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Film Interpretations

Movie Fan Academy


.:. Dan's Reviews.:.
More reviews will be added so keep checking for updates.



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This site is a collection of reviews and essays I've written for films. I am a huge movie buff. I will try to update with more reviews at least monthly. My fascination with film began with "The Godfather" and spread through Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Robert DeNiro. After a few years the spreading went from mob movies to general film.


The link to the "Movie Fan Academy" is a message board with many other movie buffs and an excellent place to discuss film. I am registered there as member 'Don Vercetti.'



Rating System

**** - Excellent, one or two flaws at most

***1/2 - Great with a few flaws

*** - Good

**1/2 - Flawed, but competent

** - Mediocre

*1/2 - Very flawed

* - Horrible

Zero - Among worst



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