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"A cat can be trusted to purr when she is pleased,
which is more than can be said for human beings."

William Ralph Inge

Cute Kitty


Abigail - A dignified name for a mature female cat.
Adam - A great name for the first cat you acquire.
Aesop - Sixth-century storyteller and collector of fables, especially about animals.
Agnes - If she's particually graceful, name your cat for Agnes de Mille.
Ajax - A good name for a courageous cat. Also perfect for the cleanliness-conscious cat.
Albert - A traditional name which is now considered dated.
Amber - Name your lovely golden kitty for it.
Amy - It would be most acceptable for the family pet who is no particular breed.
Annabel - Loveable
Aretha - Give your cat this name if she can hit those high notes.
Aria - For a kitten or cat who is a chip off the old block.
Ariel - The name is the most suitable for the male og good breeding.
Arnold - Good for a thick-necked muscular cat.
Babe - For the stylish feline who sets the trends.
Baby - The pet belonging to Katharine Hepburn's aunt in the film Bringing Up Baby.
Barney - A great name if your cat's a bit of a throwback to the Stone Age.
Bingo - A winning name.
Blanche - From the french "blanc," meaning white, a pretty name for a white cat.
Blaze - For the cat with a distinctive white marking on its face.
Blitz - Submitted by Olivia Mickeymouse.
Blossom - One who is lovely and full of promise.
Blondie - "Rock 'n Roll" type of cat.
Brandy - An ardent spirit distilled from wine or grapes and a name which denotes color.
Bumble - For a clumsy kitted and never lands on its feet.
Bundy - This one is for the cat who claims his milk has been spiked, again.
Byte - For the cat with megabytes of personality and charm.
Calico - Resembling calico material, spotted.
Canute For the cat with great faith in his powers.
Caprice - A cat that roams around the house in their own world.
Carbon - A copycat.
Caspar - For the rare cat that likes water.
Chalky - An affectionate name for the white and dusty cat.
Chaplin - A cat who wants you to laugh.
Chelsea - Only for the cosmopolitian cat.
Chico/Chica - these would be ideal names for a pair of cats of both sexes.
Cupid - Submitted by Olivia Mickeymouse.
Chip and Dale - The loveable chipmunks from Walt Disney. Perfect for an audacious pair.
Chocolate - For the tough brown cat with a soft middle.
Cleopatra - For the elegant black cat with a striking profile.
Clover - A four-legged charm.
Crunchy - A must for the chocolate and honeycomb-colored cat.
Cyclopes - For the one-eyed feline.


Daisy Mae - A good name for a cat who likes to stop and smell the flowers.
Delilah - Good for one of a pair.
Diana - For the beautiful cat who hunts at night.
Dinah - A cat who is always in the kitchen.
Diva - For the cat who makes caterwauling an art form, especially at night with an unwilling audience.
Dixie - For the cool cats from the Southern states.
Donna - Name your cat for Donna Summer if she loves to love ya.
Doris - Maurice and Doris. Perfect for a boy/girl pair.
Earl - For the puss in aristocratic boots.
Echo - A suitable name for a cat who shadows a companion.
Eliza - An apt name if you're contantly trying to improve your cat's manners.
Errata - A good name for the kitten who you were once determined not to adopt.
Fanny - For your comic cat.
Fat Cat - The only name for a cat in a public service.
Felix - Would suit a cat with huge eyes and an unblinking stare.
Flash - For the cat with the superhero streak.
Fluff/Fluffy - For the Angora Kitten.
Freckle - If your pet is spotted or has markings on his nose, call him by this affectionate name.
Frisbee - For the light-footed beach-loving cat.


Gabin - For the sleek cat who charms the birds out of the trees.
Galahad - For the cat with fur like freshly fallen snow.
Garfield - The lasagne-loving superstar owned by the hapless Jon.
Ghost - An elusive or illusive cat.
Gigi - Submitted by Olivia Mickeymouse.
Ginger - A common name, referring to the color of the coat.
Godiva - For the chocolate-colored cat.
Goldie - For the companion who is his or her weight in gold.
Gracie - If your male cat's named George, here's a perfect name for his mate.
Gringo - For the cat who appears out-of-place.
Gummo - A cat who sticks to you.
Harvard - A good name for a college cat.
Hazel - If your feline friend fixes you with a big green-eyed stare, then this is the ideal appellation.
Hendrix - A good name for a wild and groovy cat.
Hocus Pocus - For the devious cat who pulls the wool over your eyes.
Honey - For the sweetest cat in all the world.
Inca - A Peruvian cat would fit the bill.
Inigo - Definitely a name for a sophisticat.
Isaac - For the cat who attempts to defy the law of gravity.
Isis - A wonderful name for the helpful, faithful companion.


Jacob - Watching the kittens tussle in play may bring this name to mind.
Jade - Only for the cat with the eyes of purest jade.
Jazz - For the syncopated feline who dances to his own rhythm.
Jemima - For the old duck of a cat.
Jeremiah - Perfect name for a cat whose wailings seem to be eternal.
Karma - the perfect name if you and your cat are on the same wavelength.
Kir - A champagne cocktail. For the cat with blonde and red markings.
Klutz - Perfect name for the clumsy cat.
Korbut - After Olga, for the flexible cat.
Leona - For the haughty cat with a little concern for the little people.
Leonardo - A cat with a creative flair or an enigmatic smile.
Liberty - A cat that symbolizes Liberty.
Livingstone - For the adventurous cat.
Lupino - The glamorous cat.
Lynda - For a Southern-born cat, with family connections.
Lulu - Perfect for the diminutive cat of any breed.


Mac/Mack - A computer kitty.
McKenzie - For the cat with a penchant for a kilt.
Mae - Definitely a bedroom type of cat.
Manx - A tailless variety of cat.
Mao - For the revolutionary cat.
Maudred - Old-fashioned name for an old-fashioned cat.
Mel - Name your cat for Mel if he's fond of greasy-spoon cuisine.
Minerva - The Roman goddess of wisdom.
Misfit - When no other name will do.
Mocha - Can denote a rich coffee/chocolate coloring.
Monet - Submitted by Olivia Mickeymouse.
Morgan - For the cat who hides its claws.
Mysouff - The cat was reputed to have had psychic powers.
Nicholas - the last tsar of Russia. If your cat wanders, name him after the last of the Romanoffs.
Nile - name your cat for the life-giver of Egyptian civilization.
Noel - A good name for a kitten given as a gift on Christmas.
Olaf - Name of several distinguished Scandinavian kings.
Oliver - For the hungry and lonely cat forced into a life of petty theft to survive.
Onassis - Short and slick; a good name for a ship's cat.
Orwell - For the cat who's a cut above the rest.
Osiris - A mystical name for a serious cat.
Otto - Use it for your pedigreed Prussian.


Pedro - Emperor of Brazil. Perfect name for the coffee-colored cat.
Pepper - For the speedy mouser with unusual markings or little black flecks through his fur.
Percival - A somewhat archaic name well suited to that Middle-Aged cat.
Phuket - For the Saimese cat who takes its holiday at Club Med.
Pickles - For the puss constantly getting into a jam.
Piper - Submitted by Olivia Mickeymouse.
Pixie - A light-footed cat with magical presence.
Rocky - For a fighter who claws his way up to the top.
Rodin - The thinking person's cat.
Romeo - A male cat who is just "The Heartbreaker."
Rusty - Often denoting a reddish hue to a cat's fur.


Salami - An irreverent name for a sausage-shaped cat.
Santa - Claws: A Christmas special.
Sergeant Tibs - The cat in 101 Dalmations by Dodie Smith.
Shadow - For the blackest cat who likes to follow you around.
Sinh - Perfect for the Burmese cat.
Sisyphus - Good name for a cat whose repetitive behavior appears to be furtile.
Skittle - For the skittish kitten who often sends things flying.
Smarty - For the cat with a high I.Q. who is sometimes a little big for his boots.
Sorrel - For the long-legged cat.
Sundae - A treat for every day of the week.
Tiger - Not only will this name refer to the markings on your cat, but he will also have a wild streak.
Tony - Braodway's highest award. For the dramatic cat.
Tortilla - A Mexican cat who adds a little bit of spice to your life.
Twiggy - For the doe-eyed model cat who is as skinny as a rake.
Typhoon - For the little whirlwind who wreaks havoc in your house.
Utopia - For a cat perfect in many ways.
U Nu - A good name for a male Burmese.


Velvet - A fitting name for the Burmese pet with fur as soft as velvet.
Venus - For a great beauty with a place high in your affections.
Vesuvious - For the cat whose eruptions can be violent.
Vogue - The magazine. When no other name will do your fashion-conscious feline who likes to strike a pose.
Voltaire - For the cat who thumbs its nose at the establishment.
Whiskers, Whiskas - For the cat with brand loyalty.
Whisper - For the quiet, graceful cat who moves silently around the house.
Whitey - An abvious name for a cat of this color with good ball skills.
Wonton - A good name for your rotund pet.
Xavier - A good name for a remote musical cat.
Xerox - A good name for a copycat.


Yenta - Wonderful name for the cat who can't mind his own business.
Yin and Yang - These would be great names for a pair of opposites.
Yvette - A sophisticated French name It would probably suit a Persian or other pampered breed.
Ziggy - For a cat who's alternately comical and musical.
Zingaro - The Italian name for a gypsy. This name is for the cat who likes to travel in a caravan and who can predict the future with its crystal ball.
Zoe - A beautiful name for a newborn kitten.
Zuleika - The name is frequently found in Persian poetry, so it would be an appropriate name for a similiar brand kitten.

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