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Arrogance is the worst of all character traits. An arrogant person is never wrong, and they never lose.

Edgar Allen Poe

New King of the mountain

A camera comes to life inside of the same old study that has become common place for Nightshade. However unlike previously sunlight pours through the windows instead of the usual moonlight and the bay windows allow a summer breeze to work itself around the room. The champion himself is not dressed in his usual attire, he still has the mask but instead of his usual cloak is a collared shirt accompanied by dress slacks and shoes. The camera pans to the left and there sits a teenage girl the world title in her lap and the tag team title over the back of chair.

I like this title Patrick, it's really shiny. I guess I am good luck! You take me in and that same weekend you win this!

The champion laughs, a light laugh another unusual thing for Nightshade to do.

I guess you could say that Julie, it certainly seems that I made the right choice to take you in. I must say it's nice to have someone else to talk to...Being here alone was kinda wearing on my sanity a bit.

The girl called Julie gets out of the chair she was sitting in and crosses the room to join the man at the windows. She takes his hand and looks up at him with sparkling eyes.

I really am happy that you are helping me. I don't know how much longer I would have been able to last in that house with that terrible man. I also like that you're wearing normal clothes. I just wish you wouldn't wear that mask or's just creepy.

Nightshade raises a hand to his mask and runs his fingers along the metal.

This has been my face for so long. This mask has seen so much horror and sorrow. It reminds me of my past and everything I have done. But offends me. I want nothing more than to take it off and get rid of it. For too long have I stalked the shadows fighting this battle against God. I guess that Salazar was right in a sense.

He reaches up behind his head and starts to unfasten the straps holding the mask on his face when the girl stops him.

Wait Patrick, lets save that for next week! Show the world what the real Patrick looks like, well minus the bald head of offense but bald guys are creepy. I am sure we can find you a nice wig to wear until your hair starts to grow back.

His hands freeze in place and he ponders what the girl has said.

Fair enough, next week the mask comes off and Nightshade will be no more. But enough of this talk for now I've arranged for a friend to come and pick you up so you can go shopping, don't worry about money I've made enough doing this so go crazy. I'd come with you but my...appearance would cause a stir. Have fun Julie and be safe

Julie's face lights up as she runs out of the room.

I hope it's Kelly Fury! I heard she's very pretty I wanna be like her!!!

Nightshade chuckles in amusement as the camera fades to black.

A new Era

The scene returns inside of an abandoned amusement park. As the camera finishes focusing Nightshade steps into view holding an overly large stuffed elephant. He gives the camera a quick look and shrugs.

What do you want from me? I haven't had another person to think about in a very long time. Much less a teenage girl. Make fun of me if you will but I know she'll like this elephant. But lets talk about more serious matters shall we? Salazar I'm sorry to hear that you will not be on Rampage any longer. I was enjoying our little feud even if it was getting a little boring. But oh well, it took me longer than I thought it would but I told you I wouldn't lose this time around and I was right.

It's funny I have only lost three times since I've arrived here in the UECW but already people are saying I haven't done enough to have this championship in my possession. People like that crack addict Axle Vengenace who still refuses to give me the respect I deserve. From what I hear he still thinks Salazar should have won our match. Good thing you don't matter eh Axle? You still claim that you're a legend in this federation but again I haven't seen you do a damn thing that's befitting a legendary status.

You claim you're a legend because you're a two time champion...Congratulations you were a big fish in a small pond. What have you done recently? You were handed a championship that you haven't had a decent challenger for and yet you still run your mouth like you are the greatest thing to ever walk the planet. It's a pity you're too fucking scared of Ace to take a shot at his title. Perhaps if you were to do that or even beat someone of importance I'll take you more seriously..Until're just a sack of hot air.

That brings me to my opponent this week Tommy Glass..Tommy I'll be the first one to say that I like what you have done in the past few months. Going toe to toe with that monster Corey Bull. Standing up for Rampage when everyone considers us the third rated show. It's all very impressive, then to top it off you won the US title back. To say that you've done a lot is an understatement but this week it doesn't matter. Despite my accomplishments I'm considered a weak champion not fit to carry this title. Some even think I won't survive one title defense.

He stops as he passes a carousel stares at it as if it were moving. After a long few minutes he begins to talk again.

But I've been thinking about that...With Salazar gone there is not one person on the Rampage roster good enough to take the title from me. Who is willing to put money on the "up and comers?" Roz is a bust, he barely registered a presence in the title match except for when he got pinned. Why did I pin him and not Salazar you ask? Because I told Salazar I didn't have to pin him to win and I proved my point. Then you have to acknowledge the failure that is Steve Relic, a man who has had so many shots at the title that I'm actually surprised if anyone thinks he deserves to be at the top again. Come to think of it Tommy, if I were to chose my opponent to fight for the title it would have to be you over all my potential challengers. Oh don't think for a moment I've forgotten about you Nova...definitely not but I think considering our past you deserve some personal attention.

So not only do you interfere in our championship match...again you do nothing when you do? Tell me something, why the HELL should I care about you or your return? Are you stalking me? I don't care if you are because it will be a fatal mistake if you were. I am not Salazar boy and I will not show you any mercy like he did. Yes, he set you on fire big deal he should have made sure you were dead before he celebrated. I will not make the same mistake, ask Nick Fargas...oh wait you can't because nobody has seen him since I left him broken and bloody. You see Nova, things are not the same as they were before you left. The Darke Knight is gone and with any good tyrant the one that replaces him is always worse. I will lead Rampage with an iron fist. I will not back down from any challenge but I will usher in a new age of brutality that has never been seen before.

Which brings me back to you Tommy, you are going to be the first victim of my title reign. I will crush you and show you that you belong in the US title race and no further. But I am not simply going to beat you, I am going to make an example out of you Friday night. I want everyone to see that I am a true champion that will not tolerate being challenged by anyone I deem unworthy.Cherish your last days Tommy, hug your loved ones and make sure your affairs are in order. Friday night your life as you know it...comes to an end.

He tucks the elephant underneath his arm and steps into a nearby tent disappearing into the night.