkness within

Is this really what I am destined to be? A monster but not a monster? I used to think that I was a good person, that everything that has happened to me was all because of things outside of my control. The other night however made me wonder if that's really true. There is something inside of me that is yearning to get out once again, I thought I suppressed it when I took off the mask and discarded the Nightshade persona..but now I feel this growing darkness in my stomach. I want nothing more than to hurt people, not just the guilty but the innocents to. That part of me talks to me in my head, tells me that they too need to be punished for putting themselves in the situation they're in.

That same part of me wants me to do terrible things to Julie..the closest thing I have to a daughter.

I walk into the home I bought and am immediately greeted by Julie carrying a plate of pizza rolls and a soda. I smile and just shake my head.

You know that stuff is bad for you right?

She shrugs as she walks by the door and sits down on the couch in the living room. I raise an eyebrow expecting an answer and finally I get one.

Yeah I know, but I have an awesome metabolism so I'm not worried about it right now, when I get as old as you are I'll be more careful with what I eat.

She shoots a sly smile over the back of the couch and I can't get mad at her, it was a pretty funny jab. I turn and head into a different part of the house I contemplate using the gym as I pass it but I'm really not in the mood. Entering the kitchen I pull a few apples out of the fridge and grab the peanut butter.

Julie did you do what I asked you to today? It's pretty important.

From the other room I can hear a dim answer and roll my eyes.

You know I can't hear you from across the house pause the program and come in here.

I chuckle a little at the sound of an annoyed sign and her feet tramping down the hallway.

Yes Mark I did what you asked, I called Kelly and she came and picked me up since she was in town. I'm all registered in school and I start in two weeks.

I nod my head in approval and head towards the study I use to do interviews.

Alright good, Jim Gault should be here in a few minutes just so you know. Have to do another inteview for this match tomorrow.

Another inteview? Geez, you're really pushing it this time around, I guess that Salazar guy isn't letting his rematch go to waste huh?

Yeah he's unusually focused to say the least. But I'm pretty sure I'll come out on top once everything is said and done. But just because the man is a psychopath I want you to lock the doors tight and if you're going to order pizza or anything do it while I'm here. I won't risk something happening to you kid. He'd do it just to mess with me and I know it.

she nods in acknowledgment and I enter my study. I close the door and a sudden movement catches my eye, turning I stare at my reflection in the mirror when it's momentarily changed to a flash of that metallic monster I called Nightshade. I draw closer to the mirror and my normal reflection returns. I bring my hand up to lightly trace the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and the scruff of my stubble from not shaving. To me the telltale signs of years of harsh treatment are very visible. The all too familiar feeling of darkness begins to form in my stomach once again and I take a few deep breaths to will it away. When I look up I swear a small glint of yellow flashes in my eyes. I turn suddenly when a tall cloaked figure reflects behind me.

A slow menacing chuckle comes from the hood and I immediately realize with dread who stands in my study.

I knew it was a matter of time before you tracked me down. My one request is if you're going to kill me leave the girl alone she has nothing to do with this Zach.

The man pulls the hood off his head and sure enough Zach Walker is standing in my office. He makes no movement but the room seems to drop a few degrees in temperature. When he speaks it's not the voice I remember it's colder, more malicious.

Ah, Patrick or should I call you Mark now? I'm not going to kill you, it would be too easy to simply strike you down right now. As for the girl..whether or not she lives is entirely up to you. We have a deal Mark, and quite frankly your latest attempt to weasel out of it caused me a lot of pain and pissed me the fuck off. If I didn't find this little change of yours amusing..Good Ole Jimmy would be greeted to quite a mess. This is your one warning, I am watching you....Do NOT piss me off any further.

He seems to melt into the shadows of the room..I thought I had gotten rid of him for good, life just got a lot more difficult. Thankfully a knock at the door announces the arrival of Jim Gault and his camera crew, I gather myself together and take a seat behind my desk.

Put up or shut up

A camera comes to life inside the study of Mark Tulmar who is seated calmly behind his desk. UECW interviewer Jim Gault stands nearby admiring a wrestling trophy that appears to be a new addition to the room.

Fascinating Mark, I didn't know you had a background in wrestling division one champion..not bad!

The champion looks momentarily distracted as he glances at one of the corners of the room. Gault follows his glance and clears his throat.

So Mark the night is fast approaching and I've decided to come and do one final interview and see where your head is at concerning this match against Salazar.

A low growl comes from Mark's throat at the name of his rival and he glares at Gault.

My thoughts? My thoughts about Salazar are not appropriate for civilized conversation Jim. Nor are the things I plan to do to him when he steps through the ropes. Salazar you think I'm afraid of you? You think that you're better than me? You have made a very grave mistake in making this more personal than it already is. Julie has nothing to do with our feud and yet you think that I'm merely going to allow you to threaten her well being? You say that I need to hate you ..Well congratulations you've just got what you wanted. To make it even worse is you mention my parents which is odd..I've never mentioned them before and nor do I give a damn about them, do what you want to them if you can find them because I sure as hell can't.

So are you

I AM NOT DONE GAULT! Salazar you've really gotten me angry and you're a fool if you think that's going to work to your advantage. Beating you is clearly not going to be enough, killing you is of course not an option so I am thinking that beating you into a coma is going to have to be good enough.

Taken back by the sudden outburst of rage Jim Gault looks puzzled.

Well..mark I really don't know what else to ask here..

Just shut the fuck up and have the camera rolling. Salazar our time is fast approaching I am going to enjoy tearing you apart piece by piece. You said I was trying to be normal, there's nothing wrong with that. But I realize now that in order to beat you I have to tap into that more primal, brutal side of my personality and sadly I'm going to enjoy doing it. If that's what I have to do in order to beat you then damn it's what I'm going to do. Like I said before I am personally going to usher in a new level of brutality to the UECW and after this weekend everyone's definition of pain is going to be redefined. But on the bright side Sal in the future when they look up the word brutal in the dictionary it's going to say (ie the beating of Salzar Darke, scars and stripes 2010). So at least you'll be famous in a way.

But one small part of me will be a little sad Salazar, despite our intense hatred of one another the fans will be losing out when I'm defending my title against a nobody like Nova Huntley or Chasm. If there is one thing we can agree on it's that we need to put on one hell of a show. Now get out of my office..I have things to attend to.

Gault and his camera crew get up and leave the room with the last shot of the scene being Mark once again staring at the same corner from earlier and running a hand across his face.

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