Mark Tulmar Tulmar
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Shades of the past

The hustle and bustle of the streets seems to drown out my own thoughts as I walk alone past countless shops and diners. I try to remain incognito with my hands shoved deep into the pockets of my leather jacket and a ball cap pulled down low over my face. Granted I'm not a famous as Brad Pitt or George Clooney but I am just not in the mood for fans right now.

As I walk memories begin to play themselves in my mind like a bad old fashioned still frame movie. There is no sound and for some reason it's in black and white but I know what's going on. Some of the scenes are good like my daughter's first day of school. Others are bad like the first time I donned that metal mask and too my vengenace. Preoccupied with my thought I almost don't notice the vibration of my phone in my jeans pocket. I retrieve it from it's denim prison and check the number. Julie...

Hey kid, what's up?

From the sound of her voice I can tell it's not good,she pauses before relaying the bad news.

Hey Mark, umm..just to let you know that Salazar guy put out a promo. You're not going to like what he had to say but I went ahead and recorded it so you can watch it when you get home. By the way I was wondering if it was ok if I ordered pizza? I know you're a health nut and all...but I am a teenager!

she laughs and I am suddenly aware that it's the closest thing I'll ever have to hearing my daughter's laugh.

Well if you MUST have pizza I suppose it's ok. Remember next week we need to get you registered for school young lady. The adoption papers should be in by then. Thanks for the information about Salazar, I will watch it later, I was wondering when that freak would show his face.

She says something about not being able to wait to start school, thanks me for the pizza and hangs up. I put the phone back in my pocket and it's only then that I realize I'm being followed. Glancing over my shoulder as nonschalantly as I can I see two men trying their best to not make it obvious that they're following my every movement. I step into a dark alley and wait... If they are following me these guys really picked the wrong night to do it.

Sure enough not two minutes later they both enter the alley, once they become aware of their surroundings and where we are they abandon the facade and pull out large, dangerous looking knives.

Hey pretty boy you're Mark Tulmar aren't you? Some kind of wrestling champ I believe...That means you have money and you're going to hand it over!

I smile and lean up against one of the walls and shrug.

You got me, Mark Tulmar in the flesh. Thing is though gentlemen if you know who I am and what I do...What in the world makes you think I am going to give you money?

The men laugh as they close the distance between us and the second man speaks.

Well I know all about you, how you used to wear this freaky mask and all that. So this is the deal we know you can't really fight wrestling is fake. SO give us your wallet and that fancy jacket or we'll rough up that face of yours.

I chuckle at their stupidity and take my jacket off.

Boys, I can tell you two things tonight that are going to be news to you. One, you're not getting a damn penny from me. And two?

I snake my fist out so fast that don't have time to react. I catch the bigger of the two with a right just under the jaw that sends him staggering back a step. His companion reacts and lunges with his knife. Thing about attacking with a knife is if you don't keep it close to your body...It's easy not only to avoid but to be disarmed.

Grabbing my attacker's wrist I squeeze the wrist, putting extreme pressure on the extensor retinaculum causing his fingers to extend and drop the knife. He swings widly with his free hand and I block with mine. Moving swiftly before his partner can regain his composure I trap the arm that had the knife using my arm and torso and bring my palm down hard just above the elbow. I hear a satisfying snap as I break his radius and release his arm. I follow it up with a roundhouse kick to the head. One down...

The remaining man stops and stupidly stares at his friend laying on the ground allowing me to press the attack. Just like before I grab the mans wrist only this time I pull it backwards until he releases the knife. I follow it up with a judo throw over my shoulder sending him to the ground as well. Both my would be attackers look up at me in amazement. I pick up both knives and toss them in a nearby dumpster then crouch down to their level.

Not all wrestling is fake gentlemen, as you have learned tonight I am not someone to be trifled with.

I put my jacket back on and turn back towards the street. I stop when one of the idiots says the absolute wrong thing.

Too bad about your wife and kid eh Tulmar?

I turn toward him and my eyes are like daggers.

What did you say?

The man laughs and I can feel my anger rising.

You heard me Tulmar, like I said I know all about you and your story. Too bad you couldn't save that bitch of yours or that little girl..Hell if it were me I would have raped them both first

I can feel something snap inside my head and the scene grows dark. I think I passed out from the anger but it would prove to not be the case. My next vision is one of horror. One of the men's body lies in a crumpled heap next to the dumpster, what remains of his head a bloody mess. The second guy is nowhere to be found all I can see is a bloody trail that leads out of the alley way and into the street. I become fully alert when the sounds of sirens rings through the night. I take off down the alleyway realizing that the part of me I loathe still exists and it has done something terrible once again.

Round one hundred billion and Six?

A camera comes to life atop a huge skyscraper. The wind is so strong that it can be seen whipping the long hair of World champion Mark Tulmar widly around his face. At the sound of feet Mark turns and his face is one of anger and rage.

Salazar Darke...I listened to what you had to say...I find it interesting that even after a month away fromt eh business you say nothing new. Once again you rant and rave about the Darkness and how it's your God, and all that nonsense. Yet you mock me for taking of my mask, saying it's because I fear you and whatever the hell that thing is.

I have my reasons for taking off my mask, first and foremost I don't need it anymore. Rampage needs a champion they can trust, and in order to trust that champion they need to see his face. You claim that I stole your title, that nobody thought I should have beaten you yadda yadda yadda. Live in the past all you want Salazar, fume about how I won and how I took "your" title. But lets have a little bit of brutal honesty here shall we? You slipped, plain and simple you even said it yourself. You'd been on that throne for so long that you thought you were untouchable. I told you that I had studied your every move and that I was ready for you when we met again and you didn't listen. The fact that I pinned Roz Blayze? Merely a man of my word, I told you I would if I could and I did. I could have pinned you I hope you realize that. I hit you with the Fall from Grace and I could have pinned YOU!

Which leaves me thinking if I had simply pinned your ass to the mat instead of Roz what would be your excuse? That's right you wouldn't have one, I was the better man that night and I really don't care what you or the others think about it. The only thing that matters is the ref gave ME the three count and the title. Another funny thing Salazar is the fact that you think Tommy Glass is a nobody. While I do hate the man and want nothing more for him than a slow and painful death you're also very very wrong.

You see Sal, when I chose Tommy as my victim for my message it was for a reason. For too long the Rampage roster had to deal with a champion that wasn't very involved in the show, he came out did his match and that was it. Problem with that is the champion is face of the brand, so I made a point to show the world that Rampage is not a second rate show to Havok and I did it. People are still talking about the rematch that will eventually happen between Tommy and I.

So where does that leave you Sal? You're not going to beat me this weekend, I'm not losing this title on my first defense. You say that Mark Tulmar sounds like the name for an orthadontist. Think what you wish, because by the time my reign is over, and it will end I know, everything has an ending. I will have rewritten the definition of brutality. But my title reign will last MUCH longer than yours did and I promise you by the time it's over people will ask Salazar who?

Which leads me to our match this weekend. I'm glad you loathe me Salazar that means I've gotten to you. I don't hate you, I don't like you I don't even really care about you. You're simply the next challenger for my title. Did I know we weren't done? Of course I did I knew eventually you'd crawl out from whatever rock you'd be hiding under and cash in your rematch clause. But after this you're done, no more matches between Mark Tulmar and Salazar Darke. The fans are tired of it and quite frankly so am I.

Mark pulls the hair out of his face and ties it back in a ponytail.

You know Sal, you've quickly replaced Axle as the most annoying superstar in the company. You simply will not matter what I have done to beat you, you just keep coming back for more. That ENDS this weekend, you seem to think that you not laying a finger on me last Rampage would have ended up badly for me. I disagree and the only reason I didn't kick your ass? The ONLY REASON? Is because Travis told me if you show your face I wasn't allowed to touch you. He doesn't want any excuses when Scars and Stripes is over and done.

So enjoy your last few days in one whole piece Sal because this match is going to be brutal, I'm not expecting to walk out unscathed and neither should you. I am going to do everything in my power to hear that last breath leave your lungs. I find it hilarious that neither one of us believes we can keep the other down for ten seconds. Well...only time will tell won't it? But I'm not afraid of losing Sal because even if I do happen to lose I have my rematch clause and I will be taking advantage of it at my first opportunity...After all who said it has to be at a PPV? Who said it has to be a match on it's own? What if I were to cash it in right after you've had a match? You see Salazar you say you're not above doing absolutely anything to win but I call your bluff. This title is MINE and I will do anything to keep it that way.

With a final scathing glance at the camera Mark opens a door to the inside and disappears down the stairs.

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