Mark Tulmar Tulmar
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The Nightmare that never ends

The dream always begins the same. I'm standing there over the body of my long dead daughter. She was so beautiful..then I turn to the sounds of a low cry of pain and find my wife bleeding to death our bedroom. There is no phone to call for help, the bastards that did this saw to that. I kneel there and cradle the dying love of my life in my arms knowing that life is never fair but we didn't deserve this. The dream then changes...I'm me but I'm not me, it's like watching the whole thing play out from the wrong end of a telescope. The brutality..the blood the cries for mercy. No matter what I do I can still hear their screams of pain and their death rattles as that last breath left their throats. I am a good man, I didn't ask for any of this to happen to me. I'd lost everything that ever held any meaning for me.

The dream changes again, this time I'm not what you'd call normal anymore, I've taken to wearing a metal mask and metallic body armor. I'm doing things...terrible things that no mortal man should do to another living being. My screams wake me from my slumber and I realize that it has all been a dream.

A soft knock on the door breaks me from my reverie, Julie can be heard dimly asking if I'm ok. I don't know how to answer her. I'll never be ok no matter how I portray myself, you can never outrun the past...

The Darke Knight Returns

A camera comes to life inside a sparsely decorated two story house. As the cameraman walks down a hallway he pans his equipment to the outside and we see a bright sunny day with children playing in the sprinkler across the street. The cameraman continues down the hallway and knocks on a closed door.

Come in

Upon the invitation the cameraman walks through the door to see UECW interviewer Jim Gault with a brandy in one hand and a fine cuban cigar in the other. He sits in front of a large, wooden desk behind which UECW World champion Mark Tulmar sits with his feet propped up. The champion acknowledges the camera with a nod of his head and puffs on the cigar in his mouth.

Ahh Jim it seems your crew has finally arrived. A little strange it took you so long there sir, I gave explicit instructions on how to get here. Jim didn't seem to have any problems.

Jim Gault chuckles as he takes a sip of the brandy from his glass and then lets out a relaxed sigh.

Well Mark I have to say I'm enjoying this new you. No offense but I used to dread having to interview you due to always fearing some sick punishment at your hands or at Zack's. But since I have been here for almost 2 hours we should probably do the interview or Mr. Thompson is going to have my head.

Mark smiles and blows smoke circle up towards a ceiling fan slowly spinning above. He puts the cigar down in a nearby tray and takes his feet off the desk.

Very well Jim, and I appreciate the honesty I know that until recently I've been a bit borish when it came to doing interviews. But I'm sure you can understand. I played the scary loner so that people would have a reason to fear me. Now, I have found other ways to put that fear in their hearts. You saw what I did to Steven Rush. I hear he's still in the hospital because of what I did. You know the best part? My punishment for taking him out of action? A paltry ten thousand dollar fine. I make that just getting up in the morning. But I'm being rude, what's your first question Jim?

Jim shakes his head in amusement and signals to start rolling the camera.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am here with UECW World champion Mark Tulmar. Who, since winning the title has claimed to have ushered in a new level of brutality to the federation. Mark, how do you think you've changed things?

Mark picks his cigar back up from the tray and takes a puff

Well Jim it's simple. Since I have become champion Rampage viewing has gone up. Superstars in the locker room are begining to stand up for themselves. Look at Tommy Gunn for instance, he knew I was at ringside for a reason and he clearly remembered what I did to Tommy Glass a few weeks ago. So he pulled out a win and got the hell out of dodge before I hit the ring again. Steven Rush however...will remember that as the day he was punished for not giving his all. Then take a look at that laugh of a show Fallout. Not only have they taken their matches to the next level this main event they have coming is I'm sure to keep pace with Rampage. After last week it's clear we're the better brand, Havok is full of degenerates and psychos and their show is not good enough to force prisoners to watch.

But Mark two weeks ago Tommy Glass returned the favor when he assaulted you during what I guess is being called a oneupsmanship contest. Surely this means that not everyone is buying into your new era of brutality.

Mark shrugs his shoulders and takes a sip from his own drink.

Honestly Jim I don't care about what Tommy did two weeks ago, and I'm sure if you ask anyone that matters they don't either. Tommy will get what's coming to him I can assure you. One would think that he'd be more focused on Alexander Remmington than his little fued with me.

Speaking of upcoming matches Mark, there has been a lot of buzz about your upcoming title defense against the former World champion Salazar Darke who made his return this past Friday. Thoughts?

Marks glances at Jim in mild annoyance but quickly changes to a look of casual indifference.

What can I say about Salazar Darke that I haven't already said? The two of us have been dance partners five times now and this time will be no different.The way I see things Gault is that the two of us can only do this for so much longer, eventually one of these scrubs on the Rampage roster will step up to the plate and challenge me and we'll get a breath of fresh air. Then what happens to good ole Salazar Darke? Is he going to run off to the darkness again like he did this past time? Go lick his wounds and pity himself for failing to take all possibilities into consideration? What I STILL cannot figure out Sal is why you didn't plan better for what happened. I told you I would pin Roz Blayze if I had the opportunity did nothing different. How does that humble pie taste? Not only did I take your title but I took your throne as well. I am the King now, you're nothing more than an afterthought.

Well be that as it may Mark your match is not just a mere match. It's a last man standing match, meaning only one of you is going to be walking away under their own power this weekend. Do you honestly think it will be you?

Mark snorts and puts his feet back up on the desk

Of course I think it's going to be me. Look Jim it's simple, nobody expected me to win the title at Rise of the Underground, nobody expected me to brutally attack Tommy Glass the week following the pay per view. Nobody expected me to do a lot of things why should this be any different? Once I beat Salazar AGAIN I am betting people will stop doubting my ability. I am the champion for a reason, I paid my dues, took my beatings from him and I came out on top when it really mattered. Question I ask you Jim is what makes you so sure Salazar is in top form? He's been gone almost a month and nobody has heard him say a word about our match. I'd say even money is on me and not him. Hell I RELISH the opportunity to rip his fucking head off and it will be legal. Know this Sally this match is not your forte, you can't set me on fire when I'm down and out like you did to Nova, you can't get me in some cheap rollup for a pin. You're going to have to knock me unconcious and quite frankly...I don't think you have the ability to do that.

Ok Mark well that's it for tonight we'll be getting back in touch with you for another invterview I'm sure. I know I'll be willing to come back!

Gault laughs while the camera slowly fades to black.

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